Midas and Axire! ♥

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Henlo! I went a little overboard and did a little scene for my original characters >u< I did this a few days ago and I've already got a bunch of works done buuttt procrastination is my friend. I'm thinking of digging deeper into 3D stuff but so far I've made a kitty head... unrendered kitty head >u< That's for next time when I can actually render it into an image hehe... For nooow, here's a Midas and Axire scene! fufufu

test 3.png

If you zoom a little in the eyes, I added some blues in Midas's green eyes and some greens in Axire's sexy blue eyes to add some cheesiness. It's barely visible but it's there > u <

I'm starting to get the gist of this making a background thingy. Gone are the days when I'm afraid to try new things! It took me awhile to realize that if I'm hoping to become a game artist in the future, I gotta do things I don't know and things I'm afraid to do. YOSHAAAAAA \o/

Since this was such a BIG piece for me, I had a couple of WIP shots during my breaks and I'd like to share em too :>

Here's a clean sketch finalizing the position and stuff before coloring. I had it checked multiple times by other people because I want to go all the way when I start coloring >:D

And so my bad habit comes again, I color it part by part! Because I'm stubborn! I didn't pay much attention to the details of the bottom part of the body because I was planning to blur it out anyways :>

After I was done with Midas, I started working on Axire. Aaaand lastly, I finalized the shadows and shadings and all that stuff to make the elements look like they belong to the same piece. After a few twitches on the blending mode, color curve, and stuff, I finished it!

test 3.png

That's about it!

If you wish to have an amazing companion through your drawing journey, feel free to join us @steemartists! It's full of amazing artists, both new and old, who are willing to share their experiences. I learned a lot from them, I hope you will too n_n

We also have a discord channel and we'd be more than glad if you dropped by: https://discord.gg/C9PsHV6

Thank You!

I hope you guys enjoyed this one as well!
Feel free to comment any tips or suggestions. It will be greatly appreciated! If you liked the content, please leave an upvote. For more, please follow @kothy.

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All images were made by @kothy
All rights reserved

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¡Hermoso! Linda pareja que transmiten amor, con solo mirarse a los ojos y tocar sus manos... me encantó el color y el brillo de sus ojos, el cabello de la chica espectacular una pareja de jóvenes muy hermosa, amor a primera vista. Te felicito por tu arte. Saludos.

¡Gracias! Me alegro de que te haya gustado ^^ Realmente intenté traer el elemento de amor y estoy feliz de que haya salido bien. ¡Cómo resultó el cabello fue un poco sorprendente para mí también porque resultó mejor de lo esperado! Esto fue traducido usando Google Translate porque no sé español; ^^

Una tierna imagen, la fotografía representa el amor mutuo y verdadero, muchos sentimientos, ternura y muchas promesas, ya que la posición de las manos lo revela, ademas del fondo de la foto ese inmenso firmamento el cual lo hace mas romántico. Bien hecho amigo @kothy

Oh! 😲 this is gorgeous @kothy!!! 💙⭐️⭐️⭐️🎨

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Thank you, @melooo182! ♥u♥

Love all your refined details, and their eyes are absolutely stunning

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Thank you, @livvu! Adding those tinie tiny details was worth it after all! \o/

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Yes I totally agree with you @kothy You always put so much passion and effort in your art. I love artists like that

A very nice job full of love, it's beautiful I love it! <3 <3 <3

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Thank you, @yanes94! I'm glad you loved it! ♥u♥

Thank you for showing us your beautiful work. ;)

Where is the abs painting you showed me before? XD

Coming soon... > u <

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Nice I love the glowing fingertip touch and sunset in background. You should use the #creativecoin tag for your art posts, I think you could earn a good chunk more in CCC (Creative Coin Crypto) on your posting (my vote is worth something like 3 steem worth of creativecoin and only a few hundredths of a Steem worth in Steem as an example LOL). If you want to use more than 5 tags you can use the steempeak.com front end to post (or just edit your post on steempeak.com) and you can use up to 10 tags then.

I'm glad you loved it, carl! I posted this one through ntopaz :> I didn't know about creativecoin tag but I will be using it as well from now on! :D Thanks for the tips! ^^

Very nice illustration, @kothy :) Midas and Axire looks like they are just reunited after a long separation, there is so much romance and drama in their interaction <3

Love the step by step presentation, also <3


Thank you, @veryspider! I'm very happy with how the atmosphere turned out \o/

Oohh I WANT to write the stories but words fail me >n< Until I am able to put them into words, their stories are but figments of my imagination ;-;

How can I fall in love lol 😂

I'm not sure how either, @joeypark... So I draw people in love instead > u <

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Thank you helpiecake and scrawly! ♥u♥

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