OCD International Team is looking for 2 Korean Curators!

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Hey everyone! OCD is looking to grow its International Team some more today!

We recently added two Japanese Curators to the team and are looking to add more from the Asian Roster as they are topping the traffic charts lately. I recently also posted about their exchange called Upbit that accepts Steem and SBD for their fiat currency so in light of all the newcomers that are and will be joining we want to help welcome them through our initiative.

Although the Korean community is currently 2nd in traffic and may not be lacking curators as much as the Japanese, we figured the more the merrier! The International team is currently supporting 7 languages and nominating one of each daily with 2 curators per language and we are constantly growing to cover even more!

OCD is a manual curation group of over 30 curators, we strive to find undervalued posts from unique authors that may have gotten missed and give them a second chance at attention by presenting their work in our articles while at the same time supporting them. We are very transparent about our operation and encourage other manual curators to earn more curation rewards by voting on our nominations before us which are unique and not covered by automatic upvotes.
As someone not in the team you can help us and the authors by checking out their posts through our articles and at the same time find posts and authors you might be interested in for the long haul.

What your daily activities are as a curator

  • You search for original content posts (no plagiarism) that are undervalued (under $10 rewards) and nominate them for curation on our discord channel.
  • You vote on other posts by the other curators in the team to choose which ones make the daily compilation post. (also on the discord channel)
  • Since only a couple of you will be able to understand that language, the person in charge of writing the post that week won't be able to write descriptions to the post themselves so the curators will have to add short descriptions when nominating it. Preferably in both the native language and in english. (More info on that on discord later)

Reward distribution

  • 50% of the SD from the daily multi-language posts go to all (language) curators and 50% to the ones whose nominations make the compilation post.
  • 50% of the SP remains with the account but you get a stake in it depending on your nominations and activity. When you decide to leave the project you will receive your share in Steem/SP.
  • There will also be a bonus 1000 SP delegated to each curator while they are involved in the project!

Apply here in this post if you want to become a Korean Curator in our project. Being able to speak english is also a requirement.
Bear in mind that we will vet your account to make sure you are the right user for the job.

Thank you for your interest and reading.


Is it only open to native Korean speakers? Im from the US and Im not fluent but I consider Korean my second language.

Hey, if you can read the posts without any problems and write short descriptions to them then it should be okay! :)

Sounds easy. I've been learning Korean for almost 6 years now

Are you on steemit.chat? :)

yea I just sent you a message.

good idea for steemit! hope to join it but my account is atacking by down vote whales:(

Awesome :) I'm sure that #kr community needs more curators. I'll resteem it so more #kr users can know about this project!

I do not speak English and I only do 'resteem'. :)

영어 가능자분들의 참여를 기대해봅니다.

Thanks for the resteem! :)

I am Wasim khan .I live in South korea.I know that korea is upgoing the all side such as technologies and so other.It is the most valuabe that OCD international team is looking for 2 korean curators.I have proud of this message .And many thankd for thes sharing .I am waiting for your next post.

thank you so much
your project will be strong impulse to Korean Community

Thanks @slowwalker and thank you for your continuous support!

If you know any Korean Steemians who would be interested to join the team please refer them to this post! :)

There are some KR community members who can communicate in English with you.
I recommend you 2 Steemians for Kr community curator.
I didn't contact with them in person.
But they have enough ability as a curator.
Of course, there are lots of other Steemians who have the ability.

Thank you, I will try and get in contact with them when the time comes!

aww so awesome! Did you know I'm going to Korea to visit @ramengirl and the KR community? :)

I didn't :D that's really cool!

heheh and I'm also going to visit the Japanese community while I'm out there! :)

So jealous! Wish I could travel!

Have fun there and remember to take a lot of photos to share! :D

You should come to visit Korea and Japan someday!! :)
You're gonna have so much fun ;)

Haha for sure! I leave for a 6 week travel vacation mid Jan! Going to visit Thailand Japan Taiwan and Korea! 😀😀😀

Awesome stuff. I was wondering when you guys would bring in Korean curators. Figured it would have happened sooner since there's so much Korean based content on the site. Glad to see you guys are still looking to grow and improve :)

Hi sir! @acidyo
OCD is amazing! you support new users join in steemit! but I would like to ask when would you like to add a curator for Indonesian?

Either when we get some more support or my own delegation allows to add more international curators.

that's a great idea sir! hopefully OCD is getting advanced and can add more international curators.

Hello, I've been working as an English translator for the korean community and I hope I can be a part of the team.


I've translated @stellabelle's post, and she did a post on me before.

I've also translated lots of posts in English.
This is the link for the posts I've translated for Korean users.


I'm also doing events for the newcomers in the kr community. I made free background images for the newbies and here are the links to prove it. (For each event I did accept one or two non-newbies too, but it was mostly for newbies.)

1st: https://steemit.com/kr/@zoethehedgehog/5
2nd: https://steemit.com/kr/@zoethehedgehog/2-6
4th: https://steemit.com/kr/@zoethehedgehog/3veln1-4-4

Through these events, I got in touch with lots of the newbies on a personal level. I had to first scroll through their content to make backgrounds for them.

I really think I'm qualified for this, as I fit both of the attributes you are looking for.

I'm just not familiar to the discord Chanel though, it'd be nice if I could get more details.

I also recommend @danihwang for this.
He has worked hard for the newbies.

Cheer Up! 와우! 정말 많은 사람들이 이 포스팅에 많이 투표했어요! 우리 앞으로도 힘내봐요!

  • from Clean STEEM activity supporter

Hey nice trend on bringing more humans from across the globe to your group, i just hope tht the steemit at other countries wont get regulated by the government and i hope if there are more people across the globe, i hope that they will mostly use english on steemit

by the way does your group have black people and filipino's?

@OCD is going to the moon.

Beautiful new development. Thankyou

가즈앗 !!!

이런게 진짜 큐레이터 가즈앗!!

It would be great to read your post.

does this only apply to be a curator in korea only.? whether it can not apply to all countries around the world? I still do not understand

A curator for korean posts but also speaks english.

O,, ya,, I understand. Thanks so much I like you

O..ya..i now..thanks so much. I like you

Nissan took their Star Wars promotion up a notch this year with 7 new Star Wars: The Last Jedi themed cars at the LA Auto Show. Last year, the ... this thinks is so good we can ALSO this thiks

Wishing you good luck in finding the curators. Can I use a pic of this post to report a bug on utopian, if thats ok with you?

Which pic? and what's the bug? :P

Some problem with the UI. There was a blank space under your post at the beginning when there were no comments

Wow! so awesome illustrations

Good Work brother i upvote your post will you do the same ??

Amazing Blog. .
Best of luck

I'm glad that they do not forget us and know that we really need curators.

Sir, I want to enter this team, so
what I have to do now.

Great OCD project. Appreciated. Will be 2 Korean Curators immediately.
Resteemed your post @acidyo.

Preferably the pretty ones?

Very interesting information Sir @acidyo, this post should be in the know by many people especially for us as members of the steemit in the #Aceh area, maybe now we can have a curator who respect all of our postings. This very useful post Sir, I will be resteem your post, so that the more one knows about this.

What about those who are less in numbers??? I am from Pakistan and I want to promote steemit in my country. But whenever I tried to do so they all ask that your vote worth only0.01$ how could you support us?? Any discussion on that????

We are trying to grow as fast as we can to be able to support more languages.

Can I join to this team ?

It is good to find a good person ♪
People like @ramengirl are not good people? What?

Very interesting post and many thanks for sharing .will be waiting on your next post keep it up my friend @mannyfig1956

Awesome concept bro. Keep it up.

this is something that really wants everyone needed I really like the initiative that you do. I hope in the future you will also give me a good initiative to me in aceh. remember the ACEH tag has no Curator. thanks so much

Such a wonderful, has done much for korean community. thumps up

Cosas increíbles. Me preguntaba
cuando traerían comisarios
coreanos. Me di cuenta de que
habría sucedido antes, ya que hay
mucho contenido basado en
coreano en el sitio. Me alegra
verlos, todavía están buscando
crecer y mejorar :)

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