A painting of a Dragon (& Discussion of Impasto)

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ntopaz-image-0What's up Steemians? Thought I'd share a painting of a dragon.

What can I say about this one?

Well, I love dragons... always have. You ever seen the "Dungeons and Dragons" books / boxes? That's the kind of art I'd love to do some day.... This painting.... It's not at that level yet... I've still got a few years of working my ass off. But this one isn't an attempt to make art at that level -- This one is practice with a technique for creating Impasto. Impasto is that "Thick Paint" effect. See how this looks 3D'ish? That's impasto.

Now, you should know, this one is digital... So I had to figure a way to create thick paint and depth in this. There are a few apps that offer this functionality.

Impasto is pretty fun to do with traditional paints. There's a few techniques that I've found so far:
1)Plop a huge blob of paint on the canvas (A Palette Knife is a great tool for this.... It's the tool that you use to scoop paint out of the tub with it.. It's also one of my favorite tools for scraping paint around on the palette.)
2)Since paint is expensive, there are things you can add to the paint to make it thicker... There are thickening agents- Impasto Gels... Which you just add to your paints, and it'll thicken them. You can also apply Impasto Gels between layers of paints... Impasto effects are definitely enhanced by using layers.... paint, let it dry, paint some more.... So... between the layers, add layers just for textures.
3)I have a friend that adds Sand to her paints. This seems to thicken them...

Different things work for different kinds of paint (acrylics vs. Oils) - so... make sure to look up the specific kind of paint you will be using)

Whether it's digital or traditional - acrylics or oils (I don't think you can impasto water colors) - create different depths... For example... the top horns on this dragon are the tallest (most depth)- because I think that's the tallest part of this dragon - The bottom dark green portion has the least depth, because the other scales, and the whiskers .

Impasto painting is (generally) faster / easier than actual 3D, and it's fun as heck... I recommend trying it. If you want to try it, you can use Tempura Paints, or cheap acrylics... just to mess with it... You don't have to get the expensive stuff.

Oh yeah--- GOOD paints are expensive... So, you can mix the gels / sand / etc... with cheap paints (or just glob heavy amounts of cheap paints) for the Impasto Effect... and then paint with the better quality paints over top of that... That way, you get the Impasto Effect AND the great paints on top... So, that's what people will see- as if the whole thing was painted with the higher quality paints.

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This is a digital painting? My God! This is amazing. I love this type of painting very much. Looks easy but it's actually very hard to create.
Who doesn't know dragon? Great work.

Yup. It's digital. I like the messiness of real paints, but since I create every single day for over 2,660 days now... if I didn't do most of it in digital, I'd need a massive warehouse to store it all.

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Oh! That's a huge number. I understand. Thanks for letting me know.

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I'll admit.. it's not just because of the huge number though... I love digital. It's very powerful, there's an undo button, it doesn't make a huge mess, there's no cleaning of brushes required, no toxic chemicals, I can save multiple versions and explore different possibilities for a piece... and... I've got tens of thousands of hours with it, so I'm really fast at it-- I can accomplish a lot in a little bit of time because of all the practice I have.

I got it. Thanks for sharing.

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It is so good expression ~ Vivid image ~ Strong and intensive in the eyes ~ It looks alive ~

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Love the name btw... I'm a huge fan of the imagination (kind of goes with the turf).

WOW!!! You must definitely teach me how to create the impasto effect with digital art the way you do it, it's amazing !!! It gives the feeling that it is traditional art. <3

I also love dragons but they are something difficult to do, at least for my level, I like yours and most of all for the brushstrokes and those red eyes that show power and fury. ;)

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So... interesting story - I've taught many people many things (I'm a wealth of knowledge on many things - my specialties are art, design, marketing, sales, copywriting, creativity, web technologies, and many others)- and I'm really good at putting together strategies/solutions to problems (regardless of subject).... The thing that has really taken a lot of the wind out of my sail over the years is that I'd give away solutoins to people... and then they wouldn't implement... 6 months later, they'd be back again, crying, with the same problem-- clearly, not having even tried the solution.

What's the point? What's this gotta do with your comment (especially since it's a reply)? You said I've gotta teach you this Impasto stuff.... and.... I can tell that you'd actually implement. You'd actually put it to good use, and keep improving... Your parasite painting, and how you learned new skills to execute it is perfect proof. So... I'd love to. Are you on Facebook? Hit me up there --- https://facebook.com/ori.bengal - message me, and we can chat on there, I'll get you resources. There's many ways - and I can definitely see which tools you've got, and which methods would work best for those tools.

This one is great I really, really love it. Also the style you used painting it. Perhaps it should be a bit darker and it fits great on my green bedroom wall. I have room for the devil too 😍

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If you'd like some of the art customized / custom-created for your room, I'd be happy to discuss it. I've never sold art through Block-chain before, would be happy to (think I should make a post- my highest end services at a massive discount to the first person that pays with Steem. Hmmmm.... you're really knowledgable about this place--- Is there a good method for communicating with someone other than in the comments? Like private messaging (so they can send mailing address to send print to, for example).

If you use the app @Partiko they have a chat that won't cost you SP (steem power). I don't know about the other apps. I can't use them because of my slow connection.

An other option is Discord.
I don't know if you need to join the same group to chat privately. My connection is a problem here too plus I find it kind of chaotic.

What is left is email (gmail in my case) or some of the other ways people use I assume.

BTW I believe there is a marketplace here, once saw it.


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k so i decided this is what my dragons eyes will look like..


Well, in my opinion, it has a little bit high level quality!

hahaha i love dragons too. he looks a little confused.. or stoned. :P

Dragons are high all the times 'cause they never have to look for lighters :D


He's my dragon... so.. he's probably both ;D

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