Early morning - watercolor /// Di buon mattino - acquarello

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Early morning

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watercolor on paper


Early morning

On the boat and in religious silence we wait for dawn.
The storm is behind and the fishing net is ready to be lowered.

We waited patiently the dissipation of the clouds above us.
In our silence we recite a mantra, with modesty, with the fear of distracting the other.

Someone listened to us, opening the sky above our expectations.
The miracle of the sun has happened.

Now we're ready, the light is all for us.

A hug full of light.



Di buon mattino

In barca e in religioso silenzio aspettiamo l'alba.
La burrasca è alle spalle e la rete da pesca è pronta per essere calata.

Abbiamo aspettato con pazienza il dissiparsi delle nuvole sopra di noi.
Nel nostro silenzio recitiamo un mantra, con pudore, con la paura di distrarre l'altro.

Qualcuno ci ha ascoltato, aprendo il cielo sopra le nostre attese.
Il miracolo del sole è avvenuto.

Adesso siamo pronti, la luce è tutta per noi.

Un abbraccio pieno di luce.


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A very beautiful work, with a dream blue that stretches from the sky to the seas <3

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thank you friend

Such a beautiful watercolour painting @armandosodano. I like the warm color in the center, the light of sun is still weak but stunning!
[nTOPAZ curator]

thank you so much @livvu

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Your work makes me want to take an adventure into the sea.
My heart flutters when I see the waves and cloud :)

thank you for your comment

Beautiful, Armando, the delicate colours of the dawn is captured perfectly in the sky of this piece <3 I love the composition, also, with the boat drawing our attention to it immediately because of its definition, which is contrasted so well against the soft or lack of strong lines in the sky directly above it <3

Hugs to you from all the way down under :D !!!

thank you so much dear friend


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hermoso dibujo en acuarelas, que muestra un velero en medio de la tormenta, donde la embarcacion esta en una situación peligrosa o de riesgo, lindos colores, buen trabajo amigo @armandosodano

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