Almost Forgot To Claim My Gbytes

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Byteball, Obtye, Gbytes... whatever you want to call it... I forgot that the other half of my airdrop cleared in July. Retrieving it is as easy as clicking on the sub-wallet and transferring it to the main. The smart-contract gives a full year before the airdrop can be returned to sender.

At this point it's only a few dollar's worth, but I almost own a millionth of this platform from airdrops and playing drugwars alone. Not too shabby when you think about it.

Yes, it's a shame that the platform is worth so little and the network is so small, but it still has a lot of potential. As a DAG it is infinitely scalable and quantum resistant due to node consensus. They've made every effort to airdrop various crypto communities like Bitcoin and Steem. They show a very real willingness to make interoperability a top priority to start linking to other blockchains.

Like Steem, Obyte has also lost 98% of it's value. Owning a millionth of the platform only costs around $20 at the moment. These are the kind of small risks we should be taking rather than trying to min/max our already extremely volatile investments.

Restraint is key.

We all like to play the what-if game when it comes to our investments. What if I bought Bitcoin at $1. What if I had sold at the peak. Those days are over. Let it go. The future is bright for DLT.


Hey ya @edicted, hope you are feeling ok after that training session and follow-up yoga class afterwards. I did byteball at one point and i think i sold those tokens to someone! Would this be related to that? If yes, Is there a link to do this second claim?

If you got the airdrop a year ago you only collected half of it.

To collect the other half you enter the sub-wallet smart contract of your main wallet and "send" the sub-contract to the main (or any other wallet).

Omg I totally forgot about the other half of the byteball airdrop!?! Thanks for the reminder 😁👍

Oh my...had completely forgot about that. Thanks for the heads up mate

Lol I checked mine and its only worth $3 happy to send it anyone who is willing to collect it

Yeah it was a bummer that it went down even more in value over the past year 😔

Thanks for the reminder. I forgot as well. But, I can't seem to figure out where to do a claim anywhere in the app. Can you tell me how? I've clicked everywhere to try to find it... :/

Yeah i did the same thing. I wish I had documented the solution step by step.

Basically you have to get into the sub-wallet where the airdrop exists,
then you click the send button and the info should auto-populate.
You send those funds to another wallet and the sub-wallet and airdrop smart contract should disappear.

Which wallet do I sent it to?
I think I got it... Click the Wallet icon to the right of empty wallet field at bottom above send/cancel. Then it shows you "Small Expense Wallet". That gives you your own wallet address, right? And you send there?

You could send it to Small Expenses Wallet. The one associated with my airdrop is called Single Address 1. You can send the money to any wallet you have control of really.

To make sure you're sending the right funds read the smart-contract and make sure it says something like "signed by you and at such-and-such-date" and also there is a return to sender clause a year later.

Once you see this smart contract you can click send and pretty much send it anywhere.

Yeah I don't see any Single Address 1, only Small Expense Wallet in there... it must be mine...

The subwallet is under that small expense wallet. I think that's the right one to send it to. Thanks.

There is no "right one" to send it to. You can send the money from the sub-wallet smart-contract anywhere.

But yeah... sending it to Small Expenses Wallet makes the most sense because it is right there and already has the other half of the airdrop.

You own a millionth of it just from the airdrop alone... nice.

Oh. I remember byte ball also. But the problem, i can not find a way to retreive my address on the obyte . is there a way out

Oops looks like I forgot about it too. Also it seems to me that I need to recover my password, 🤔

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Thanks for reminding me that I also have to claim them 😂

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yeah just saw it. Their wallet is damn confusing and i dont have the will to figure it out.