Crystal Beauty, handcut collage 70/50cm.

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a8 aa.jpg

An artwork from my Portraits of Nature series, where i experimented with the use of various and contrast full photos through my stained glass technique. I chose a photo of some ice cubes on blue background, it was a curious idea because as you can see in the sketch below i was aiming for a softer more feminine result.

The ice cubes created a very edgy and hard skin and fierce features, nevertheless i liked the result. It is part and great joy in the process to get more and more surprised of how the portrait is changing again and again as you put the pieces on the black background. The second element photo was an ice cream which i chose for the hair, i think i did a good choice in this but with the dark blue skin the contrast is off the balance.

a8 aaa.jpg

I found scans of the sketches i used and enlarged on transparent paper to create the guide for my collage. It is the same size as the artwork (70/50cm) and remains above the artwork until the end as a guide and protection. Usually i cut through the way, from bottom to top. It gets in the way as large part of the artwork is getting ready.



a8 a.jpg

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[nTopaz Curator]

Such a striking piece @georgeboya. The blue is very powerful. Did you know that blue is actually the colour of femininity? Somehow we have reversed it.


⚖️ S H I N E ⚖️ Y O U R ⚖️ L I G H T ⚖️

Thank you so much Ally:) I did not know that about blue, is there a story about it? i am always interested to hear:)

I came by that information from a friend quite a while ago now George. Not sure if you'll ever read about it. But think about statues and paintings of the Virgin Mary ~ You tend to associate her more with blue, sometimes green ~ The colours of the heart and throat centers. Although one of my favourite paintings of the Virgin Mary has her dressed in brilliant red. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Intersting story, yes Virgin Mary is quite often dressed in blue at Catholic paintings. I have an interesting story about blue also:) Did you know that colour blue did not existed in ancient times? Even Homer in Illiad did not called the sea blue, he called it wine coloured. This was because the colour blue did not existed in nature so people did not have a name for it:):) So the sea became blue only when we discovered that there is a colour for it, lol!

Great vision!

[nTopaz Curator]

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Thank you so much:)

I love the concept Portraits of Nature @georgeboya Another amazing artwork with your stained glass technique. The sketch looks so lovely

[nTopaz Curator]

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Thank you @livvu, i am sure this series is very much in your style and concept of making art:) I hope i will see you making artwork again soon:):)
I was browsing at your older artworks and are all so beautiful, unique and every single one is accompanied by a great story:)

Thank you so much @georgeboya You always support many other artists and inspire everyone with you great creativeness. I'll post some artworks soon and focus more on making new artworks :)

You are very welcome @livvu, i am looking forward to see your new artworks:) Also there is a great story behind the Portraits of Nature series that you like so much:) Maybe in the future when i feel more comfortable in sharing personal stuff i will write it:)

That sounds so interesting @georgeboya :D I'm looking forward to reading your great story !!

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This is a great choice with hair color in tones of caramel ice cream, ice gives a certain charm to this work, it looks very cool. Butterflies complement this composition with their colors and make it more feminine, cold tenderness, I see it that way. Beautiful and very original!

I began to dream and admire your work and lost my mind for a minute and voted twice for your work. :D

Oh, thank you so much @sadheaven for the amazing analysis, i am sure it looks cool with so much ice on it, lol.

If you like we could collaborate in the future, i like your video creations and i am always happy to make sth new and interesting:) My knowledge with video is limited but with some proper guidance and good mood we could make sth beautiful:) Thank you again for your kind words:)

This is an interesting idea, I think we could try to do something cool together! :)

Oh i am really happy that you like it:):):) So if you see an artwork that you like, in style or idea drop me a message on discord or you could send me some music to get inspired:) The problem is that i dont know how to make a whole video clip, but i can could make images or short collage animation that you could combine them or fit them in your needs.

I have no idea how you do these things dear George but you are amazing, the skin looks very good with that texture I see it as if it were water and that water is stirring in different parts of the body.

Amazing work!!! <3 <3 <3

Oh thank you so much dear Carmen:) I promise to make a video showing a bit of my technique in the future:):)

Do not worry honey just keep publishing beautiful jobs and there I will be to support you and admire your work. <3 <3 <3

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Thank you very much @art-venture:)