New Piece "Lady with a Bunny"

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ntopaz-image-0My latest piece

The full image


I have been insanely busy

Having added another property to let this Summer has meant quite a bit of work. I've been out of the house most of the day so there has been NO Steemit time.

After making my sketches the other week, I decided to work on this piece here and there. I could take my little tablet with me and mess about with it on my tea breaks.

We find the time to do the things we love

or so we try anyway.

I haven't enough apologies for my absence here, but I think we all go through those times when we are just not able to access Social Media in a meaningful way, so we just leave it alone. Or maybe I am alone in that mindset.

Even when I've more time at home to divide my days between JUST art and social media, I still always unplug for the latter half of the day. I just have to be conscious of not going away all together.

I am off on another busy day today

more gardening, mulching, and also building a couple small walls to hide a water heater in my little cottage.

No rest for the wicked

so I must be wicked indeed.

I hope all of you have a grand day and can have funny daydreams like I of ladies with bunnies on their heads.

As always, if you feel so inclined, upvote, resteem, and by all means comment.

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Greetings dear @donnadavisart, we have to take time to do what we love but I think disconnecting from time to time is also important, rest and then arrive with recharged batteries is very good. XD

Your painting is very beautiful and it looks very realistic, I love how cute the rabbit looks and the strong brushstrokes in your work. amazing!!! ;)

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Thanks @yanes94 I wish I was resting and recharging, but I've been absent as I've been constantly busy and on the go all day to find the time, but trying to find time to work on art in between those things. :)

Oh ok, I hope that so much work diminishes and you can go back to the art and have the necessary time to do both at the same time and apart from that you can have time to rest. ;)

Hello @donnadavisart this is really Beautiful sketch i like title "Lady with a Bunny". Bunny is looks real in this sketch.Really Awesome art my friend..

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Well, thank you so much @tussar11 I've had fun with it. I've worked on it off and on over the past week and a half.

Hello dear user, thank you for showing us this piece of a beautiful work of art! Currently there is a watercolor contest that could interest you, I invite you to participate in this contest.

See you in a next post.

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You are very welcome @potatosauce I'll have to check out the watercolour contest. That can be my next piece.

Gorgeous!!! really really gorgeous! good to see you back @donnadavis <3 hugs!!!

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Thanks @melooo182 though I'm only really 'back' probably weekly for now. I'm still doing a lot that isn't giving me much online time, but I'll get back more regularly. I feel like Steemit is a kind home town or Village we can return to and feel things are 'still the same out there' which is nice.

🎉 Congratulations @donnadavisart! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

Gee thanks @melooo182 just seeing this now, thank you so much. I'm longing to get back on here but this busy.

another beautiful piece, and no your not alone, I think all of us have times when over things take over and we do not have time for Steemit, infact from tomorrow I will be taking a break pretty much for the next fews days as I will be busy with family and having fun with he grandkids ;)

Thanks @tattoodjay and enjoy your break and your time with your family! At least your absence will be for joy :)

Donna she is amazing, so classy and delicate. Bunny is crazy detail, so much your style :)

Thanks @jungwatercolor she was fun to make. In my moments of 'day dreaming' during this busy time I can always make time for one of my silly ladies and animals. Probably just dreaming of a more relaxed time that would allow me to play with a bunny on my head :)

Super work, it looks amazing.

Thanks so much @opheliafu it was a good piece to have to go back to during this past busy week.

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Hello @donnadavisart! This artwork is very beautiful, the colors were used carefully and the lights and shadows that this woman's rabbit and hair have are great. His eyes do not stop looking at me !! O.O


Thanks @elisonr13 I love that the rabbit's eyes are following you, a cool effect I couldn't have planned.

Una pieza verdaderamente increíble y adorable, me gusta mucho tu arte y la forma en que expresas los detalles. Gracias por permitir que seamos participes de tu obra, en la vida es bueno siempre reconocer los esfuerzos y talento de las personas y hoy te lo hago a ti gran artista.

Continua así, cosechando éxitos en la plataforma.


Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras @nathyortiz

Loveliness; as usual. My eye is really drawing to the bunny. Perhaps it is the dynamism of the image and the contrast.

Thanks you so kindly @twirble I must have put a bit of hoodoo in that bunny as he wants to pull the viewer in ;)

Helloooo and howdy doo. Nice to say hello again. My summer is getting busy as well, so not as much time to post and talk as usual. I think it is a function of the season. "Come on rains, I need to do STEEMIT more". OK, universe, that was a joke, we can have some rains, but not ALL the time. I was J-O-K-I-N-G. You have to keep the cosmos happy...

I love your bun rabbit hat. Took me a moment to focus in on the loopy ear'd one. I LOVE the expression both have in their eyes. You are so full of whimsy and fun. And talent. I wish I could draw, but have other talents to fall back on...efficient procrastination, cookie munching by the bagfull, watching fun movies, mowing the lawn with a grace and flair previously unseen in the natural world, plumbing the weedeater (stay tuned), gabborous talking EXT., taking life only as seriously as is necessary, the list goes on and on and on.

I'm glad to hear you are still well, and just busy, though not GLAD you are busy, just glad you are ONLY busy. (I sound like Art Kimble on here. Been watching some Green Acres reruns lately. Ah, good old highbrow Television). And hey, see, I'm using one of my creative talents here. Going on and on and on about mundane things of life with the greatest of ease ( :

Well, hope this finds you at least enjoying nice weather, and things return to normal in a few months or x 2. I'm sure they will. Glad you still get time to do your art, to keep you 'on the level'. We're all in need of something or other to keep our little air bubble at full plumb, every now and then. Cheers my friend, and keep on smiling. And making fun bun rabbit sorts of things.

Oh so good to see a nice long @ddschteinn comment, though I'm a fair-weather friend in that department of late. I will return to your comment section again with a proper over-wordy, run on sentence comment frought with participles dangling like leaded crystal droplets on over-done chandaliers one day, I promise :)

I'm glad you like my 'Lady Bunny' she can be now what I cannot: Idle. Perhaps I paint what I wish the mirror could reflect.

I'd say your list of talents are exemplary and graceful lawn mowing is one I am always striving for. My lawn mowing of late has been more grumbling under my breath at the state of the lawn the Winter tenants left that I've to fix up now that I'm getting my little cottages ready for Summer guests. I'm very curious about plumbing weedeaters? I've used the weed eater a fair share of late, though mine is a wimpy little battery affair, but I rather love it to be honest (or TBH as is the common digital parlance).

Oh Green Acres, I have not seen that in years. My old time TV 'guilty pleasure' (though truly no guilt at all) is Bewitched. I love that show and will sometimes watch an episode as a 'timer' for the length of a tea break.

Our weather has been good, we get at least one or two days of rain a week (wonderful for the garden) and it's not been above 65 more than an hour a day, so it's good for scrubbing and mowing and just being the general labourer I've been of late.

Enjoy your 'cookie munching' and hopefully good weather on your coast.

Oh, how I love getting a DDA longster of the written form. I've missed them, but have also been very fair weather myself. But it IS a very busy time. We shall get back to prime babbliferality in the winter months, of that, I am sure. For now, we shall do our best. Heck, I cannot even seem to get many posts out. But all too soon winter months shall be upon us. Enjoy the summer when we can. Cheers on a Sunday in June.

Such a beautiful work Donna. I thought it was an acrylic painting until reading:

I could take my little tablet with me and mess about with it on my tea breaks.

You're certainly not alone in having other pressing 'things' that must be done and so meaningful social media has to take a back seat for a while.

I really liked that you used the word 'meaningful' too because it's easy enough to 'like and leave' but to really look at what people are doing, making and saying does take time and energy.

GREAT to see that even though being super busy you can still make time to produce wonderful work like this one. WELL DONE. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Thank you @allyinspirit the funny thing with my digital works is sometimes I forget I'm using my tablet. As I work pretty much the same way I do on real paper and canvas, underpainting, smudging, dry brush and mineral spirit brush and swoops of pastel. I've even wiped the screen to 'smear' a pencil line only to recall it's a digital pencil line :/

Thanks and I am glad you like it. Yes, if I have a 'piece going' it will be the thing I can work towards at break time and something to mess about with at the end of the day as well.

I am always amazed by your portrait type paintings/sketches! And I agree with you about just not finding the time to have a MEANINGFUL relationship with social media sometimes. I have been absent for so long, due to the depression I slipped into after Moxie passed and then the drama of adopting the devil dog (who is becoming a real love bug, btw), but now that I'm able to spend a little time here, I went through my list of steemians I follow and about 80% of them have not been on in months (some over a year!) I feel not as bad. Glad to be able to find some time to connect though. Keep on doing what you love!

Wow! Amazing work! I very like color combination!

Amazing painting @donnadavisart. Good to hear you are ok. It's good to do other things and leave social media alone.

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