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RE: Task #14: Let's Find Prominent Steemians!

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Deplatformed and restored severally

Here is Brennon O'Neill, a YouTuber who stream video games
O'Neill boasts a strong following of over 1.3 million subscribers who have garnered him a staggering 323,082,349 views.

A great citizen journalist
William Jacobson is a Cornell University law professor was definitely popular in the conservative corners of the video-sharing. He hosts a channel tagged "Legal Insurrection" He was once terminated, but still youtubing

Crypto Influencer

@crypto.piotr has amazing marketing skills though may not be liked by many, but He;s doing a great job. He has a followership base of 4144 on Steem and has as much as 100 comments + on a single post

I wish to Add that you may Scout for Celebrities and Brands with top followership on facebook and Instagram to join us here. It would be a great booster for us here on Steem:


Dear @uyobong

crypto.piotr has amazing marketing skills though may not be liked by many

I'm speachless hahaha. Im fully aware that several people dislike me on this platform but majority of users seem to be very positive and loyal towards me :) lol


Yeah friend, we know what you carry as well as understand your motive, but some do not. Though, keep doing great jobs.

Was gonna recommend you. Seems someone already beat me to it. @crypto.piotr

Yep @crypto.piotr ...

"...majority of users seem to be very positive ..."

... I was very positive toward you in my recent "annual highlights" post, but ... You never even visited it, as far as I can see ... 😉

I'm sure you were busy, so not to worry ...

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