DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - LOGO - day 6 & 7

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The Vikings are known for their beliefs (VALHALLA), exploring the world and new games to play. MEET THE VIKINGS ON THE BATTLEGROUD AND YOU WILL REGRET YOU WAS EVER BORN INTO THIS WORLD. - "I did all my best tradeoff's with the Vikings"- @Ramta Reddington

The Logo

The logo was an idea that CAPO - @Fender - Head of security came up with to protect all the Vikings, especially those who are not on the leaderboard. If you are not on the leaderboard (top 100) it is not easy for the enemy to see that you are a Viking in many cases. With the Viking logo they will almost always see at once that you are a Viking. Everybody in their right mind will think twice before they attack a Viking. They know that the Vikings protect each other.

If you want to use the Viking logo or not is up to you, but it gives protection among other things that we have planned.

If you want to use it, you put this link: https://www.bowlerstore.com/images/product/large/4629.jpg in your profile picture on Steemit.

It will take some minutes before everything is updated.
That was the Vikings news today.

Have fun and let us talk in the comment field.

I think our 13th. warriors from Morocco know this song.

@Ramta Reddington


Logo for the Vikings is a great idea. I have changed mine. Slowly building my buildings. Very soon I will be producing about 100k drugs, weapons, and alcohol a day.

Great idea CAPO @fender.

Hi King @Ramta Reddington
Love this idea Jarl @Fender came up with.
I am also holding another account and when I changed the profile picture there, the account has totally been left alone from others.
So, if you having problems with attacks on your account, try to be a Viking!!!
If that dosen`t do it for you, let us know!

Until next time - VALHALLA -

Viking kriger 1.jpg

I'm happy to see you back with posts, it's great this logo idea! I think I should also try this dragwars adventure because I think it's interesting.

Hello @RedouaneMez

Nice to see you again too.

Just go to my Wallet and press the link there. When you are signed up apply to be member of the Vikings.
Tell me when it is done, then I will send 13 STEEM to your Wallet and tell you the best buildings to buy for the money. Do we have a deal?

Waiting for you among the Vikings
@Raymond Reddington

Oh @ramta I just read your message, I registered yesterday by going directly to the drugwars.com link, I'm sorry I did not register from your link :(
Now I'm already on drugwars, how could I become a VIKINGS member? Thanks a lot for your help.

I will also change the profile picture.


Hahahahahaha @Redouanemez, Think dragwars that you are going to try is quiet different from Drugwars that we are playing
Legråte smily.jpg

I do not understand you !!! Why are you laughing ?! I have no idea about Dragwars but I see a lot of people talking about this game, that's why I said I'm going to try to start to get interested in this game, did I say something who makes you laugh ?

You are writing DRAGWARS but it is actually named DRUGWARS.
Drag, as you are writing, is a male dressed out as a female.
So would love to see this Dragwars game.
Legråte smily.jpg

Ah yes hahahahaha I did not pay attention, it's just the effects of the French language, because we are a francophone country. it is really funny.

Hello dear @ramta reddington,

It's a very good idea to put the logo on, many drugwars players don't pay attention to the little detail in brackets of the gang!

Ohhhh it's an old song from cheb khaled, one of the best artists i have kmown👍👍

It's a remix that really makes you want to live life 😉

Here you have my music of today(from the archive) 🤘

Thank you boss, and i wish a nice day to the whole team 👍

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Great logo @ramta and it is just in the spirit of the Vikings, the legendary warriors!

Please backup my fund

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