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Hi everybody

Today is very hot. As I wrote, I had to pay a little extra so that we could enjoy the view of the sea. Since the money is spent, I just have to paint this seascape.

Now, according to tradition, several photos of the step by step process of painting.


As usual, it all starts with a pencil drawing.


I always start painting from the background. What was my surprise when I saw that other artists start from the foreground!


The sun bakes hellishly. Therefore, the paint dries rapidly


I allowed myself to draw a palm tree in another place.


I think I overheated. Time to go swimming


The finished painting:


Watercolor painting by @mister-omortson

Textured paper
Size A4

Thank you for viewing


Hello dear user, thank you for this beautiful art! Currently there is a watercolor contest that could interest you, I invite you to participate in this contest.

See you in a next post.

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That's fantastic! Well done. I cant draw to save my life lol unless it's a stick man lol

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And how long did this take you? Very cool @mister-omortson !

about 30 min :)

Dang… quite impressive. I can barely clean the toilet in 30 minutes 🤦🏼‍♀️

Very well done @mister-omortson. You continue mentioning how hot it is there, where is there?

Always I'm trying to have any intrigue in my posts :)
At this time it's very easy to guess. On the previous post everyone could see the flag of the country

What a gorgeous painting you captured that spectacular view so beautifully

How do you see me send you some kind of drawing by mail?

That is so kind of you to offer, but really there is no need to :)

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That is really amazing painting, like you I build up my watercolor work from background to foreground, it is so amazing to see how from being lonely boat in open water, it turned into the nice Intermediate pier. Also much appreciate you for sharing the steps of work. I am just wondering @mister-omortson knew about the NTopaz contest, have you forgotten to submit for it or was it your intention to post in CR section?

it,s so sad, but I can,not to upload some work to nTopaz contest :(

If you wish I can ask @NTopaz to move your post into Contest section. Should I do that for you?

Там какая-то проблема с загрузкой конкретно у меня. И именно на конкурс!
Если я загружаю просто в ленту - нет проблем

Иногда возникают технические проблемы с загруской, поэтому мы просим @NTopaz мануально передвинуть Пост. Но поменяй тогда CR то CO. Thank you for taking part in contest :)

Если можно, прими на конкурс :-/

Greetings @mister-omortson, I like the depth in your painting and those mountains out of focus in the distance, in the foreground this incredible, I would like to be there enjoying the view while listening to music and enjoy a delicious margarita. XD

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