DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - URGENT - day 8 & 9

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The Vikings are known for their beliefs (VALHALLA), exploring the world and new games to play. MEET THE VIKINGS ON THE BATTLEGROUD AND YOU WILL REGRET YOU WAS EVER BORN INTO THIS WORLD. - "I did all my best tradeoff's with the Vikings"- @Ramta Reddington

Training of soldiers

I got an urgent message from:

CAPO - @TommyHansen - Drill Sergeant Major - Drill officer of the highest rank in a company or unit of battalion size. He knows how to build an army that wipes out the enemy before breakfast. He knows what army you should have so the enemy can not steal your drugs anymore. He has a license to remove a gang from the face of the earth.

The soldiers game plan has changed completely. I will be back with more information to you Boss when I have been studying how it works in combat. In the meantime tell the whole Viking gang to read about the new abilities of the soldiers HERE If they are not logged in, it is under "bootcamp" in the left menu.

Here is the new Fight simulator to play around with to learn.

I will be back with more information as soon as I have been testing it out to perfection Boss.
Your Capo @TommyHansen

….and then we all got very busy again!

@Ramta Reddington


I am glad that we have such a good Drill Sergeant Major in our Jarl @TommyHansen
I have been playing around with the new simulator my self, but still have some issues that I havent figured out yet.
Looking forward to a update from Jarl @TommyHansen on how to build our troops in the coming weeks.

Until next time - VALHALLA -

Viking kriger 2.jpg

I just got my first mercenary and a ninja. That fight simulator is super useful. Not sure if I should start building an army or keep building buildings?

I haven't attacked anybody yet. That fight simulator will be very useful when I do.

Just keep on building buildings @librarian

If you buy any buildings, buy only the 3 most expensive you started out with.
Then you will be able to upgrade the rest on your production.

When you in the future start to train soldiers. You save your weapon and alcohol production up to your safe limit and by soldiers for everything. That way you will start out with an army that is bigger and maybe they can not wipe you out. If they do wipe you out, give us all information about what is going on. Then we will make the attacker leave you alone. We are here for the whole gang.

In the gif you see one of @Barbro 's cats training to be a real killercat.

Capo @TommyHansen

Please back my fund

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Please vote my all post, and back my fund, Thanks

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Hello dear @ramta reddington,

Thank you for sharing with us the information from Sergeant @TommyHansen...!

A big thank you also to Mr @tommyhansen for the efforts made.

And especially, drugwars is always changing, and improving, which changes the tactics of the game a lot and requires a lot of work and especially for the heads of our gang to communicate information and think about new strategies that adapt better to changes.

I just saw that you are second in the drugproduction ranking, that's mean that VIKINGS are the best ...

Waiting for the first place boss...

Good music boss, here is mine for today !!!

Nice day for all the team ....!


Good information big boss, just today I was attentive to the update to learn from it and have the advantage.

There are news in the missions as well, finally we can do missions in solo or in gang although they are working on that.

I'm just waiting to have some free time to start playing !

Take your time @Redouanemez.
The Viking Hird will be waiting and ready to accept you when you find your time!

Until then - VALHALLA -

Viking hird 1.jpg

I need to ask a question.
Is there any possibility to put a marker on on player that want the gang to take out? I think many of us in the lower rank has been visited by one player!

I'm struggling in the top 500 position. Had my complete army wiped-out 3 days ago. lost Big time. They attacked me 6 times within a few hours. Looks like they had a gang attack. Hopefully I will scare them of with my new army. So CAPO - @TommyHansen - Drill Sergeant Major I hope you soon come with your new plan, until then I will continue with ROWDY, I got 1000 now. My army value is about 90 STEEM, so need more troops.

Looking forward to the missions part.
I will join u girl's @Frufiffi and @Barbo , is there more girl powers in here?

Best regards @abcMartinedcba

Thanks.for me i keep building big army because with this army I can attack everyone and win free resources to up levels of my office .

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I cannot train soldiers, because a very strong player attacks me and destroys the whole army. Can someone help me?

Hello @Sharko33

Of course we can help our members. You have to give us full information first.

He probably attack you because he do not know that you are a Viking (you did not change your Logo).
You have to tell us who he is! What army do he have?
Why are you training soldiers? You should build buildings.

What is your drug-, weapon-, alcohol production? What is the SAFE in your storage?

Change your Logo and give us the information so we can help you.

Until we talk again....
@Ramta Reddington

Hello. Thanks for the answer.
I build buildings. And I created an army. But now it is not.
my drug-, weapon-, alcohol production:
How should I change the logo?
This is my enemy's army.

Hi @sharko33.
I am Capo - @TommyHansen - Drill Sergeant Major -
You can read about me HERE
Your attacker is now warned. Let us know if he attack you again. So do not attack any of this gang again.
You are way to small to train soldiers. Build only buildings at the moment.
You need at least 200K in productions and "SAFE" 115K

You change your logo like THIS
Best regards

Hi Capo @TommyHansen.
Thanks for the help me!
Best regards

Hi Boss! Thanks for the update. I have not been able to climb too the Top 100 list yet. Need a huge upgrade of drogs to do so. I'm producing 271k a day, and need to be on 290 to get to the list. Looks to me that I need a pharma upgrade at the cost of 115 steem. Since @babsboard is head of economics, any good advices?
I have been producing some troops lately and got army worth 221 STEEM.
+395.24k +29.64k/DAY
+417.74k +31.33k/DAY

So got some production going also.

Cool to se the gang growing each day.
Very soon the missions will start, maybe we woman members can take some missions together, what do you say @Barbro.

Best regards @FruFiffi.
Drug on.....

Hi @ramta and hello to the girl powers:-) I got an army at a cost of about 150 STEEM and I'm ranked 495, So in the same area as you @abcMartinedcba.
Looking forward for some girl power in here.
Has anyone put there heads on the new missons that will come? It looks like they are working a lot to improve the game.
I most say this is the game i have spent most hours on the last year.
Thanks for all the updates @Ramta. you are a worthy leader.
Best regards @Fakturd

An interesting combat simulator and will need to try it in practice, thanks @ramta

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