The Stages of Drawing Fullbody Using a Pencil

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hello guys, how are you today ?, certainly fine, this time I will give the stage in drawing a full body, where I draw here based on the original photo of that person, because in the art of drawing someone will draw by looking from the gangar the original or even memorize and fantasize from the image that will be in the picture.
The first step in drawing is to draw the sketch part first with a pencil smoothly, so that if something goes wrong do not make the image become damaged.
following sketch drawing

then give the color by way of shading the color that we think should be colored, in drawing shading or giving color to the original color of the pencil. which will make the image more real

here we just go to the shading stage, here I give the color of arsenic to the hair, try to give the hair a darker color compared to other shading colors, why? because so that the image is more alive

if the sketch that we made from the beginning has been formed, in the next stage it is only left to give the original color of the oensil, sometimes I also use powdered pencils, this powder is useful to color the image in the image.

and the completion stage, the image is finished, it's not easy,

Good luck guys, I'm sure you can.
stay with me @taktoys and wait for my next picture.
Accept receipt and see you


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This pencil work is amazing @taktoys, thank you for tagging #artzone. Do you have the original photo you could show us? A comparison would be fun.

Absolutely amazing work @taktoys. The detail is fantasic my friend. Look forward to checking out your other work.

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