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There was once a spidery contents here but a spider has now put them inside coccoons.... Like Shelob did with Frodo Baggins~ Or maybe like those fleshy things in Aliens before the chestburster bursts out of them~ Yep, like one of those things :D


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Waahh a nice pencil sketch! I really like the folds on the pants, and your shading of the cloth, those are my favourite parts. The inquisitive expression is great as well, they seem like a great treasure hunter :D.

Thanks, scrawly :D

She is a very determined loot hunter ! Very loot-minded. Always after two bits of shinies to rub together and all that :D

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I never get tired of seeing step by step artworks. The creation process of your drawing is like watching a fast-forwarded video of a blooming flower.

Thanks for sharing, best regards.

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Aaah, thank you so much ! I am very flattered !! I hope to bring more blooming flowerly things in the future :)

Oh snap he look's awesome :D I really like how you shade, you do shade the same way with pens, but with pencils it looks different...eerm smother I guess, I really like the look of that! :D

You say it's important to live your life in a way, that when you look back you are content with what you did. I agree 100%. I do this thing : I imagine I am 5 or 10 years older and then I try to think what I have accomplished, if I'm proud of my actions etc... This sole thing really 'fixed my life' in a way. Before I wasn't sure what I wanna do, I just lived day to day. Now I have goal's, I feel purpose , I feel happier. I do this really ofthen now, imagine I'm older and if I'm proud of what I've done :D

Thank you ! Shading can be really fun to do :)

Yeah! I think we should always be able to look back and think, "That's fine. That was precisely what I had wanted to do at the time given all the options that were available!"

👏👏👏 love this character design!
very well done spidey!! 💙
Hehe is he also using a mechanical pencil to poke that crystal? haha

Thanks, @melooo182 :) That's a laser pen! But I guess it looks like a mechanical pencil XD;

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Team work! That's the spirit! It's nice to pick up something familiar. You are mixing it up in the first five days.. out of the gate and running fast!! I for one have no time to draw things. I will be very preoccupied with following this treasure hunter around. He is my new best friend ;-}

Thanks, @bdmillergallery ! Yep, familiar things are really great ! They put your minds at ease, so you can create !

I hope you will find a lot of treasures with your new bestie :D

He is cute @veryspider! A young Indiana Jones :) I like pencil drawing too because we can erase hehe. And yup, a time lost is a time lost. I feel it is important to reflect and to appreciate time, time we have for ourselves, time with family, time to do things that we like, time to learn, time to relax and never waste a second of it. Thank you for the food for thought! :) I wish you a great year @veryspider!

thanks, @marblely :D

pencils are great because we can edit as we go, yep! as you can see originally the arms were overlayering with the body but i can erase the body so it makes the arm solid :D

and yep, it is good sometimes to appreciate things :D :D :D

Really like it! Keep up the good work!

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Thank you ! I shall try o7

By the way, have you tried Partiko? It's the best Steem mobile app!

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I cant. I am on Windows mobile phone and Partiko is not an available app~

Got it! That's a pitty! Really nice to meet you!

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Nice graphite work! I always tip my hat to anyone who can prove his or her worth with a pencil.

And speaking of graphite works, I've got another portrait post coming up. Hint: she's a fellow artist of ours, and someone you know. :)

Happy New Year!

thank you :D and im looking forward to your new portrait post !! :D

happy new year !

I posted a WIP pic in my New Year's greet blog. ;)

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Gorgeous, well thought shadows.

Thanks, @lady-idra ! Doing shadows on clothes can be pretty fun :)

I really admire artists who can work without too much planning and allow the drawing to tell them what it needs. I love this drawing when you started to work detail into the jacket ~ Even at this stage, it can be seen as a finished drawing in its own right. But I do love the addition of a pyramid in his hand. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thanks, Ally :) Always such a wonderful comment from you <3 I appreciate it !

Now that looks like an awesome map! Still think you should make a manga, optionally with scrawly 😆

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manga is too much work! i can't do it, ryry ! i'd die !!!!

Hope the treasure hunter stays clear of those bugs, they're nasty down there. But thankfully the prospector (ha I actually thought and was glad the link was there) does the dirty work of drillin'-n-minin'. But I do love how yah done the sketching of folds and shadows on the hunter's coat-n-trousers. Also love that the tool is interactin' with the holo-map to essentially plot out 'n' trace notes on what has occurred. Anywho, double-belt æsthetic works here 'n' works nicely for functionality 'n' clothing flair. Anyways, look out 'n' stay safe treasure hunter! Those antlions won't give us a break

gasmask girl gang.gif

Thanks :) Teamwork is the name of the game~

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