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ntopaz-image-0ntopaz-image-1Hello everyone! I hope you are having a great day.

I know that I only decided to concentrate on my drawings but there are times when I start doing a craft, I wanted to finish another redrawing of my students that I am doing, but my aunt came to visit, to show me the surprise that her daughter is pregnant with a male boy who already decided to name him "Sebastian" (it is a name that became very fashionable where I live) and she already has everything ready for when she is born sometime in mid-February and wanted a sign with her name to decorate her fourth, they showed me a model of letters and the colors they wanted and if I could do it, of course I said that if I would gladly do it ^ _ ^

This was something I did not plan on publishing, which is why I did not record the step by step of these letters made in MDF only use a handsaw and many sandpaper, it took me 3 days to finish them, now we just have to wait for little Sebastian born to start a beautiful fair life for her loving family, I know my aunt very well to know that this child will not lack anything and that she will help my cousin in everything to be a very good mother ^ _ ^

Thank you very much for reading my post

I hope you liked my work
See you in a next post


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This is wow! What a nice craft work. I'm sure many more gifts will come his way.

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