Brave Merida

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Brave the movie tells the story of Merida and how she decides to live her life defying age old tradition.

Merida is a medieval Scotland princess of the clan Dunbroch. She receives a bow and arrows as her sixth birthday, and since then on, she diligently practices her archery skill that she becomes so good that no one can beat her in an archery competition.

Brave – Merida
big version

Brave is copyrighted by Walt Disney Pictures. Fanart made by @scrawly.
All Rights Reserved

I’m painting this one in multitudes of small strokes, unlike how I usually do it. It makes a different finish, doesn’t it? But it’s also taking too much time, not sure if it's worth it xD.

Friday night, yeah!

Drawing step by step


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See you around ♪


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Now now now THIS would be what I would call Van Gogh look like impressionist strokes !!!! So beautiful !

And I can see from Vesna's and thilah's comments that you got the style down pat !!! AMAZING <3 I love it !!!

Van Gogh is one of my most favourite painters ever <3 Impressionism is my jam * ___ *

Really lovely work ! Specially that starry sky ! It is absolutely wonderful to my eyes * ___ *

Love this in chibi sketchy and I am super stoked that you coloured it cuz it looks so magical now !!!

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Hehehe I think people certainly think of the Starry Sky when they look at this painting, even though in this case they're will-o-wisp that show her the path to her destiny xD.
Obviously it's an honour to be able to evoke Van Gogh in my art, I am very grateful, so I am glad to receive all the praises.      
Thank you spider <3.

Very cool @scrawly!!


Thanks melooo :D.


🎉 Congratulations @scrawly! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

I've also sponsored you to 1 @steembasicincome share as a small new year gift!

It definitely worth it, @scrawly! Exploring different technique or method to create your artwork is a good thing, or so I heard. The sky reminds me of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night a little.


Thanks rainite, I'm glad you like my experimental artwork :D.

I say that small stroke style thing looks cool! Reminds me a bit of that one Van Gogh work called Starry Night especially that sky~


Hehehe that's what I'm trying to achieve. It's surprising that you got it straight away.
Thanks thilah :).

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Thank you c-squared.

This is an interesting style, did you use the oil pastel in your programme? I loved using oil pastel in Painter to make animal portraits, it's fun to play with.


My version of Photoshop is old and there are either pencil or brush for drawing. They have a lot of variations within them but they don't have names nor do they behave to represent a real media tool. I'm not sure how it is with the new Photoshop but I'm not going to upgrade because they're subscription based. Plus there are so many good art programs that are cheap these days ^_^.

Oh, I liked the cartoons about Merida so much ! She's a great character. And like also this kind of coloring very much, I would like to se much more of this kind of painting from you ! :) If I remind, there were a lots of forests in the cartoon, you could paint forest with this style, I foresee an amazing result !! ^^


Ohhh I'm glad that you like this one a lot. Maybe I will make some more in the future then, I didn't think it was worth the effort but I'm more motivated about it now :D.
Thank you Djac! You should post more often to reach the goal that you told me ^_^.

Love the starry starry night sky and the intensity of Merida's flaming red hair. But the richness that really sings to me is the deep jade green of her skirt, that looks like it's built up upon a deep indigo background?

Love the short oblique strokes too. I know the feeling of spending a lot of time doing something and wondering if it's worth it. But in this case, it REALLY was @scrawly. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎


Yes, you're right. Her gown is built up from layers of colours, you have good observational eyes, Ally :D.
Thank you, I appreciate your support very much ^_^.

Lovely painting design @scrawly! As @veryspider mentioned that I agree with, this does look pretty Van Gogh-esque. :)

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Thank you Blue, you're always very kind <3.


You’re very welcome! :)

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Thank you artzone.

Wow! Awesome artwork @scrawly!


Thank you koto-san :).
Send my hug to Clifford ^_^.


I will!

Very charming artwork, @scrawly. She's trying to look mean and fierce but she's failing terribly. Eehhehe! :-)




Sorry about that. My eyes tricked me. :-P


Kekeke yeah I thought so.
Thanks xD.

So sweet princess! <3
Very nice colors, it reminded me on Van Gogh.


I do like Merida a lot, she has such a great beast as her hair xD.
Thank you Vesna ^_^.

Loved character designs in brave. Love this picture,it's great that you keep experimenting with styles and tools. I think it really speeds up growing as an artist

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Ahhh since you like Brave, now I wonder how the characters will look like in your style. In my imagination, it is grand :D.
Thanks longer.

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This is a fresh look from your usual posts scrawly :D
Merida looks cute in this form too!


Yes, this is a new experiment. It seems to be received well so I guess I'll do more of them :D.
Thank you adamada for your support ^_^.

Nice painting here, and I can tell how little those strokes had to been to even get it done right. Love how fuzzy and Van Gogh it appears to be (though it feels more like a Władysław Podkowiński painting in some other respects). Also I love how distinct and popping the red is to the blue-green background, and how the lights are seen about. Anywho, she definitely has the pose and got good gear for an archer, so watch our for yer head!



Whoa, that Władysław Podkowiński is definitely a master. I am glad you told me about him, wow he can make those beautiful paintings and died so young. What a shame.
I'm no where close to his gorgeous art, but thanks anyway XD.

Oh, Is this a little old movie?
If my memory is correct Anne Hathaway should have been her voice actor ... maybe🤔
Her red hair, and the background is very beautiful! Nice work scrawly-san👍

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Is that so? I didn't know, but I think the voice actor of Merida is also another well known actress.
Thank you ryo-san ^w^.


Oh, Sorry I remembered
It was a different CG animation…Sorry scrawly-san😅

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Hey! My Grandparents on one side were Scottish!! I like all of the little strokes. This makes the creation all that more powerful. :-)


If your grandparents is one half Scottish, does it mean that you have to like movies like Brave and Braveheart? Or any movie with a Brave word on it? Bwehehehhe.
Thanks Brad :D.

I love how you keep experimenting with different styles, and each one comes out so unique and wonderful.

I prefer your interpretation of Brave to Disney's!


I'm just easily bored, that's why my drawing style is all over the place. Some people call it versatile, and since it's not bad, I'll agree with them XD.
Thanks Winston, you're too kind.

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What does your own inner sense tell you? Is it wagging its finger at you for daring to criticise it?


Due to the reception, I guess I'll have to revisit this style XD.
Though if I'm listening to my brain, it has conflicting agendas... one part wants everything and the other is trying hard to chain it down to reality and what is possible. Is it not like this for every artist and writer? :)
Thanks Arthur.