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Our new community

OCD, formerly known as Operation Curation Delegation now has it's own community on the beta site! From now on we will be focusing our curation and other initiatives such as #posh on our community. If you haven't checked out the beta site yet, all you have to do is login and hit the subscribe button to your favorite communities. Here's a link to the OCD community

During this shift we will still be curating users we follow with @ocdb (former whitelist) and we will still be curating the #posh and #oc tag among other things but we encourage everyone to start posting on our community.

Opens up many new possibilities and collaboration

We have a lot of things planned for it, focusing on the sharing aspect we will start to give out bonus rewards in Steem to those who get the most reach with their shares. Over time we will also add other social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, etc, but for now we're only be using Twitter. Make sure to create yourself a Twitter account to connect with other Steemians and share your Steem posts there with the appropriate tags. Then all you have to do is post a comment under your Steem post with a link to the tweet of your Original Content post and you'll have a chance to be curated! We also incentivize other content consumers/commenters to share other people's posts onto Twitter and leave a comment with proof and we'll reward that with a vote as well. Since the curve penalizes that smaller vote we're thinking of other solutions on how to reward users sharing other authors posts in the future.

We have a lot of partnerships going on and will be curating other communities as well. Especially since you can only post to one community at a time for now we'll be keeping an eye on other communities with original content such as the 3speak one and the Steem Gaming Community.

Thank you to @theycallmedan and many others for assisting with the #posh initiatives and continuing to do so in our new community. If you also are someone who wants to use your stake in curating these activities please let us know in the comments and read the next part of this post. :)

We are very excited to see communities come to life and the potential it'll bring for creating new rules, gamifying and funding diverse activities. When they add beneficiaries we've been considering taking a cut to fund engagement through comments and #posh activities but for now there will be no beneficiary cut.

Incentivizing curation

We've seen a lot of good come out of the #posh initiative and it's driving a lot of traffic onto Steemit and Steempeak, we hope other curators and projects will reward these activities as well. To incentivize curation we are going to mainly curate #posh posts after 24h with the @ocdb account meaning other stakeholders will get a chance to increase their curation rewards by curating quality original content that gets shared outside of Steem. We understand that many big stakeholders attempt to try and front-run others and don't vote on certain posts that have already garnered a lot of votes cause they think they'll miss out on curation rewards, so this is a way where you can use your voting power more wisely and effectively and at the same time incentivize more sharing of Steem posts and more traffic and new users coming onto the Steem ecosystem. We hope our delegators see the same value we do in helping Steem get more attention than the focus on higher returns, thank you to everyone supporting us so far.

Final words

Steem is better than it has been in a long time and now's the time to focus curation on traffic, onboarding and retention of new users. There's so much curation going on right now but not so much authors and quality content. We at OCD will be focusing on approaching and onboarding new content creators of all sizes once these new changes are settled and I hope others will see the value in that and help incentivize more onboarding activities. It is time to not just curate because of content, or reputation or other motives but also what it is that brings real value to Steem such as SEO, reach and long term thinking. We have one of the biggest crypto communities here already and a blockchain that is scalable and constantly improving, it is time to show Steem to the world because the users currently suffering from the disadvantages of centralized platforms and advertisers deserve to know the other options that already exist and work well.

Let's make this year a great year for Steem and the ecosystem.

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This is great and I have been looking forward to it!

I want to thank you guys for pushing #posh as it has made me rejoin Twitter and get content going out to a wider audience. I do not know how much it drives in, but so far in the 6 days of January, my 7 posts I have pushed out have got over 12k impressions with 30k+ for the last 28 days. If a few of them get interested and click a link, it is worth it.

Thanks for all your work @ocd team :)

Nice, that's some impressive stats! It's nice that twitter isn't as shadowbanny and filled with rules that'll get your shares deleted depending on the subreddits, for now... :P

We're looking forward to adding more social media platforms to #posh as well and tracking the activities and genuine reach and rewarding that.

I am pretty sure that once value starts being generated on Steem at a high enough level, Twitter will start getting stricter - what they should really do though is add an SMT ;D

And when people get here they can be confused as hell like I am about how communities actually work!

sounds like that makes two of us!!!

There are good analytics on your twitter account. It will show how many people clicked through your tweet to the original post. I always like to keep an eye on the stats for fun.

I wonder how accurate they are. I remember when Steemit showed views, and it was highly gameable. Since there is no transparency, do you think that centralized media play with the numbers for gamification and marketing purposes?

I'm sure that they do in a larger context but the individual accounts should be fairly accurate.

There is a lot of data and it makes sense for my account anyway since it's small it's easy to look at what has been happening. For bigger accounts and overall figures i'm sure that there is a lot of playing with the numbers to show what they want the world to see. It happens everywhere.

Oh nice. Im closing to 100k impressions in last 28 days but i did poke the hornets nest with the transgenders on twitter which did help bring up the impressions. hahaha

Yep, I started this account about 2 months ago, and I have a lot of work to do to build it up still. But not bad considering :)

I stay away from poking.

You should. lol. Yeah same here. Had it longer but only recently started using it after dan and acid started these "share on twitter" initiatives.
Its fun. Its absolute nonsense and insane, but its still fun. :)

Great words and finally community on steemit beta!
Let's promote steemit and bring more content creators and possible futher investors as well!

What is this posh thing I keep hearing about

Basically share your oc posts on twitter and soon other platforms and receive (possibly higher) curation than if you don't share. :)

Twitter is far and away the least likable platform for me... bah. I'll think about it

It resides on the arm of the Beckham protocol


I'm very happy to be a part of the #posh #oc movement on twitter and now tweet all my posts with these tags, @acidyo. I am also re-tweeting other steemers I see out there. I really appreciate all of the support I have gotten from this project and hope it keeps going.

But I am letting you know I am no longer using steemit, and so cannot be a part of this hive thing until it gets picked up by steempeak or esteem. I have metered wifi, and the ads on steemit suck my time dry.

TY @acidyo - When I was at steemfest, they mentioned you can just use the tag for the hives and still post with other dApps. I am not a steemit fan and have not used it in about 1.5 years. I use esteem, tasteem, dPoll, busy etc to post with since they upvote my posts. So can I post there and use your hive tag too?

Use the brave browser and you will not see any ads there. You can even earn crypto there just by browsing ! For more details check : https://brave.com/

just be careful, they require your biometric ID (retina scans), current government photo ID, and address where you sleep at night..... so if you want to monetize your browser, you have to throw any notion of privacy out the window. it's either monetized, or private... not both.

I do use brave for one of my alts - ty for the reminder, @clixmoney. Still not interested in posting with steemit.

you will not see any ads there. You can even earn crypto there just by browsing

? lol

Thanks for all you do @acidyo. Good to get your community going on beta. I joined.

I think 2020 will be a great year for all of us. 😊 😃

I really appreciate the efforts of team @ocd .
I hope team @partiko comes up with something similar and improved!

Posted using Partiko Android

Has anyone heard of their team in the last year?

I think Appics is going to be a tough competitor to Partiko as far as mobile dapplications

Hi bud! I think I'm a bit of a fool and I didn't quite understand, but can anyone participate in this "communities" thing? Can anyone make content and publish it in the OCD community? I'd like to be part of it and I want to make sure I can

I'm a user who has participated quite a bit in #posh and I really think it's a great initiative. I don't have much activity in Twitter (it's not my favorite social network), but I also started to publish my posts in Facebook since I usually have much more activity there and it doesn't cost me anything. I really hope this initiative can be expanded even more. You do an incredible job and I hope my grain of sand can be of help, thanks for everything <3

Yeah everyone is welcomed to, with communities it gives us a lot more control over the content as in removing posts that aren't original content or other abusers instead of having to downvote them and anyone being able to use any tags. Here we will have our curators be the moderators. This will also be a nice place to focus most of our initiatives in one place and in the future come up with new ones and have a great variety of original content in one place curated by a team of experienced curators so consumers have a great selection to choose what to read from. :)

OHHHHH ok that sounds very very good, then I'll definitely join the community, I've seen a bit of how it works and all that. Thanks for your answer, I'll try to get my username recognized around here <3

So its not really decentralized?

To incentivize curation we are going to mainly curate #posh posts after 24h with the @ocdb account

Oh, this is nice! :)

Thanks, we hope it'll incentivize people to share more and more curation to happen on great content that usually gets avoided because it already has received a certain amount of votes thus often doesn't get to trending because of someone already front-running it and others skipping it not to give more rewards to the "competition".

Yeah, I agree. I also hoping for such great content to earn some votes stacking by all major curation guild on steem. That would be awesome!

This is great news! I think it's high time I picked up my content creation gear and head back here.

Most times, I put the links of my steem posts on Twitter for people to see but now, it gladens me that a larger part of the steem community is starting to do the same.

Thank you, acidyo!

Cool. I'm constantly shilling steem on Uptrennd and Publish0x, i reckon that ought to contribute a fair bit to the SEO visibility.

I was expecting the community thing a long time ago, well done

Nice, it's probably best to start incentivizing sharing on the big centralised platforms for now but in the future we'd like to cover more! Good thing is that the higher the price of Steem the more we can curate while rewarding them a good amount in that evil fiat value. :P

Thankfully we have a lot of long-term holders who see Steem rewards for Steem and don't think in fiat as much. :)

Thank you sir @acidyo for this information and learning us how to make steem more better and more famous on other social media. Blessing.


Happy to learn of updates & continue sharing, regularly, my posts on Twitter & tagging followers of mine to join.

Thank you, for #posh initiative and all the good work of @theycallmedan.

Encouraging to hear that the focus will be on quality content & good authors since, ultimately, this is what will attract and retain skeptics (along, of course, with our ever-evolving features).

Thank you guys for everything you're doing, supporting content that gets pushed on mainstream social media networks is huge, and this kind of promotion is exactly what the Steem ecosystem needs right now. Keep it up!

Good to know about beta version of OCD, I am trying to impress the hidden curators of the ocd community by my digital drawing postings all over 3,4 months but I think by posting my digital drawing through OCD platform will help me to catch my goal :P

Thank You... I Love learning from posts like this.. BLESSED DAY! UPVOTED

Sounds pretty sweet to me! Saw the #posh hashtag and thought folks were having a class complex 😜 ("posh" in the UK means you are basically royalty - wealthy and speak like the Queen haha)

I'll restart the delegations again as I've been moving SP around various projects but manual curation is the way and getting people to share on socials hey

Haha yeah know about the british meaning but figured posh sounded still better than proof of stake or piece of shit (pos) xD

Haha definitely better than piece of shit 😂

Hi @nickyhavey hope your new year started well.
I have just tried the #posh thing with my last two posts and opened a twitter account to share them, but there's no curation from #oc or #ocd on the posts?
Any advice?

Hey it's the legend that is @papilloncharity! Yea great start to the new year man, long may it last, hope things are going well with you too!

I don't know really as I've not had any experience with the posh campaign myself and need to get my head around communities as well but I'm using SteemPeak and travelfeed apps and liking the look of them. Sorry not much help.

I guess just keep doing what you're doing and the good things will come 🙂💪

Thank you my friend and oh yeah, I will certainly keep on trucking.
Not as fast as a Ferrari, but I remember the story about the tortoise and the hare Lol.
Stay well my friend.
Blessings Doc!

Haha a tortoise powered Ferrari

Hahaha, I love your humor.

Now I get it. I thought OCD was a kind of disorder. It is not a disorder but a decentralized order.

Never heard of #posh.

Check my previous comment. :)

Very cool @acidyo, this is exciting news! Timely, too... comes right with my own resolve to create more "externally shareworthy" content in 2020 and kick some new life into my (12 year old) twitter account...

Hello @poracidyo happy start of the year, I am glad that this project started by #posh and the good work of @theycallmedan is growing, I have already made several publications on twitter and it seems great

Wow esto es maravilloso, ya mismo me voy a sumar a esta comunidad.

Thanks for the post.

Muy bien @acidyo!
felicitaciones, le deseo suerte...

Hi, this all sounds great, and I've subscribed to a few communities but I'm very confused about how it all works in terms of posting.

Do I have to be logged into 'steemit' at this url (https://beta.steemit.com/trending/hive-187719) to post through/ within a 'community' or do I just have to add in a particular tag (like I would with palnet)...

Is there a guidance post somewhere on all of this>? Any pointers much appreciated!

Alright m8ty. I was reading this post a few days ago and I remembered your comment.

Here is a post on the beta.steemit site that explains how to post to communities. The explanation is near to the bottom of the post. I'm gonna give it a crack with one of my posts over the next few days :)


Wonderful and thank you! Very helpful.

Thank you very much for this opportunity and single honour done us. Making @ocd a community is a laudable idea & very power to go with it, especially the current trends of promting steem. We are in support of you to bring masses colaborating with twitter to onboard many users. We will make sure to use these powerful @ocd tags: #posh and #oc in conjointion with the community tag.

As post voter number 777, it is nice to see a curator/curation group let people know that want to earn some extra curation that they can take a chance on posh post and maybe be in front of a curation trail, as for me, heck I just don't care when a post went out. If I find it and I like it I'll generally vote on it.

I do have a question about the #oc tag though. I have used it some what sparingly in the past, and since I do not use it that often should I post through the OCD community page only or is it still o-kay to use it on just a steemit made post? With #creativecoin I generally try to go to my creativecoin tribal page to do the post, (not always, I forget sometimes), there are a lot of different tribes and native tribal front end pages, and now with one more added on, it does get confusing on where to go to post I have 8 Tribal front ends, I primarily use steem, but have used steampeak and steeve front ends to do post, and I am following 18 communities (not to mention my own also), so it gets hard to remember who wants you to use which of their pages when using their tag/s.

So as I understand OCD curates only those posts with #posh and #oc tag (apart from previous white listed authors) ? or still today OCD tries to find out new content / authors who might not know about these tags ?

you can only post to one community at a time for now

Is this a restriction in the community code ? I mean, if one wants to post to multiple communities, is there a way to leave one and join other ?

"retention of new users"
WHAT new users?!?

Awesome. I WOULD like to learn a bit more about what posh/ocd are n how the work. Still a little fuzzy. Also, High Vote for expanding to Instagram, my main social spot (Twitter confuses the F out of me... I’m turning into an old man).

..great news..although I haven’t really participated..will check it out very soon..best wishes for a great successful 2020 for you and all of us!..steem on!..

..of course up.. follow you..resteemed..thank you..

You might also consider keeping an eye on the community Excel for All. I am working hard to bring top excel influencers to the community and starting off I could do with curators visiting once in a while

great news I want to join this tribe, greetings friends

Follower numbers are pretty much obsolete after this bear run and the introduction of the RC system that killed spam accounts for most part.
Communities will be the first new metric showing actual active user/creator numbers. Will be interesting to see who we have here.

hii, good info, will join, what is #posh meaning??

hii, good info, will join, what is #posh meaning??

some info you could provide me about how works this new communities inside steem??? thank you (:

Let me know how I can help with the onboarding :)

The #posh movement surely will bring more on board, just like it did to me.

Well, perfect time to ask apart from the provided guidelines, is there an extra efforts needed for one to be curated - been using the tag but not yet seen by your curators. Hope it doesn't hurt my honor level by asking so. Cheers.

Informative update appreciated, good to hear numbers are growing.

Sharing.... Thanks for all the work going on behind the scenes.

Thank you for what it seems cancelling the project you had in mind. Downvote removed.

For transparency I'm leaving this so others can see the original comment:

So that's basically selling votes then? Thanks for letting us know, we'll look into those votes with @ocdb.

Let the hate flow through you Master @acidyo

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