White Pastel - "Gabriel García Márquez"

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Hello Folks!!

A couple of months ago I did my first test using the white pastel pencil, I came up with so many ideas to use this pencil. For a long time I wanted to use it but I did not have the opportunity to get it, but finally, I got it.

In the city where I live there is a small museum where an exhibition dedicated to the life and work of Gabriel García Márquez was opened and they asked me to make a small work to exhibit.


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Gabriel García Márquez was a Colombian writer, editor and screenwriter, who was related to "Magic Realism"

Some of his best-known works were:

  • El coronel no tiene quien le escriba.
  • Cien años de soledad.
  • El amor en los tiempos del cólera .
  • Memoria de mis putas tristes .

...Among many other stories well known by the Latin American community.

For me, it was an honor to illustrate this celebrity of literature and more able to experience my first work made with a white pastel pencil which was approved and exposed!


as I did?

Working with white cake is very different from drawing with charcoal, mainly because of the perception changes.

With this technique, you can not illustrate the shadows if not the opposite. The white represents light and that is what I am going to illustrate, the light and taking advantage of the dark paper to use it as shadow and volume.


  • Mechanical Pencil.
  • Hb Leads.
  • White Pastel - Pencil.
  • Moldable Eraser.
  • Brush.
  • A4 Fabriano Black 300G.

  • I started from the bottom up, in the beginning, it was complicated because I am used to illustrating in a different way, but I get used to it quickly.

  • The technique is simple, mark with the white pencil everything that has light and the moldable eraser is the key to make shadows and volume, this works like a dark pencil.

  • The brush helps a lot to spread the white powder and also to increase the intensity of light in an area.

  • Focusing more white in one area can be noticed more presence of light and degrading the absence of it.


  • The magic is made by the moldable eraser because practically it is as if I were illustrating with it.
    the rest is of my knowledge about the drawing and a lot of perception of the reference to be able to illustrate it as is

This is the Final Art



A hundred people were able to enjoy my work in this small museum and I am very happy to have come to see these people, I am also able to show you how I made this illustration!

I want to thank everyone for the support and I hope you continue to visit my blog to enjoy my work.

Until the next time!



Hi Kenny, first of all I wanted to welcome you in @NTopaz platform, I am glad to see your work posted via this platform, as they are so unique as well as your skills, especially considering your age.

that is stunning realistic pastel work, like the idea using white to create a contrast and as I can see even with one color you managed to give the depth and values of portrait.

I also wanted to add this link with he rules of posting, please read them and follow while posting. Also it would be great if you used any photo source then to place it or put a link.


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Hi! @stef1 How happy do you read your comment, thank you very much for the welcome and especially for your good impression about me and my work!

Now I do not understand what you want to say with a link to the photos? these images are just in my camera , and the final art if it is published on my social networks, but you want to say that I put them in some editor that links the images?

If you can see in my artwork I usually have a photo source at the end of them and so that it is visible that I used them for my work. If you created from your imagination then it is fine, but if you used any photo source from anywhere then just cite it. I hope it is clear :)

ohhhhh!! I understand!
you want to say that I must place the reference image of the work, If you are right, I must place the reference, it is a bad habit that I have to lose the reference and not put it.
Some simply take them from pinterest and from the pc I illustrate looking at the screen but I always forget to save the source, I will be more pending for upcoming work, Thanks!

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Precioso trabajo @kendrawing, Dios bendiga tu gran talento. Me gustó mucho tu frma de trabajar el claroscuro, tanto en lapiel, pliegues, cabello pero lo que más me gustó fue cómo se nota la textura de la chaqueta.Eres un gran artista. gracias por compartir.

@sayury muchisimas gracias por tus palabras, esta es una tecnica muy divertida que espero seguir realizando! gracias a ti por compartir tambien!

Buen artista, me gusto mucho como desarrollas tu técnica, es bueno encontrar personas talentosas por este medio.


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