STEEMIT.COM, Enough, I'm Out!

Yes, you heard I have had enough, that dApp has had it and I am going to literally force myself from using it and will switch to SteemPeak from today.


@joshman has been giving me some stick about it now and again which I have been trying to ignore, but no more.

Why do.. did... I still use Steemit? A force of habit; we all use what we are comfortable with.

...'never again..., it's time to move on despite what SteemitInc said about improving the original dApp in Bangkok, nothing has happened'...

SteemPeak offers so much more but because I have to learn its ins and outs again, I have been delaying moving over.

...'SteemPeak has so many other features including tribe support; is there any reason NOT to use it beside lack of familiarity?'...

Where would STEEM be without it? Am I the last soul to make the move?


Why I am moving to SteemPeak as my preferred dApp

I tried to onboard an Urban Explorer last week poached from Facebook; I got an account created for him courtesy of @ocdb and he then revealed himself to be a phone user ONLY.


After explaining about the 'massive passwords' he told me he had no idea what Discord is. What we take for granted is not known by a lot of ordinary social media people.

A year ago I would have invited him to install Partiko but as the developer did a runner, we now have just one client in eSteem.


He installed it and it locked up every time he opened it. After several reboots of his phone, I got this message and slumped into my chair with defeat.


I have since learned SteemPeak works well in a browser session and that could have been an alternative. If I had pushed this he may have started up and this would have counted as a success story.

It does amaze me that we have ONE mobile dApp (which works fine for me), and that is a single point of failure for onboarding.


I agree with @mineexploration, it is too much fucking about. He's a Facebook guy and that's all nice and easy.


More OnBoarding

I have not given up and got the ear of another prominent Urban Explorer who is not quite ready to join yet due to other commitments.

He’s a moderator on one of the numerous Urban Exploration communities, most of which have hundreds and some thousands of members.

...'this UK Facebook community has 8430 members. The STEEM Urbex community has around 2 and I'm one of them. If I could get just 1% interested we would increase our community by 400%'...

This time I will promote SteemPeak to him when he’s ready, and I think he will come back to me.

He knows that there is no delay and I can instantly on-board him. He manages to find these amazing time-capsules, places which have been left undisturbed for years.

I feel he would enrich what we read and I for one will give him my full support if he decides to join.

...time-capsules are places left relatively undisturbed for years, they are rare and location information about them is non-existent for good reason'...

Today I cross-posted my latest Urbex post on SIX Facebook community pages.

FOUR of them have accepted my link (I won’t place my images on Facebook as then they belong to Facebook and not me!), one is pending approval and one has declined.


My new prospective Steemian is a member of the declined community, noticed it immediately and then mentioned it had been removed (I'm in a direct chat with him).

He had not removed it but another admin had. Of course, we don't have any such thing as 'pending approval' on the STEEM block-chain, and that is one of the things I love.

...'28DaysLater will not accept links and want to you post directly on to their site. sorry, but I don't do this for nothing'...

It’s their group and their rules and you must abide by them. This is the reason I don’t cross-post my work on the premier Urbex sites such as and

...‘They don’t accept links’...

I have tried in the past only to see the link vanish without any explanation.

I would say I am doing all I can to perk people’s interest. If I can promote my work on to some of these community pages, then non-Steemians will click, read and maybe notice.


Twitter is a good bet, use the correct tags and link your post. I have had a few outside likes from others' but most are already in the STEEM community.

While I try not to promote the reward pool as an incentive, there has to be one.

When they hear it’s crypto the instant guards come up. Crypto = BitCoin = Scam. It's hard work I tell you.


Why should they leave their comfortable Facebook world and post their work on to this ugly, non-friendly blogging platform that is utterly confusing, mind-blowing and over-complicated?

Yes, why… I keep asking myself that question and yet here I am still trying to incite people to join.



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Well done! Your capitulation has earned you a max upvote from the @joshman!

Doesn't that break your own 10% rule? The post contains that dreaded tag #steem ;)

If I post about #steem, I get 46 comments, Wish my non-Steem content would do the same... sigh.

I reserve the right to break my own rules, particularly in matters of capitulation.

Oh shit, just realized I'm not seeing your stuff because I'm not following you?!

I quite enjoy urbex. One of my fav channels on Youtube:

Easy to fix... just hit follow.. I will allow it ;)

Urbex is my main forte.., it gets rather addictive but I wish I was younger.

Clambering over walls and climbing don't suit someone of my age so well. While I'm not ancient (yet).. I'm not as flexible as I used to be.

I wish there were more Urbex people here. It's just me and @mrurbex. :(

Thank you so much for your Post🤘👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘👍🤘

For a long time now I have been using eSteem for phone and steempeak for my laptop.
I think Steemit inc could make a deal with steempeak to use it as the new frontend instead of steemit.

I think Steemit inc could make a deal with steempeak to use it as the new frontend instead of steemit.

They were talking about adding new features and overhauling it at Bangkok. Such is the speed of SteemitIt Inc. I have had enough of the waiting.

I use eSteem for my phone but much preferred Partiko.

I dont understand why they wanna update the frontend when something like @steempeak exist.
Steemit inc plays catch up x)

Hello stranger! Good to see you and Steve are still here! I’ve been mia since may ish last year and I am completely out of touch with all things crypto 😭😭😭 I have made a vow to get back into it all though and hopefully be inspired to up my photography game also! Speak to you soon! C and the bullies x

Great to see you back, I thought you were gone forever not with you not showing up at SteemCamp last year. There's another one in April ran by @shanibeer. Would be good to see you again.

As I mentioned on your post, lots has changed.

  • The tribes arrived last year, as well as gaining STEEM rewards you can gain other tokens as well as STEEM if you use the correct tags.
  • Most dApps (not Steemit) allow 12 tags now, and you need them.
  • Trending is now mostly organic. The Bid Bots are all but dead. You can still buy votes but you will get flagged to death if you do.
  • Curation is a big thing now the reward system has changed from 75/25 to 50/50.
  • Writing decent content attracts the curation groups, some that have spawned from the old bid bots.

Enough info for you?

Welcome back...

Wow! Some good pointers there, thank you! I was using esteem before, are they still upvoting content? I’ve probably got some research to do with regards to new groups to join in discord. So curating others is more profitable now? What are the timings set at currently?

eSteem only take a 3% cut now, it was 10% before. I still use busy as they take a 0% cut (unless you tick the box that says, tick here to give busy 10% of your rewards) and give you a vote based on your cumulative followers SP.

There is a seperate flag pool (now called downvotes). You can flag and the VP won't be removed from your regular pool.

TheSteemEngine has folded. @enchantedspirit has left, though she may roam about on discord still.

The timings.., yes all changed. 100% is now 5 minutes, I vote at 4 minutes which is 80%.

If I explained all this to a non Steemian.. it would be... 'huh' ;)

I know you understand the native STEEM tongue. It takes months to learn but is hard to forget.

🤣🤪 understood! Hehe I’m sure it will take a little time to catch up but I’ll soon get there. Just doing a little trading To Bump up some sp. what is a decent stake nowadays?

what is a decent stake nowadays?

The new Dolphin is now the Orca (50,000 SP) is decent. 100 quid can buy you 1000 STEEM if you time it right.

Depends what you want, if it ever goes back to anywhere near $1 STEEM I will be in heaven.

Got to agree with all of the above regarding Facebook v Steem - posted about this back in the past.

I moved from Steemit a while back, and one thing that bugs me is that I'm not aware of a way to post dApp-agnostic links.
I.e. I have lots of old post links that I tend to add for those who might be interested.
So some of my links are...
But the older ones are...

Maybe (probably) I'm ignorant, but there should be a way to just point to the post and let the dApp handle the rest?

Again, this is an obstacle, if your reader is on a dApp, not a browser.
Facebook and its ilk are easy. Most social media users don't give a damn about privacy, (pitiful) earnings, encountering high quality content or blockchains. They want easy access to their friends...

I.e. I have lots of old post links that I tend to add for those who might be interested.
So some of my links are...
But the older ones are...

Just replace

As it's on the chain you can place whatever dApp URL before it and it will open.

Most social media users don't give a damn about privacy, (pitiful) earnings, encountering high quality content or blockchains. They want easy access to their friends...

Very true, if and when STEEM gets above $2 again just watch them all come back dragging some Facebook goons along for the ride.

To be honest, I lose my shit when Peak goes down (usually a Steemconnect issue, not Peak) much easier to use, more info, tribe support, no ads, easy wallet access, the list goes on.

Over the last year or so, despite my trying, I have onboarded 1 new user (my wife 😛). I hear you about the “scam” guards coming up. But Peak is definitely a better place to have new people start.


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I'm using it now to reply, I like the fact that you can specific default vote settings. I tend to give an 8% for comments like yours. It's these little time savers that I like.

I know there is more to it than this, adding communities would be good. I did create one and have never used it. I suppose that is beta territory yet.

Drafts and templates are super useful as well. 😀

Yeah, communities are still beta, but it seems like quite a few people are using them to post already.

Drafts and templates are super useful as well.

I have used the former on Busy, I will check them out thanks!

Am I the last soul to make the move?

Nope. I still use for the same reason you mention, i.e force of habit and I'm comfortable with it. I also prefer the clean layout of steemit.

The couple of times I tried Steempeak I got overwhelmed by the options and took the easy route back to steemit or busy. Is busy still a thing even? 😁

Since I rarely post now it's not really an issue but, should I come back and post more regularly I will make the effort to switch. I like the idea of templates and scheduling.

Having something easy to get used to for newbies is a must and, as you say, being able to use a phone is definitely needed. Not for this old fogey of course. Texting is still about my limit and even that leaves a lot to be desired. 😂

Is busy still a thing even?

Busy is still a thing, I still use it to post as it gives me that extra vote.

I used to monitor my feed, and the links in that all goto Steemit which is bad. It forces me back to the old ways.

So if you use Steempeak you will lose your busy vote? That was another reason why I stuck with it I think.

Yes you would. I still use busy just for posting. Anything else, is now Peak.

Ah. Got it. Good plan! 😁

I see you have joined the Dark Side Peak hype.

It’s a good frontend.

I know you are a fan, have seen the comments somewhere, probably in the SFR chats.

It is somewhat true that "" is lagging far behind, the truth "steempeak" has a very good interface and interesting details even more than to "busy", I will have to consider changing dApp too hehehe

I am using it from the day they launched, and i use steemit only when i really really have to. I did not even got to communities (tried it just to see what it is all about) just because i can't browse it on steemit interface. waiting for steampeak to go live with it.
It is pity that they don't have an app for mobile. it works ok in browser but when ever i get logged out i don't want to bother with retipping this short posting key. but most of my things i do on desktop (photos, video, not into doing it on the phone) so i don't mind that often.

waiting for steampeak to go live with it.

Yes, it needs to incorporate communities. I have not touched communities much since it was announced. Wont happen until beta closes.

they are doing it, but if nothing changed only asgarth is doing the coding so time is needed.

I had to read that title twice just in order not to get completely heartbroken. Thought for a split second you meant steem altogether haha.

My faith would truly crumble if I saw you quit. ANYWAYS seems like that is not the case!

Happy to see you make the switch from that old granny website to something actually a bit more modern. If you really have been living on all this time I don't know what to say but you got loyalty problems lol.

Hope will give you such an easier time!
Good luck pal!

Thought for a split second you meant steem altogether haha.

Merely click bait! Were else would I write my shit?!

I made the switch from Steemit to Steempeak some time ago, and it was a little uncomfortable at first getting used to something new, but honestly it is just so much better @slobberchops,
I think you will really love Steempeak.

For mobile d-apps, @esteemapp is what I recommend to everyone. Probably biased because I'm a curator for esteem, but does partiko have any active development? AFAIK no.. and eSteem has a healthy community, dedicated developers, and is a nice app in general!

Best wishes with your switch, I hope it doesn't take to long to get comfortable with Steempeak. You're gonna love it!

I think you will really love Steempeak.

Yes, I will stick with it now, I know it's the best out there. Good to hear lots of advocate's for it.

For mobile d-apps, @esteemapp is what I recommend to everyone. Probably biased because I'm a curator for esteem, but does partiko have any active development?

Partiko is gone, it still works kind of but bit by bit it's becoming less usable. The notifications don't work now.

eSteem is OK but the font is very small, bad for people like me with crappy eyes that can't focus early in the morning.

Steempeak has been my fav for so long, ironically, commenting on your post using #lol Mo

Using Steemit eh? is that showing your age?... ;)

bwahaha now I'm on steempeak replying. I use many frontend.

travelfeed. busy. too

each of them has their own cool stuff and I prefer one to another to do different job :D

... and we wonder why non Steemans are turned off... the complexities are terrible!!

Could you ever envisage 6 methods of posting on Facebook? It's alien to most humans.. hang one aren't we human?

LOLOL I'm loving it. Feel so complex

I did exactly the same !

If you talking about Steempeak then great, it is the best desktop dApp despite its overwhelming looks.

Ho no I was speaking about Steempaek ;)

I've been using SPeak because of the much nicer UI and clear treatment of tags vs communities when creating posts. But now I'm having second thoughts, given a post I wrote many hours ago won't post and I can't get to the draft to post it with Steemit. Realizing now that there is additional risk introduced by not being directly on Steemit. But this is the first time in a year I've been using SPeak this has happened, so probably once I can get back in I'll go back to relying on it.

I once lost all my work when using busy. Now I copy it all out into a Word file, with all the custom formatting codes before posting. It's a mistake you only make once.

I still use Steemit once a while especially when it has beneficiaries, and Partiko in some way still works but definitely not for new users as it no longer nger updates its indexes.

However, I just got approval from Appics. If your friend loves live selfies and Instagram feel you can try that; however I am not certain whether it is my crazy phone that is slowly lagging or my data is not working well, it had a few errors but definitely not hanging.

I am going to see how good it is and probably will review it.

The only problem is that it is still under early testers stage so getting the application approved even for current user still takes time.

Posted using Partiko Android

AppPics seems to have a long dev cycle. They were in Krakow at SF3 and yet the mobile dApps is still under development. I am not a fan of AppPics though some will disagree. It has it's place but I prefer longer content.

There's too many people getting large rewards for single images IMO.

Uhm, there is at least one other app on Steem that still sort of work and are in developmental stage. You mentioned Esteem and I'd like to add Appics, which basically works like Instagram.

I find ordinary non technical people find all the keys tedious and don't realise the potential. I spend so much time convincing people to join(win some, lose some) and some even think there's some hidden referral benefit I'm working towards.

I don't stick with one Dapp, as the whole essence of being on Steem is to interact with as much people as possible.

and some even think there's some hidden referral benefit I'm working towards.

I know what you mean by this, they think you are 'up to no good'

I mentioned in another comment I am no fan of AppPics, however if it encourages posting and engagement without all the complexities then that's good by me.

However, people should not expect huge rewards for minimal content.

It's quality of quantity to me. A 30seconds video could carry more than a long ass "article" with zero fucks given about grammar or actual relevant content. Either way, it's quality we're after. Appics is still really new though.

I have tried to use SteemPeak in the past, but it keeps getting blocked by my content filter because it allows adult content. I really don't have a way around that, so I am probably just going to stick with busy and the other ones that work well for me. It sucks because I have heard so many good things about SteemPeak.

I guess that's at work.. Surely you don't block adult content at home? Does it completely not work... nothing? I guess it's old Steemit for you then.

Yes, It completely doesn't work. It is okay, i will figure something out eventually.

Yes being a crypto-vangelist has its up and many downs....I don't really mention it to anyone anymore unless someone asks. When Bitcoin is all all time highs and the news media is blowing it up everywhere, they will come back to ask again. Rinse and repeat.

they will come back to ask again

Oh they well, like worms out of the cupboard, but then it will be too late. Think of the position we are in and how we will benefit by knowing it's merely a cyclical thing.

Yep, glad I made the switch to SteemPeak tbh and it works like a charm on the phone so no need to get an app really after Partiko ran off into the sunset.

I'm only sharing SteemPeak links on twitter and slowly but surely will be posting more about steem on "conventional" sites but like you said, finding that "reason" to join that isn't "rewards pooly" or "crypto-y" is going to be an ongoing experiment...

Yep, glad I made the switch to SteemPeak tbh and it works like a charm on the phone

That's good to know, I haven't personally tried Peak via a browser session on Safari yet (IOS).

I'm only sharing SteemPeak links on twitter and slowly but surely will be posting more about steem on "conventional" sites but like you said, finding that "reason" to join that isn't "rewards pooly" or "crypto-y" is going to be an ongoing experiment...

How much do we dangle the carrot? Too much of a bite and they see a scam, not enough and it's 'not worth my time'.

Just how do you market this complex beast to the non-techheads?

I think it really depends on what specific aspect of Steem you know will appeal to the person you want to bring in. For example, for me, with the music, I might say that there's a really collaborative group of musicians that only hang out on steem or do steem exclusives/hear it first on steem... (I'm still trying this out).

Another example is the little contest I am Co-running called @yourtop3 where we share on twitter what people's top 3 things are on a specific topics then ask the twitter folks if they agree with a link to SteemPeak (still trying out different ways again).

Travel posts, I only share travelfeed blogs as I want to direct people to that interface and they have created "easy log in" but I don't have any figures on how many "eyes are on" so to speak.

Basically, I guess I'm just trying to get like minded folk together a bit like what communities are offering without mentioning it. We'll just have to keep experimenting 😀

I've been using steempeak for ages. I think I've got them on 100% auto upvote, don't forget to vote for their proposal -

It's also the best place to see the proposals if you ask me!

Great effort with the on boarding, sounds frustrating though - i think discord might be generational, apparently it's down with the kids, the new Whatsapp - i just set up a new Discord ReviseSociology server thinking it's a good way to promote my blog in fact.

Great timecapsule pic.

sounds frustrating though

It is... very. I will promote Peak from now on, It does work well on mobiles. I tried it earlier.

Hey, I am not sure if you are and Android or iOS user but if you have an Android you might want to try out Haveyoubeenhere. The iOS version is coming later. While it's mostly an app for travelers (and I created it as such), I have used it myself for one lf my urban exploring adventures too!
It's a seperate platform, but you can directly crosspost to Steem! Non Steemians can log in with Facebook first to get familiar with the platform too!

Hi @martibis, I'm on IOS, and I know they are tough to get through approvals.. been there! I will have a look at this though, thanks!

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Wow did Partiko really exit scam? I have been on esteem instead of partiko for almost a year now

I don't believe it was an exit scam, they just upped tools and left. The declining price of STEEM was likely the factor.

That sucks (for anybody using partiko still). Reminds me of when Steepshot did the exact same thing. Steepshot was great. Until it wasn’t. Looking like Esteem and APPICS and SteemWallet will be the victors in the battle for the best mobile Steem app.

They do seem to have the marketplace wrapped up (for the moment). I could never get Steepshot to work on IOS, I did try.

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Steempeak is a great.