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ntopaz-image-0It's been a while since I posted a LUT Studio post as I've ran out of medium and haven't got round to buy some new supplies. A couple of weeks ago I was tidying up my stock of coasters and there were a few that I didn't like, so I decided to pour over them. I decided to do two puddle pours and one flip pour.

A puddle pour is where you pour paint directly onto the surface, and each layer of paint is poured on top of the previous like a puddle. The area of the coaster is fairly small, so I poured inside a plastic ring to contain the paint first. You can see the rings of paint inside the plastic ring, and when I lift it the paint starts to integrate with as it spreads out. There's a film at the base of the plastic ring after I've lifted it off the coaster. I think that's because I use glue as a medium.


A flip pour is another pouring technique. I used a milk carton top for this and poured the paint in, like the puddle pour. The flip part, is to flip the container of paint over the top of the coaster. In practice, its much easier and safer to cover the container with the coaster first, and then flip it over, otherwise the paint will just fly out all over the place! I let the paint settle for a minute or so before I lift the lid up.

Here are what the coasters looks like, directly after I finished pouring, and after I sealed them today with varnish. These two are the puddle pours. I titled the first coaster again after I took the photo that's why the two images looks a bit different. And the second one has turned a lot darker, all the blue has gone red. Normally the paint turns a bit dull after its dried, but I'm not sure why it's turned dark...


And this is the flip pour. The coaster, as it is today, is actually a bit sharper than the photo because I was trying to avoid any shadows when I took the photo.

I really enjoy making coasters as they're actually very useful at home. I'm using a couple of my test batch from last month and they seem to be ok as the surfaces can withstanding a hot cup of tea. That's always a good sign when things work!


This technique gives really amazing results and i am sure it is a fun process:) So creative:)

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Thanks @georgeboya, it was fun making them, especially when you can put it in practical use

These are absolutely stunning, it looks like a simple technique but I am quite sure it needs skill to make it work so well. Once varnished they loose a little of their vibrancy in colour - but they amazing and super useful - handy for gifts too everyone needs a colourful coaster to put their !COFFEEA on

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I got cake from helpiecake and now coffee from you! Yeah!!!

I think they will go very will with a cup coffee, you coming over to SF? I'll bring a few over and perhaps we can have a cup of coffee together!!!

Lot of great stuff in there nice


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Thanks guys and gals !

This reminds me of a get-together with my sorority sister. We so enjoyed making art work with different colored batter made into pancakes which we enjoyed devouring afterwards. Have a beautiful day, @livinguktaiwan🥰.

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