Sketch of an old lady.

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Hi everyone!

I come back with my creations on Steemit with a little one.
I wanted to do some sketches today ; i have to practice quickly sketch, because i had for habits to take very long time to drawing. It is a quality on one hand, because i'm very attentive to details and take time to do things correctly. But, on the other side, drawing quickly is a very useful quality, because you have the ability of bring out an idea very quickly, to understand all the particularities of your model almost instantly.
(And it's also a quality if you draw someone, because he won't have to wait too long :D)

So, here is a little sketch that i've done of a old lady. This kind of model is very nice, because all wrinkles represent details and particularities in portrait. Also, They are beautiful models in the sens of the depth, because they tell us a long and beautiful story, we can see trough their eyes all the difficulties and also georgous moments that they live.
Their winkles represent all these memories.


For the next one, i will try to work on human body, because it's a difficult part when looking on all proportions rules and so on. We are so accustomed on the human apparence that every mistake drawing on the body is obvious to us, instead of mistakes on animals or objects, for example, for what it is less evident.

I don't think it's a very interesting drawing, it's just a little sketch that i realized today but i wanted to share it with you. :)

Hope you have a good day, see you soon !! :)


A nice picture. It is impressive how with few strokes you can capture the essence of the expression of that old woman. As you say, in each wrinkle you can feel the passage of a life. But where you can feel the strength of the portrait is in the look, those eyes show a whole world. Congratulations on your art.

Thanks. :)

Well, I loved your sketch because beyond the many or few details it includes a sweet and at the same time decisive expression, that duality that we all possess.
I think you capture and capture those distinctive feelings very well. Greetings and much success.

Thank you. :)

Lovely portrait! It is actually very difficult to convey aging in portraits, I think, because most people opt to draw young people.... I think you did really well :) I like how you did the shading and the detailing on the wrinkles :)

Yes, but each age group is interesting to draw. :)
I think people most draw young people because of this idea of superficial beauty in our society:
Yes, they look great and beautiful. But what if we consider inner beauty ? I mean, old people can seems very beautiful to me because of all the treasures they have in their head. They can share so much more powerful things in a portrait!

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Great portrait sketch! Good job!

Thanks! :)


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Keep up the great work!


So much character. Nicely done!
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Thanks for this beautiful cake, i want to eat it sooo much :D

That’s nice ..! Your work is amazing. I wanted to become an artist but I don’t know how to draw i have practice a lot but never i made like this..

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Thanks. Take your time! Being an artist is not an objective term that you reach at a certain level. You can try many artistic styles, if you are not comfortable with realistic drawing, you can try abstact things or whatever. If you want to be good at drawing, continue to practice now! :D
Otherwise, i will do some drawing tutorial soon, if it interest you. I hope it will be useful for you. :)
See you soon!

Hmm that’s mean I should follow you ...!

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