Acrylic chrome Skull painting

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Throw back to an unfinished acrylic painting from a couple years ago.

IMAG0015 2.jpg

I have never got around to finishing this piece as I lost interest. I figured I would share it here anyway in hopes I may someday regain my motivation!


Mechanical image painted modernized color ~ Deeply colored by flowing brush stroke ~ So wonderful it is ~

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Thank you for the kind words! : )

It looks great as a stand alone i think:) The reflections look amazing and i am sure they were very difficult to create. If you like you can start using the #creativecoin tag at your posts and you will receive CCC tokens along with Steem. CCC is a token designed for artists, photographers and creative people in general.

Thank George! Does CCC work in a similar way to steem power? Thanks for the heads up I will look into it.

You are welcome:) Yes it works the same way, you power it up like steem and you give tokens when you vote. Check your wallet at and if you need any help, feel free to ask:)

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Wonderful artwork! It's like a metal skull with reflections!!! Congratulations! :)

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Thank you very much

Wow! I very like this painting! Great job!

Pretty nice chromium - reflections look very liquid. I agree with @georgeboya that it looks great as a stand alone.

Thank you kindly, maybe I will just keep it as is

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Keep up the great work!


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