Use the #oc tag for your original content!

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OCD will be focusing some extra curation on the #oc tag in the near future, we already announced this in our discord server but anyone writing Original Content is welcome to do so!

We have been manually following a huge list of the former known whitelist of @ocdb lately and are nearing the end of the alphabet, if we find some amazing authors creating original content by using the tag you have a good chance of getting followed by the account as well. What this means is that aside from curating the #oc tag we will also be curating our feed (all the accounts we follow) manually. This will be another way to get into our "whitelist" :)

Of course we realize many will attempt to abuse this but we have a big and strong community that will notify us if they notice some plagiarism and/or other shady business to receive unfair curation.

We realize original content is what mainly consists and is rewarded on Steem but it is also something OCD has focused on in forever among other new things recently. With communities coming up we are certain that there will be a lot more posts that won't be primarily "OC" as they will depend on what the community is about so reviving this tag that seemed pretty dead before our announcement is a good step on having OC in it's own section for curators looking specifically for it.

We will of course not be downvoting non-OC content misusing the tag but accounts doing so on purpose to get themselves a vote will be muted by the @ocdb account and risk never receiving curation from us again.

Thanks for reading, let us know what you think and if you have any more suggestions that would improve our initiatives, would be much appreciated. :)

50% of the post rewards going to the @ocd (original content decentralized? ;)) curation team who are being downvoted unfairly lately for their efforts.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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It's great to differentiate #oc tag from #ocd tag in a bid to differentiate between the more original quality contents and the other #ocd tag posts if possible you can future decentralize the tag by say #oc-poetry #oc-sports you know and a curator that's versed in this various niches. It's just a suggestion though. Thanks for this if you have chance I have done quality post too, I'll be thrilled if it's seen

Maybe in the future with more authors we could specify them, but yeah we've never asked authors to use the #ocd tag cause that would be unfair promotion of our project in hopes of curation. We realize some curation projects do this but it's not the best way to go imo, curation should be given based on content and other factors of the author, this is just to make it easier to find and is a pretty general term used all over the internet.

We did run an ocd-resteem tag a few years ago and we still see it being used today, that was for another purpose and was discontinued and we learned that it's not a great use of the tag system that way.

Hmmm thanks for educating me on that aspect, I never really thought of it in that manner really. However like you Said maybe it could work in the future really, but well let's see how the #oc tag will turn out.

This can help make it easier for you to better curate too, by seeing all the forms of content viewed now, in the one tag and that's what I do with #battle and gaming posts by also using the frontend for it.

So OC for gaming would be as long as it's written well, something they are doing themselves to share gameplay and their own thoughts etc and it isn't copy pasta, that would be acceptable? I know I would like to use the tag now I know about it, I don't expect the curation but sharing the fun I have and bringing some nice, good content for others to share with me is always great to me!

Yeah for sure, as long as it's not just sharing links or the post being mostly quotes or spun content from other articles it'll fit in. : )

Awesome, mine are definitely my own OC and thoughts etc on games and what I do. I don't see why people would plagiarise, I am also use to not doing it due to studies over the years that I have. :)

Shameless wife plug, @kotturinn works super hard to make pretty and informative stuff. Just told her to start using the #oc tag.

Her content is amazing, still following her personally. :)

I am very happy for all this, also for the support they (ocd/b and you) are giving to the whole community, it has been a very good change, I'm loving the #newsteem and all that @ocd offers us for doing a good job ... but I'm sad too, do not follow me. I was like a child watching steemd while ocdb followed accounts and I said "ocdb is already going for the letter m, not long for the r of roadstories" hahaha I felt very stupid.


but well, thanks for everything <3

I'm guessing you were not on the whitelist? I'm sure you'll end up being followed at some point.

I am on the whitelist, use once the ocdb service 2 days before manual curation. But I'm not worried about that, I'm just being a crybaby. lol

Many successes friend, thank you for your support. hugs

Weird, not sure how that got skipped then, complain to @anomadsoul as he was doing the rounds at that time I think. :D

@anomadsoul bad boy :P

Maybe he has some bad road stories as a nomad.

Well, he only has good memories with me, I think. lol

OMG what you mean???!!! Tell more LOL

Will #oc be punished for abuse? I assume that as soon as there are votes on the table, there is going to be a stream of various scams run to try an manipulate it - but that just makes it easier to spot :)

We won't be using ocdb's downvotes for that but if some people don't heed warnings then who are we to tell others what to downvote and not. I think being muted by ocdb and never receiving curation from it in the future is punishment enough from that account. ^^

I think that is a great use of the mute!

That's good to know. I always appreciate OCD's support and my content is always original so I'll give the tag a go. Thanks for the tip :)

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Man, I wish I had known this before I posted my work today, Anyways, I tried to change one of my tags out with this oc if it's not too late. (Not that I count on getting a vote but it is good to remember using this tag for future articles that I might feel would be worth your attention:)

Thanks for the tip though! :-)

Great iniative to find good content creators who are trying to do the right thing and give them a little extra booth with all your manual curation efforts!

i just made my post, i saw yours....... i had to try and use the new tag!

I just made my post,
I saw yours....... i had to try
And use the new tag!

                 - filotasriza3

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I might give it a shot.

That's cool!
I remember we used to have an "original content" tag - whether it was here or some place else... Love the idea! Will be using it from now on...

Good step. Really feel for @ocd as it was recently attacked witj downvotes. I'm sure the team won't give up

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Thanks for the update.. I hope OCD will grow more and will give all quality content creators chance to evolve... Appreciate these new changes...


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Is it still original content if I publish it first on my own WordPress blog page?

Sure as long as you've written it, why don't you use steempress? :)

Does the 15 percent beneficiary fee still exist?
I'm writing in markdown so it is not difficult to post on Steempeak. Maybe later

Think so but you also have a chance to get curated by them and more visibility on their community, guess you gotta outweigh the pros and cons.

Does Tag #oc also apply to original videos?

Good question brother....

I think the tag has to be one of the first five - in other case doesn't show it in feeds/lists like
Ultimately many people use a lot of tags but not all are working

So any original content is suitable for this tag? If so, I might have to check it out. Everything I write is fresh out of my head. lol

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Greetings @acidyo

Thanks for this announcement, it is good to know that the team will have a special look on a tag, this helps to optimize the time in the search of content and the community also feels that has a place to go.

Great idea, The standard on Reddit is to also have [OC] in the title.

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