OCD Content Creator Onboarding Program (Apply here)

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With the current situation in the bear market where not many content creators know about Steem and its advantages and since curation is increasing generally with the new HF, OCD was looking to adapt at what gives Steem the most value at this time. Curators have for a long time mentioned that there are not a lot of authors to curate, with certain restrictions on how often we curate authors and the focus on newcomers it has not been easy to find them.

We set up a new program to invite content creators to Steem through us, here is basically what we can offer them.

A Steem account, our OCD accounts have over 35k claimed Steem accounts waiting to be put to good use and we will try bring in new people, whether they are content creators or their followers or just regular users looking for an account - with a little verification from their existing social media accounts we will offer them their own Steem account.

A kickstart into their Steem journey through curation - here we will guide them through discord and in other ways on the basics of Steem, encourage them to write an introduction post and then also curate and take care of them into their first posts while they get a hang of it. Crossposting for the invited content creators will be allowed (and curated) early on but over time we will incentivize OC on Steem with bigger rewards.

OCDB whitelist, content creators we invite will get whitelisted and can use our bot if they want in the same way as other established Steemians. With the #newsteem movement and our bot being used less and less to buy bids from we will of course also manually curate these content creators and others we feel deserve the rewards/visibility.

Fanbase interaction rewarding - Content creators that post about their Steem account on other social medias and invite their fans over to Steem will receive curation on comments on the content creators content. This will of course also be manually curated to mitigate autovoting abuse as we all know it leads to that sooner or later when votes are certain.

500 SP (steemit slider) Delegations to the content creaotors until they reach 500 SP by themselves. We started the delegation program a few months ago and have graduated many accounts by now but we want to focus this on content creators and allow them to curate comments and other content curators without bankrupting their voting power.

We want to build a healthy community of content creators who all started the same way through us on Steem and are like-minded and interactive with each other and see the benefits of Steem aside of just the rewards. There are many more additions to the ones mentioned above but we'll start slow and keep fine-tuning it over time.

We had a trial with the onboarding program for a while, OCD curators gave it a shot in the way it is built right now and the results were pretty decent. Out of 18 total attempts where contact was made and a reply occurred, 6 of them joined Steem shortly after and everyone has posted at least 2 posts so far while only 2 have not posted anything in 4 days since their last posts. Pretty good stats if you ask me, so now let's scale it up a notch! :)

What you need to apply as an onboarder

  1. Fluent english
  2. Decent knowledge of Steem or how things work around here
  3. An active social media account (facebook/twitter/pinterest/reddit)
  4. Add other reasons why you'd be good as an onboarder if you lack any of the other points above.

How things work in detail will be shared with you once you are invited.

What's in it for you

You get to be part of one of the biggest curation and onboarding projects on Steem. You'll make a change in people's lives and see it happen in real time. You help bring in more content creators to Steemit and at the same time have more content to curate.

There are rewards! Similar to the way @ocd runs their compilation posts, where curated authors are highlighted with descriptions and curated, we will do the same for invited content creators. There will be compilation posts with descriptions of them and examples of their content where the people that managed to get them in will share the post rewards. 20% goes to the author writing the compilation posts, 30% to the successful onboarders that brought in the highlighted content creators while the SP will be shared in Stakes among every attempt to get content creators in.

Use this post to apply for a position and we will contact you or you can join the OCD Discord server in the meantime and say hi.

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I am very interested in joining this product :)

I am fluent English writer from the UK :)

I consider myself to have a good understanding of Steemit, as I have been an active member on this platform for nearly three years.

I have two active Instagram accounts ( personal and business) and would happily leverage this for Steem :)

Hey, sounds great! Please join our Discord as everything will happen through it and tag me in the general chat once you're there for your new role and more info on how we do things. Welcome!

Perfect, thanks!

That's really a great initiative, I would love to be its part. I've active social media accounts and also relatively good understanding of how things work on steem. I'll ping you in discord.

Great initiative @acidyo, it is very important to revitalize Steem community with fresh new content creators. I am interested in taking part as an onboarder, i have a nice facebook account and even though i am not very active there lately i still keep my connections to various art groups and know artists who maybe like the idea. I speak fluent English and i have enough experience to explain to someone new whats going with Steem.

Ping me in the general chat and I'll get you in shortly. :)

I don't know how well I'd do, but I wouldn't mind using my Twitter account (which is almost strictly tweets that link to my Threespeak & Steemit content) to try to get more and more content creators here.

The more creators (and users overall) grows the price of Steem.

I already mention how awesome Steem, Steemit and Threespeak are for content creators looking for a #freespeech alternative, especially those in the political realm.

Regardless of being whitelisted, I'll continue to shill for Steem :)

You could come and give it a try, see how the system works that we have set up (it's pretty straight forward and simple) and if you like it you can continue, if not then you know, don't.

This is unrelated to the whitelist but rewards are given out to both attempts and successful invites.

Where do I go?

You dudes are doing an amazing amount of work lately. This is an awesome offer to get creators onboard. Resteemed.

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With the #newsteem movement and our bot being used less and less to buy bids from we will of course also manually curate these content creators and others we feel deserve the rewards/visibility.


Haha. Good luck on the initiative. ;)

Weren't you one of the "the EIP will ruin everything" guys? :p

My opinion on EIP hasnt changed. Im just trying to do my best to work with what we got now that nothing can be done about the EIP.
I could cry and complain about how it didnt go my way or try and work with what we got.

I always mentioned the possibility of curation services, or bot SP entering curation, i even DMed you a week back. If i remember correctly you werent thinking that it could happen but alas, here we are. hehe :D

If i remember correctly you werent thinking that it could happen but alas, here we are.

You don't.

I dont believe the community can sustain this, no, my faith in the steem community is at an all time low, some symptoms are already showing, but ill try my damn best and help push the narrative as hard as i can, as if it can last.
Get threatened, flag stomped into the ground or called a dirtbag which has already happened. Lol 😁

At least that way i can say i tried to make the best of it.
If i was wrong in the end and the eip manages to be a success ill always have that, that i helped, in what ever small way i could to make it a success.

Sometimes people want to be proven wrong.
Fuck Ego. Id rather have 50k euros. Haha

Still... I was right about the bot SP possibly entering curation... 😜😜😜

It is necessary to bring more content creators. The best part of the project is the support and follow-up from the beginning.

It's like educating children from an early age to be good citizens.

Neat initiative. All the best.

Really amazing initiative, I'm already on STEEM and steadly getting my SP up. Don't really have time to be an onboarder but I post some of my Steem posts on twitter.

Okay, I don't have a problem with this and I understand we need more creators on the platform. Here is my issue. There are already a lot of great creators on here that don't get the recognition they deserve. If we solely focus on bringing new creators and celebrating them it is just going to leave the existing creators even more in the dust.

I don't know if that makes sense or if I did a good job of explaining myself. I just know there are a lot of users that barely make $1 per post. I think loyalty and perseverance should count for something and it would really be too bad to see good existing creators put off and disillusioned because all of the attention and upvotes are going to these "scouted" users.

If we solely focus on bringing new creators and celebrating

Celebrating them sounds a bit passive aggressive, this is curation much like we have been curating content creators here constantly over two years and @ocd will still be operating like they have before, just with 50% of the voting power going towards the existing userbase.

I get that there are many users making low rewards and distribution and curation has been one of my main focuses on the platform for the past 3+ years, I don't see the point in you bringing this up here with me when you could look at others who do no curation and remind them about it instead.

This concern of yours has been mentioned many times in many of my previous posts by users like fitinfun who complain that many are making very low rewards and "dying" while most of the ones saying how bad minnows have it now, etc, are delegating most of their own SP away without doing much to help but expect others to. Anyway, that's the reason to my tone, it's getting a bit old complaining constantly when we are only 0.001% of existing content creators out there here and Steem won't go anywhere if all we do is allocate rewards to everyone here just for being here while most don't do anything to onboard or spread the word about Steem. (see the "sharing is caring" @ocd posts and how few users, even incentivized with rewards, don't give a shit about sharing their posts onto other platforms).

I am the king of passive aggressive. :) I get what you are saying. I probably fall into the boat you are mentioning, but only out of necessity. I think there are two groups of people on here (at least). Those that do look at this as a job and those that view it as a hobby. Living in the US, it is more a hobby for me because you just can't live off of what you make here. When all is said and done though I need to be able to look at my wife and say all this time and effort I put into this was worth something. That's why I delegate. It's about the only way I can get rewards. I do manual curation as well but at 6000 SP my stake just isn't that big.

Like I said, I agree, we need to bring new users in. I just think we need to make sure we are bringing in users that are willing to give as much as they are willing to take. If they just join up, do their thing and rake it in, that would be a shame. It sounds like I am not the first one to be concerned, so I am not going to beat a dead horse. I just felt compelled to speak up about my worries.

If they just join up, do their thing and rake it in, that would be a shame.

All of the curation will be manual and judged case by case and the more that join the less rewards they will be making in total as we only have that much voting power to go around. So yes, the focus will be to never mention rewards when bringing them in but the other great features of Steem such as the community, immutability and upcoming stuff like communities and tokens and help them onboard their fans and following if they like here as well. The more traffic the better it is for Steem and Inc possibly dumping less if they are making more adrevenue.

The reason I think this is the best time for this is because there is more and more stake being opened up to curation after HF21, I don't want users to feel as if they are going to be missing out on rewards while we prioritize these newcomers that may not have done as much for Steem as they have so that is definitely not the goal here - we just want the platform to grow with deserving authors and regular users who use it like they would use any other platform.

Thanks for the reply. I wanted to make sure you know that I have respected you on here for quite some time. I hope you know I am not dismissing your replies. I am absorbing them, unpacking them, and dwelling upon them. I think you have made some good counterpoints to my worries. Thanks!

I appreciate a couple of things.
1: I appreciate that you actually give a damn and are willing to talk about it.
2: I appreciate that OCD is willing to step up to bring on new users. I don't know how many times I've heard 'We're going to onboard the masses' that didn't happen. OCD is not only saying it, they are doing it. Huge difference.

I don't know that new users can help to break the stagnation pattern we are currently in but it certainly can't hurt!

Just think how tickled we'd be with the current price had we come aboard at 20 cents instead of 2 dollars :)

Thanks, you're taking it better than most. :P

But yeah, it won't be about giving them a bigger edge and rewards just because of a follower/subsciber number they may have on the other socials as most of those are fake anyway in this day and age. With manual curation we will judge the content creators not just on the content but also the way they use Steem.

King Passive Aggressive - sounds nasty

Only if you are on my bad side :)

If you would make a music album tomorrow, I'd buy it

I focus elsewhere, so will not apply here.

In two years, I have brought in 25 or so excellent content creators from other platforms. All left with nothing good to say and very glad to shut the steem door. These are people making money on their content and with good followings in other places and in several different content categories.

@hayhaveyamet are the best people I know trying to help the pure noob and I know they are well connected with the few other programs of this ilk. I hope they will come here to tag those up and running programs so they can all work together on your project. They have been at it for more than a year now and could sure use some support themselves.

Helping the newest of the new is a hard job on steem. Our 95% kill rate means that if you get your 35K to join - 33250 will be dead in 2 weeks to two months. They will go back to insty, fb, reddit, or wherever they came from and talk smack about steem. I know this, because I see it daily when I am out there.

I write minnow tips, test dApps, and promote tribes in my 3 blogs. I target those over 45 rep and 100+ sp. If they made it that far, there is hope, and I have better success and less depression with this tactic.

The pattern I have seen since I got here is this.

  • We welcome the newcomer's intro post and they get a great reward maybe.
  • We leave them to their own resources until they make it to 500 sp and then give them a great reward maybe.
  • We leave them again and it they make it to 5000 sp, they are part of the club.

Through all of that - if they keep trying, they are told they need to "invest" while attempting to learn one of the hardest platforms ever created.

We have a huge new bleed going on between 100 and 1000 sp right now post fork. I'm talking to people who WERE trying and are now leaving every day.

I am a huge believer in steem, and in favor of much of the result of our recent forks.

I just do not think this is the right time to try to get more people in the door. NewSTEEM is not ready if those who are here from the days of old STEEM cannot be saved.

Plus we have already got about 1000 noobs coming in the door each week. 950 of those are gone quick. Help them - do not try to get more to kill.

I hope you can change course to help those already here and trying to succeed. If we can get more people vibrantly posting, then the tipping point will come on its own.

I’d like to help....... I have a Twitter Account with over 11,000 Followers, I am also the Creator and manage several Facebook Groups with over 100,000 members. I introduced @annephilbrick to Steemit.com in my main Facebook Group.

Thanks so much @acidyo I love to apply for the new Steemit slider. I joined few weeks ago and I know what steemit is all about. And since arrival of #newsteem I'm so eager to join the movement and to bring more people into the Steemit community. I have active account on Twitter. I have been an active member of steem and I love how things work here although I don't have much STEEM power. I will be glad if I'm considered as Steemit slider . I vow to promote and bring new people into the blockchain.

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This is not about the slider delegation, it's just one of the things ocd will offer the new content creators that we invite to join Steem.

Sorry for late reply. I actually didn't see notification unless I come back an check my post. Oh , that's true. I am equally in to promote steem on Twitter, if you have been on Twitter recently I made so many tweet on bringing more great content creators into the blockchain.

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Let's, onboard guys! :)

There was a previous post asking people to recommend themselves or others for whitelisting. How do you know you have been whitelisted or you have been rejected? Currently in limbo.

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We've been going through them on a daily basis and will reply to each that get whitelisted.

Also those that have not been whitelisted so we know where we stand, please.

Thanks for letting us know.

Yes quality content is the backbone of any platform to survive for long term and steem really wants good content creators from various fields.

I've been sharing my own articles, as well those of other creatives at Steemit, on my FB wall and pages since I first came here, just on three years ago now.

At IG, when sharing my images, I often include the link to the Steemit article where I first wrote about the making of the image.

I joined Minds about a year ago and share my own work and that of other creatives I admire at Steemit, IG and MakersPlace, there as well.

I've also mentioned Steemit in some of my 'conversations' in the Makers Place Discord.

My focus is on my own art-making. However I do LOVE looking at, assessing and sharing the work of other interesting creatives and would love the opportunity to share in this new onboarding venture with you. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Ok, I love this initiative. I'm venezuelan and I invited other people before, but they left Steem because they didn't receive what they was expecting and because of the crisis they couldn't afford to stay in something that didn't seem "profitable" to them.

I know excellent content creators (even teachers) who might be interested in Steem. I'm absolutely sure I can bring many more people (I'm a Facebook group administrator with about 10,000 people, I guess that works too). I would love to participate in the initiative!

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