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RE: Share your Steem posts on Twitter and win @ocd and @ocdb votes!

in #oclast year

Hi @anomadsoul. I've been sharing my posts through twitter and sharing some other opportunities on Steem.

But unfortunately, any of those haven't been voted. Aside from that, I've been noticing lots of users there that keeps being voted regularly by @ocdb. Can you please tell me how the voting behavior of @ocbd is?

While I understand that votes aren't assurance for every piece shared via the initiative though.


Hi there, if your #POSH posts haven't been voted make sure you are following the instructions on this post, maybe you are not using a tag correctly or something like that.

As for ocdb voting behaviour, I'm making a post about it as we speak.

Hi Eric. Yes, I'm pretty sure I've bee doing the same thing as per instructions given in the post. Made a lot of posts actually under account, but unfortunately it didn't get the recognition being mentioned on ocdb's post.

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