DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - Capo - day 3 & 4

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The Vikings are known for their beliefs (VALHALLA), exploring the world and new games to play. MEET THE VIKINGS ON THE BATTLEGROUD AND YOU WILL REGRET YOU WAS EVER BORN INTO THIS WORLD. - "I did all my best tradeoff's with the Vikings"- @Ramta Reddington


The vikings are feared for the way they organize themselves. It is simply done by the best man for the job say: "I am the best man for this job" and then the job is hers or his. Simple, effective and much better than politics and democracy.

Some of the Vikings has done exactly that and her are the jobs of the CAPO's so far:

CAPO - @Onebitnews - Head of Warfare - His tactics are widely known to be far better than The Art of War by Sun Tzu.
So if you want to know anything about Viking Warfare you simply start your comment with CAPO @OneBitNews …….

CAPO - @Barbro - Head of Female intelligence - Yes, the Vikings has always had Female Warriors, Queens and been equal to the men. You do not want to meet her killer cats if you are the enemy. If you are a Viking, especially female, you can seek her advice. Her caring skills and female intelligence is beyond belief.

Here is what the Viking dictionary says about her:
The mental act, condition, or habit of placing trust or confidence in another: "My belief in you is as strong as ever".

made by @lighteye

CAPO - @TommyHansen - Drill Sergeant Major - Drill officer of the highest rank in a company or unit of battalion size. He knows how to build an army that wipes out the enemy before breakfast. He knows what army you should have so the enemy can not steal your drugs anymore. He has a license to remove a gang from the face of the earth.

Do we need to say more about @TommyHansen ?

CAPO - @Fender - Head of security - He has always taken care of my security and I am still alive. That says the most of this guy. If you want to send me a secret Memo see day 2, send it to @fender
That way you are sure that I get it (there is too much going on in my Wallet, I could miss it).

CAPO - @BabsBoard - This is my legal company registered in Norway. The staff there know economics. They will simply help us win this war economically. If you want to know about buildings, what to upgrade i.e You should ask them. They are one of the reasons I am on the top of the leaderboard and will stay there.

CAPO - @everydaycoach - He is on a holyday at the moment.

So now you know what to do if you want to be a CAPO and have some skills that the gang are missing. You simply do as a Viking do and say: "I am the best man for this job……."

You are among the Vikings now and that means you are going to be a star*

@Ramta Reddington


It seems there are some spamers here at the comment section.
I will urge you to completely stop this kind of work, or at least dont do it here in the Viking forum.

As Capo and head of warfare for the Vikings I will start to downvote your articles, not just here at the Vikings chat forum, but I will do so with every other comment you are spaming elsewhere here at Steemit.

If you are a member of the Vikings you are free to ask and writ anything here. Also if you are not a member, but you have questions for us that are related to either Drugwars or the Viking gang, you can feel free to ask.

But comments like this is not welcome and will be seen as spam:

"Have a wonderful day @ramta

Posted using Partiko Android"

"Incredible review @ramta and Vikings are extraordinary wars, so triumph will be yours!"

And so on....
Remember, we the Vikings are know for our battlerage so you dont want to test that! I will smite you down!!!

I also see that @tangera have over the past post come with compliment to our great boss @Ramta. You can stop that now since you are not a Viking member and then it just seems like you are fishing for an upvote. Also thanks to @toufiqurrahman32 if what you have found out seems to be correct. We will then have our eyes up for those accounts. I will give you an upvote when my voting power has risen a bit.

So, please let us have this comment field free for phishing and begging.

Your Capo for the day - @Onebitnews

Viking rage 1.jpg

CAPO @OneBitNews Head of Warfare, it is so good that you address this topic.

They never learn before they get downvoted, so that has started.
I will prey for them that they learn quick for their own well being.

Made by @Lighteye

CAPO @Fender Head of security

Hello dear @ramta,

It's clear that Vikings are very organized.

On my part, I am a Financial Manager in a multinational company, so I am available for everything that is finance, budget, cost calculation, or even if you think you need an accounting model, I can prepare it for you.

I don't know if it can be used in this area concerning our gang or even drugwars in general, but I imagine it can bring something like in all areas...!!

Any way, I'm here if you need help more or less in all areas ....!

Best regards to the Viking family !!!

Have a wonderful day @ramta

Posted using Partiko Android

Vikings are the most amazing warriors of all! Love the Viking posts!

Magasin høres ut som en super idé! Tenker dere at SteemitSkolen blir en spalte i magasinet? I så fall hadde det vært interessant om dere greide å ha et tema i skolen som passer til magasinets tema ellers, slik at hver utgave får en rød tråd med samlende funksjon. Jeg har tro på dette!

Trenger dere forresten korrekturleser? Jeg kjenner grammatikkens kriker og kroker.
Upvote and resteemit done sir

Thank you very much, at last we got you as a permanent steemit user with super music video and ofcourse funny to us!

Great post 👍. thanks for sharing this post.. I like it this post...

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