Night Witnesses

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On a quiet and peaceful night, far beyond the City, the Observatory staff went for a walk - ventilate after long hours of observation, when computers were processing data. They heard reports from the City about the siege by Moloch, but they did not pay much attention due to the location of the Observatory. They soon noticed a strange glow in heaven. They correlated this with other reports about UFOs seen above the city and other parts of the planet, but they did not believe in these sounds. But now the blood in their veins froze and strange whispers from the bushes came to their ears. Moloch has come to them and now it all depends on them and their first reaction to the things they notice - at the end they are scientists. How will they deal with this, we'll find out in the next episode...


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Process video:

Process screenshots:

Music by @sadheaven aka Paul Infrasonic. He made this beautiful track for video.
Track: Last Life Spectro

You can support him here:

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I enjoy watching your process video. Great art space and perspective. You are really an art master @arrr

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Oh, dear @livvu, thank you so much, you are so generous to me. <3


You're welcome @arrr I'm just being honest :)

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Good night @arrr, how are you? ;)

I saw his work on time and it's amazing, I've always liked to see that his art comes with great stories... I want to see his next job and know what happened to UFOs and scientists.

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Thank, you very much, @yanes94. Surely you will see what happens to them :D

I love the amount of detail and the sci fi feels to the piece. Nice to see that consistency with monochrome art works. It's like your signature style :D


Yes, you are right, this guy is talented and has his own style! I always tell him about it when we drink beer with him, hehe :D Arrr Arrr


Arrr Arrr, give me the beerrr!


Thank you, @adamada for your kind words. I'm very glad that you like that piccarr :D

Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!


Thank you, @supdork!

The night scene is done very well and it tells a cool kind of story. I like the green shading that you used here, it is appropriate colour for unknown flying object :D.


Thank you, @scrawly! The truth is out there, as Fox Mulder says ;)

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I like your page a bunch, fun and welcoming style.

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