🎨 Fashion Sketch, Johanna Ortiz Design 💃

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Hello there!

This is another fashion sketch done for SKETCHALOOK COLOMBIA, which it's basically a group of people who enjoy fashion and like to make illustrations of it.
We had been talking for a few days that we should make drawings of designs done by local Colombian fashion designers who will participate next month in, Colombia Moda 2019, one of the greatest fashion events in Colombia and Latin America.

So that's why we picked to feature Johanna Ortiz's designs, I chose this particular one because I loved the colours of the image and besides the model was wearing a dress with sneakers, I have a soft spot for rebels and non conformists haha.

Technical Info:
Traditional media, bright white paper for drawing with markers (22.9cm x30,5cm)
Used mechanical pencil, watercolour for skin tones, markers for dress and background, a bit of Inkpen for marking outlines.
Took me around 2 to 3 hours perhaps, divided in small sessions on several days.

Creation Process GIF

Dress design reference image


Full Res Image

Creative Commons - @melooo182

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Thank you!!!

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Thank you very much @juliakponsford!!! ⭐️

Amazing work! I very like details and bright red color!

Thank you Tais⭐️ 🎉

Nice drawing based off Ortiz' great photograph, Melo :) I can see why chose this picture as it is quite an attractive arrangement, with the elaborate dress but wearing the sneaker shoes XD Really cool :)

I like how you present your step by step, as always !

Yeah I absolutely loved that she was wearing sneaker shoes...xD saw it like some act of irreverence to the usual fashion industry standards.
I like red colour and the gypsy/flamenco vibe of the dress as well... and of course the tanned skin of the model with her Mediterranean look :3

💃💃💃 😂 yeah completely sold at first sight.

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Love the pose that you chose and you did such a great job. I’m really into the sneakers! I personally suck at drawing shoes! 😆

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Thank you!!! 😁😁😁

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