Nude Drawing Contest Entry

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Hi Everyone!

This is my entry for the Nude Drawing Contest for a by @yoganarchista

I love drawing nudes and I tend to take a lot of creative liberty with anatomy and draw straight from my imagination without pulling any references. I do it because I like to draw from pure emotion, exaggerating certain parts to achieve a certain level of intensity.

The technique used here is simply pencil sketching in my trusty sketchbook.


Thank you so much for your support, and for supporting other artists in this contest.

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Great @ankapolo, for drawing coming directly from mind it's wow!

thank [email protected]! sometimes i get fails, but sometime it works :)

I like the style of the work @ankapolo. All the best with the competition.

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  • Dop£ Art,


beautifully stylistic. love the proportions so hip accentuated.

Thank you dear @allowisticartist

Hi (; Nice artwork, I think your figure is very interesting, and I do not know why it seems familiar to me, I really like the style you gave it looks pretty stylized. Good luck in the contest. I will be following your work closely, I am also competing, I hope you can also visit my blog.

Greetings and hugs <3

thank you @winizart! I really like your entry too, clever idea and different :) thank you for stopping by, i hope you do great in the contest!

Great drawing! :)
remembers me I have to have to make mine hehe
I don't know why I'm always running out of time xD

haha, we need more hours in the day, and more days a week... :) I hope you make it on time with your entry and wish you do well with it too.

love the shading :)

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