The Lovers.Entry for Love contest, sponsored by nTopaz.

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A handcut collage for the new nTopaz contest, titled Love. It is a very supportive and full of positive energy contest, also open to all forms of visual art. I suggest to everyone to check it and take part.

The-Lovers-analogue-collage-100,70cm George Bogiatzidis.jpg

The Lovers is a handcut collage, 100/70cm in size and it is part of the Major Arcana Project. An artwork series inspired by the 22 cards of the Tarot deck. It is still unfinished but i am planning to make another publication in the future to present the card i did so far and maybe motivate myself to finally finish this project. It started with handcut artworks but i am pretty sure that the rest of it will be digital.


Each card is full of symbolism and the best way to look at it is like the journey of life, from birth to the death. The Lovers represent the passing from childhood to adulthood, the person is leaving the safe family environment and is making the first steps to another world. The card suggests that this is happening through the awakening of the sexuality which fuels the person with curiosity to explore and start the journey.



I based the images around this idea and tried to make a critique of how we are viewing this passing at our times.This particular set of cards is 100 years old and so i felt that the symbols needed an update because the old images no longer represent the popular ideas of our time.




Hello dear George I am pleased to see your works every time.
I have to tell you that I love what you wanted to express on the subject of love, it has so many details (I hope to see your other letters). Certainly love has several levels through the years of our life and you have represented it in a very accurate but at the same time a little subtle, when I saw it complete I noticed several details but the clothing of the two characters in the middle, I thought incredible as you did it.

Good luck in the contest!

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Thank you so much dear Carmen for your kind words:)

Quite interesting work, not too much into art but somehow I enjoyed watching your collage with detail. Regards!


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Keep up the great work!


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Thank you for the delicious cake Helpie and Spider 😊

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I am impressed that you are still doing hand-cut collages! I think the old-style of art like this is wonderful! Great job!

Thank you very much for your kind words:)

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Thank you so much for the support @art-venture:) Keep up the good work:)

This is so amazing and beautiful!!! 😍 I’m eager to see what you do with it digitally. My boyfriend has a bunch of weird psychedelic art that look like this hung up all around his house. I would totally get him a print of this 😂 And we’re both Salvador Dali fans so this stood out to me. Argh awesome work george, as always ❤️

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Thank you very much Melissa:) I will do my best with the digital style but it is kind of new to me. i love psychedelic art too, i can send you a HR photo of the artwork if you want to print it and give it to your boyfriend as present:)

You’d do that? That would be so amazing! argh 😍

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Yes of course:) If you have a discord just send me a message to send you the photo:)

I will! 😄😄😄 What is your discord username?

I am Mel#9021 on discord just in case! I'm really bad at adding people xD

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Mine is georgeboya#6475, check it when you have time:)

That is really very complex picture, I have not noticed little photographs initially but once when the picture opened full screen it is easy to identify. The idea to put a Buddha centrally, especially its wisdom and peace fits very well to topic of Love. Nicely done and absolutely responds to the theme Art of Love :)

Thank you Stef 😊 It really took a lot of time. Those collages were very complex and I tried to recreate the original card in a contemporary way. It needed to search a lot to find the images. I hope to finish it at some point, there are 8 more cards 😊

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Great work!

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