Colombian Coffee / DRAW

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Colombian coffee part 2

WhatsApp Image 20190812 at 7.54.27 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20190812 at 7.54.59 PM.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20190812 at 7.54.59 PM 1.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 20190812 at 7.54.59 PM 3.jpeg

Pencil detail for the beautiful and talented Colombian @katalinaoficial (influencer) from Venezuela with love. I hope you like steemians !! ... I hope everyone likes Estemians see you tomorrow with another drawing.



  • HB Pencils

  • Paper Bond

  • Pencil Sharpener

  • Type Zero Eraser

  • Diffuser

  • Mechanical Pencil 5.0

  • Black Sharpie Marker with extra thin tip

  • Letter Type Opaline


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me gusta tu estilo de arte pop novedoso con tus luces y sombras tenues, la personalidad de la chica es excelente, se le ve personalidad fuerte y segura, muy bien realizado.


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