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RE: Task #14: Let's Find Prominent Steemians!

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Category (3) Blockchain Influencer: How about: Ivan on Tech
200k+ subscribers on youtube -
Reason: Prominent speaker on blockchain technology.
Admittedly quiet on Steem but prolific content creator with typically 10,000+ views on each daily video


Did you watch his recent video where he declared STEEM has failed?

Hi Joshman - I'm afraid I didn't see it all but I know he mentioned that the bots have taken over on Steem. The rise of the bots are a reason to be concerned this is true - but I still see real engagement, I see it here on this page. I still see innovation on Steem, I see communities working together and genuine people being rewarded for completing valuable work. People can always change their mind: I read somewhere that a CEO of Microsoft once said he didn't think the iPhone would take any significant market share... I'd like to bet that he changed his mind...

Yes, that was his stated reason for while it has failed, but those were his words. Just curious. I mirrored your sentiments in the youtube comments.
at 9:45 is you want to listen for yourself.

Nice described to this question ans..

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