Landscape painting with watercolour.

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ntopaz-image-0Good evening friends.
Today I am here in front of you with a theme of Love and landscape and this is my watercolour landscape art work and I am making this beautiful art work for my beloved wife.






Friends this watercolour landscape artwork takes almost three hours of efforts to complete this beautiful artwork. I am dedicating this work to my beautiful wife and me also as there is couple in the pic wants some privacy and loneliness.

Thank you friends.


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Is there any special occasion or do you paint it for your wife just because you love her? :)

It's a great scene and it looks romantic.. two people in nature, standing on a bridge, admiring the surroundings..

Well done! I am sure that your wife will enjoy it a lot!

Thank you for sharing and have a good week!

Muy bonito, muy bonito... los puentes y las parejas siempre estan relacionados a un aura de romanticiasmo y @impresion lo ha recreado muy bien en este foto proceso. Felicitaciones y saludos desde Venezuela.

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A very lovely drawing, @impression :) The scene has a lot of calmness and romance~ I am sure your wife can appreciate such! Lovely step by step presentation, also :) I like the lush trees on each side and I like how you painted the water's surface :)