How My Mom and Tres Leches Cake Ruined My Diet Today... er Lifetime Eating Plan

in nutrition •  9 months ago

This is a sad tale of me falling off the diet wagon today. I blame my mom and a slice of tres leches cake. I've posted before about the importance of clean eating and for goodness sake, staying away from processed food, white flour, and especially, processed food with sugar.

Everything was wrong with this cake except the fact that it tasted like food for the gods.

This is not a picture of the actual cake I ate because, of course, it's all gone:

Source: A similar cake from Pixabay

The First Step Towards Recovering From Addiction is Admitting It!

See, I went to this party yesterday. I was supposed to meet my mom later for dinner and a trip to the store. They had Tres Leches cake, and I know my mom really likes it. Of course, that's no wonder. This kind of cake is like a slice of heaven in your mouth.

In case you aren't familiar with tres leches, it's name comes from "three mik." That's because it's made with heavy cream, evaporated milk, and sweetened condensed milk. Tres Leches is popular where I live. Here in Texas, it's considered a Mexican kind of cake, but it actually has origins in Medieval Europe.

It's rich in taste, but it has a light texture. Even though it's drenched in cream, more cream, and more cream, it's not soggy at all. It's just delicious.

My Own Mom Stood Me Up!

Anyway, I got this slice of cake for my mom, but I managed to stick with the vegetable and fruit platter at the party because I'd been on a roll on my diet. I didn't even crave the cake. After the party, I called my mom, and she told me she had other plans. Can you believe that? My own mother blew me off!

Well, I kept the generous slice of cake in the fridge until today, and then you know, I just ate it. Once I got it out, I'd bet it didn't last 90 seconds.

Eating that slice of cake wasn't so bad. After all, I don't believe we should diet. I believe we should come up with a lifetime eating plan. But all that rich cream and SUGAR must have gone straight from my mouth to my head.

I am @theinsideout, a Sugar Addict!

This isn't me, but it captures my guilty expression the rest of the day:

Source: Pixabay

I was so proud of the way I had changed my diet, and this new way of eating had helped curb cravings. With one darn slice of cake, like booze to an alcoholic, I started eating everything in sight. I expect the scale to be cruel tomorrow.

Anyway, it's all my mom's fault. And yeah, that lady who threw the party should have gotten some other kind of cake. As for me, I'm hoping to get back on track tomorrow with a nice bowl of steel-cut oatmeal with fresh fruit for breakfast. One ruined day shouldn't ruin me. :)

Got Craving Stories or Encouragement?

Have you ever felt like you had a sugar addiction. Worse yet, has your own mother ever blown you off? - You know I'm kidding about this part, right? I'm a grownup with my own kids. She's allowed to do her own thing. It's just easier to blame your parents than yourself sometimes, no matter how old you get.

Anyway, I almost always vote upon RELEVANT comments. Hopefully, y'all can encourage me not to let falling off the rails for one day completely ruin my diet... er, lifetime eating plan. Peace out.

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Just climb back on that wagon. I do the same. My diabetic boyfriend likes to order dessert with 2 forks!


You're right. Life is too short to worry about every slice of cake.


My strategy is to eat well from Monday morning to Friday dinner. Outside of that time, a few treats are no problem. Just don't let them follow you into Monday.

So here I am minding my own business, browsing SteemEngine for a few posts to read and upvote, and there I stumble upon your post. I've hardly finished reading it when —as a Pavlovian response?— I'm drawn to my refrigerator to grab some homemade chocolate (made with heavy whipping cream, yup!). There went my good intentions of not eating any sweets shortly before bed time... ;/

I'm a chocolate addict and I don't feel guilty about it :)


See, sugar is addictive even when you just talk or write about it. Wow, chocolate cake with a whipped cream topping sounds great. Now I want some. :)


...and I made another trip to the refrigerator :D

Good diet is good for the body. Clean eating is very important


I totally agree. I guess my point is just that you should allow yourself a cheat now and then and not worry about it. My problem is that when I cheat once, it tends to lead to more cheating.

Hi @theinsideout! I am currently doing a 28 day sugar detox im halfway through. I feel the same as you that if i even had a small piece of sugar it would be all over and I would just eat until I felt sick. Shows how addictive it is! You just need to be strong. I have found bloggin about very powerful as you are more accountable. I dont want to write on my next blog 'so just had two pieces of cake and a packet of biscuits' - I willfeel like such a failure!

Id love you to come and support me on my journey!

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Thanks for stopping buy. Let me repay you with an upvote and my referral link to SteemEngine: ;)

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