DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - GANG BUILDINGS - day 51-52

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New features in the game

Many new things in the game again. We have been so busy you can not imagine. Why? Just because we try to be the best gang in the game. That is why I have not been answering some of you. Sorry, but I did it for the best of us all.

The most important so far is GANG BUILDINGS. You will find them in the GANGS menu and then BUILDINGS.
One of the reasons I have been so busy was to fund enough resources to upgrade the buildings. They have now been upgraded with millions and millions of resources so that everybody in the Viking gang now produce more resources in their private accounts.

Gang Headquarters

Are we beautiful or not? Have a look in the game and you will understand.

Thank you so far to: @aokiji (@mermaidvampire to some of you) @OneBitNews @Fender @JanneHansen @TommyHansen @storhamar @Barbro @babsboard if there are more gang members that have send resources make a reply and tell us.

So now you make more, thanks to this gang members.
Who said that Vikings [NORWAY] was not the greatest gang? Nobody of course!

You should have a look at the GANG BUILDINGS tomorrow again. Maybe you produce even more DRUGS, WEAPON and ALCOHOL tomorrow.


Yours truly - @Ramta Reddington


Hello big boss @Ramta Reddington

I must say that the last three posts gave me some new information.
About the new gang buildings I have already donated a lot of resources to them.
It is, like it was in the Viking period, important for the warrior to support the society back home. If he dont, he will stand alone, and a viking who stands alone will sooner or later be stabbed in the back.
With this new gang buildings, we will all prosper and together be a strong fighting force!
I will keep donating as much as possible to the gang.
In the picture below you can see that my viking long-ships already lay in the harbor, bringing supplies to the buildings.

Until next time -VALHALLA-

Vikingsamfunn 2.jpg

Hello @Onebitnews

WHAT more can I say? Not much, NOT MUCH....because you nailed it.

I will have to bring in Mr. Jim Rohn for those who are interested:

That is new to me. I didn't know there were buildings under gangs. I looked around, I don't see a way to contribute resources. How can I send resources?

Hello @GeekGirl

How nice of you to contribute resources. Here is how you do it:

  1. You go to GANGS and then BUILDINGS
  2. You find the BUILDING you like to see upgraded, lets say DISTILLERY SCHOOL.
  3. In the picture of the DISTILLERY SCHOOL you see a number (at the moment it is 3) this is how much it is upgraded for everybody in the Viking gang so far.
  4. Beside the picture there is a lot of numbers that show how much it costs to upgrade and how much is contributed so far.
  5. At the moment the DRUGS for upgrading DISTILLERY SCHOOL is more than enough so it says 100% and is green. The next one is WEAPON and the last is ALCOHOL.
  6. The last one is 3 white fields where it shows 0 - Here you fill in what you want to contribute DRUG, WEAPON or ALCOHOL - If you want to contribute 100K weapon you fill in 100000 under the WEAPON picture and then you click on SEND RESOURCES for that building.
  7. When you refresh the game you will see what the building have now.
  8. When there is enough resources to upgrade a building (everything is green)I will push the button UPGRADE BUILDING and we will all (Viking gang members) produce more of that resource.

I hope I got it all right, thank you for the question.
Yours truly - @Ramta Reddington

This is great. Thank you. Your guide worked.

WOW, so much new resources. I have now upgraded DISTILLERY SCHOOL to 4 and MILITARY ACADEMY to 2

Is it you that are bringing the Viking gang to new heights?

Nice! Just trying to contribute the gang. I use my @librarian account for drugwars. I actually really like this new feature. Will use it more often.

Hello dear @ramta reddington and all the team,

Good news 👍👍

I’ve just taken a look and it is really amazing....!!

Let’s help each other and show them who are the vikings 👍👍

Have a good night boss and all the team🤘


Very nice .me too I send every day.

Hello @Morocroft

YES, YOU too make us big every day. BRAVO!

You got a prize! It will be announced in the next blog. GRATULATIONS....

I had not seen this yet. So i did not send any before!
Sent today and will send more in the future!
Any particular strategy of what to focus on?

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Hello @Everydaycoach

The viking strategy so clever,it is hard to understand. We teach and help each other like everybody are pro players.
That is why we are BIG and will be the biggest....ALWAYS.
Big words for big players.

They do not see us coming and that is the beauty of it....

I just contributed with my first batch of resources for our buildings boss! 😎

Hello @xtetrahedron
It is so fantastic and thanks to you....
we all get stronger and bigger....every day!

Big great news for me. I will send resources when I get home on Sunday.
Valhalla 🦄🦄🦄

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Hi mate,
I just joined the gang and hopefully we'll be a big and happy family here. Thanks for accepting me and I am motivated as never to grow and help my vikings brother as well.

Of course it was a new idea, and through this idea I can strengthen my gang, thank you

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Hi.. @mamun123456
what is your name in DRUGWARS ?

I login steem connected and
drugwars nam raj

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cool. just wonder why so many was so hard to look up.
have a nice day

This is good news, we can work as a real gang to spread terror

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