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‪Giselle comes from the movie Enchanted. I don’t remember the plot very well but I like the character design a lot because it is heavily inspired by Mucha and Art Nouveau style.‬
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big version

Enchanted is copyrighted by Walt Disney Pictures. Fanart made by @scrawly.‬
‪All Rights Reserved

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‪It seems that I rarely use pink as my main colour theme, and since her gown is primarily pink, this picture is the ideal time to do it.‬
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Drawing step by step


My Steemit Journey

‪I draw with Wacom Intuos and Adobe Photoshop. I joined this website to share my art journey and to improve my skills. I’m also here to meet nice and chatty people, especially if they're passionate about art. Follow me if you want to be a part of my adventure, or say hi to me on popular Steemit discord servers, I frequent most of them.‬
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‪I am a curator for curie, c-squared, nTopaz, and a moderator in Steem Artists. If you are an artist, join us at Steem Artists discord channel here: :).‬
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‪See you around ♪‬
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I don't remember Enchanted at all and it is also possible that I've never seen it but now I will have to check it out if they have such adorable characters there :)

I like the color that you choose. And she just looks cute :) Well done scrawly!

Haven't been over to your account for ages :( Been so busy with my business plan and trying hard not to stay offline here for too long. Hope to come and see your art more often soon :)

Have a great weekend!


Aaah it’s fine, delish. I think real life and especially business should be higher priority than Steemit-ing. But I’m glad every time you come around of course ^_^.

oh, little cutie. She looks like little mermaid. But she reminds me the long hair princess because of the window. So.... Who is her? hehe


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She is Giselle from the movie Enchanted. In the movie they begin as 2d animation but then when the characters move to the real world, the movie becomes normal one with actresses and actors. The story is quite forgettable but I do like her character design.

Thank you cat woman 👩 🐱.

Giselle looks romantic!


She is a princess and obviously she has her prince :).

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Thank you :).

Well, I love Mucha and art nouveau. I often find myself in the vein when I am doing my drawings, it is a sort of happy place to go to.

I like how this is a fun bubbly cartoon trip to that time period. I've never seen enchanted. To be honest, I actually haven't seen many Disney films, so any drawings you make referencing them will be brand new to me!

I also love the colours!


I’m surprised that you don’t see many Disney films, Donna! Since your comments about them are so positive and nice, I thought you know and like them personally. You have such wonderful positivity about you :).


Well, my positivity is about how well you draw and how the spirit of it makes me smile, but yes I am definitely more of a 'glass half full' type person.

In fact I had a bit of a discussion with my friend who is a pessimist about it, as it sometimes bothers her that I have this atitude. But, alas, I cannot help it. I am just wired to TRY to see good first and explain away bad with situations and past events.

Yes, I'm not a big Disney fan, but many are so good on them. I prefer the old original tales that Disney is made from, but they are much darker endings, but again, being positive, to me the 'dark endings' seem happier. Like when the little mermaid doesn't get the prince but turns to sea foam that makes me feel connected to the fact that what we think we want and are after is not always what we get and in the end we are all returned to where we came from: The earth or the sea, and that makes me feel good and connected to the story.

I also have trouble only leaving small comments as well, which is why I get frustrated I can't comment on everyone I like each day, as there isn't enough time for it :/


Yes, I find it frustrating that we don't have unlimited time and energy to do everything that we want. Sometimes this thought bothers me a lot because I have no answer to it and it makes me feel deflated that the only solution is to do less and prioritise.
And I understand you and your friend very well. Though it might bother her sometimes, I think it's better to be around positive people than the naysayers, for me anyhow :).

Colors look so tight and neat! Like if it's monochromatic but at the same time not. And the nouveau compo... yeah


Hehe I’m glad you like the colours. I’m usually experimenting a lot with them.

Thank you znkd :).

Nice one @scrawly! 😉 💎 👏👏👏


Thank you melooo :).

She is a very pretty girl although I do not know this character, I do not know if I have not seen the movie or maybe I do not remember. :(


Don’t worry, I forget about her often too because I like almost all the other Disney princesses more XD.

Thanks Yanes.

Your "I rarely do [this thing]" still looks as pro as your "I love doing [this kind of thing]" XD It looks really delicate and pretty, love the colour blend/gradient/thing of the circle she's perched on :) And those clouds are magical!


Lol you’re a funny fyn XD.

I’m glad you think that way, maybe it just takes me a lot to feel good about doing something new. I will do more experimentation, thank you for the encouragement :D.

The drawing looks like a graphic art. Hope am not wrong.


Graphic art? Not sure what you mean, but it is a digital art.

Incredibly beautiful, as always. Really like that Art Nouveau Touch you gave it and the colors are so in tune with the theme. Love it!


Art Nouveau is a favourite art style for me. Thank you, Reinhard =).

Pink ~ The colour of the heart. The perfect colour for capturing all our hearts @scrawly.

Beautifully poised and eyes wide open ~ Giselle is absolutely adorable.


⚖️ S H I N E ⚖️ Y O U R ⚖️ L I G H T ⚖️


You are so sweet, Ally.
Your comments are always delightful, thank you :).

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Alphonse Mucha is great! I loved visiting the museum in Prague. It's small but well worth a visit if you're in the neighbourhood.


Ahhh I bet it's a wonderful collection. I would love to see his paintings in person one day.

Beautiful pink color! Nice work!


Thanks again, sweettais ^_^.

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