Pencil On Paper - Title: Whatever The Sacrifice

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Hello steemains,

Today, I finally completed the piece I have been working on since last two weeks and I entitled it "Whatever The Sacrifice".

My life hasn't been that easy right from my childhood.
At times I see myself to be inferior among others.
They looked down on me.
They never gave me the chance.
I was told there ain't a Space for me.
I was told to wait behind.
I was never counted among the best in my department.
Though I wasn't among the bad ones.
All I was fighting for was my pass marks and that's all I needed.
I was fortuned with three gifts.
I lost the first one back in primary.
I also lost the Second one back in High School.
I started building on the last one after High School. And I'm
still working on it.
I promised myself I will never give up on this my last gift from my family.
I told myself no matter what I should push this one.
My Dad said "Yeah surely we should push it". My Big Bro said "Yeah we
get your back".
My younger bro said, "Bro you are doing great, keep pushing".
Some of my friends back there also supported me in one way or the other.

In all I can't just stop on the way.
Do you know something? I have my Reasons. The SACRIFICE has to be

For those who doubt, they will surely understand us some day in a way or the other.

  • Materials used:

Graphic pencil, 4B, 8B and 12B pencil.
Charcoal pencil.
Ear bud.
Niddle point paper.
Plastic eraser.

  • Below are my progress shots

Sketch work is done, worked on his forehead and eyes.

At this stage, almost all the parts of the face have been completed except the mouth.

Here I added a little background and started working on his neck.

Completed the neck now working on the left background.

Completed the right background and his hair.

I made the last because I was still contemplating on whether to use 12B pencil or charcoal pencil. I ended up using charcoal pencil and it came out perfectlyas I had wanted.

  • Quote Of The Day

“One day, the people who don't believe in you will tell everyone how they met you”
---- Anonymous


excellent work, you have good skill with the contrasts, the light to dark blur is well defined, the texture on the top defines the hair perfectly, I can only say that the symmetries of the eyes and the nose are a bit out of size , are small details, I suggest you work on the main sketch, making a preliminary study on the measures, so you will get magnificent results, friend I congratulate you for this great work, greetings.

Thank you for taking out time analyze and give constructive criticism to the work. Will observe the work once again and do the necessary adjustment.

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Ok I have noted that. Thank you.

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“One day, the people who don't believe in you will tell everyone how they met you”
---- Anonymous

So true! You're very talented!. I do doubt and this is relatable
I'm glad you keep pushing to share your journey with ppl like me to inspire us. Thank you @maxwellmarcusart you're a huge role model and inspiration:)

Thank you. Nice to know that you are being inspired by my journey. I hope you keep pushing too to get better in yours.

Looks like you haven't been chanced to create more art these days.

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Beautiful work. I like the little details like the cheek scar.
Keep working, keep learning, keep growing and keep improving.

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Yeah it looks like a tribal mark. Thank you so much for your support. Really appreciate.

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Thanks a lot.

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excellent! very talented.. well done my friend Xx

Thank you bud. I appreciate.

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