DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - BEHIND SCENES - day 58-62

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It seems we are working very hard behind the scenes all of us. I certainly am so this post will not be long or in debt. We most have new posts from time to time. A place to write to each other.


We are in second place on the GANG ranking list. Let us keep that place and show everybody who the Vikings are!

This is how we do it! We all upgrade the HQ if we are not clearly in second place. When we are clearly in second place we upgrade the other buildings to get more production to all of us.
I trust you and are proud of you fellow Vikings.

1.PLACE: 750 Future tokens


2 PLACE: 75 Future tokens


Here is how you get your FUTURE token (very easy if you do as I say, if not they will get lost).

  1. You go to MARKET menu and then DEPOSIT.
  2. In DEPOSIT you click on the blue button "GENERATE DEPOSIT ADDRESS" almost on top of the page.
    Do not care about the rest on this page. I will tell you about that later. You will only lose Money now and in the future if you do not listen to me.
  3. Now you got a text like this: "Here is your dedicated deposit Obyte address:" and a string like this: PTTGTAPXVFSF52FWVFXGMXYJOD4HOPZX where the blue button was.
  4. Copy your string and make a reply to this post (write what you want) and paste your string.
    Voilà, you will now get FUTURE tokens to your FUTURE account in DrugwarS
  5. Our Head of Security @Fender will reply to your comment after the Money are sent to your account.
  6. You can then go to MARKET menu and DEPOSIT and at the bottom of the page you will see:
    75 FUTURE qOAyUaMj0VqTcYVwCjvcSXh1LPiuPc+XaOvNlMohVE8= confirmed


@Ramta Reddington

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hello boss, as you can see, I have 3 accounts where I have deposited constantly, we are working very hard as a team, I ask you to please include my last one.

Viking force

my future token address

Hello @Ficcion
Busy times but here is your token!

75 FUTURE have been sent to your DrugwarS account

@Fender - Head of Security

thank you, @Fender

I am a bit late to this post this time, but I have been sending over a steady and big supply of resources for us all✌


Boss, Here is my deposit address:



ramta, i'm sad about the game . "fiction" adviced me to tell you. I've hardly set up an army of 1200 units, somebody comes along with thousands of units und kill them all.... was govinda71 in this case... hardly any motivation to continue

Hi @johnboywalton,this guy is spying me too,but he can not attack me.i can avenge you but I respect the word of @ramta ( not attack other gang's).So if ramta authorizes I pass immediately in action on their members,I think the war is coming 💂

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Hi @johnboywalton and @morocroft
govinda71 has been attacking aggressively tha last weeks. Hi is member of the nr 1 gang piovra! They are attacking all day long and have several team members on top 100.
We are as you say not to attack other gangs without permission from the big Boss.
I saw he take out 10m power army just to get 800k in reward. Hi lost about 800k worth of army. Not the smartest attack I have seen:-)

Thank you, @everydaycoach! I'll try to build a new army now and pay close attention to give no rewards of my ressources (everything safe). If someone still thinks they can attack with a giant army for a few Future Tokens, I'm powerless ....

Just saw a player with an army consisting of 181mill weapons and 165mill alcohol. If we take this into steem it will be worth about 22k steem. Looks like we have some fun ahead of us:-)

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181 milions is nothing , i see a player with an army 483 mill weapons and 438 mill alcohol

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Hello, sorry, I do not know if you are new, but you must be clear that it is a "war game" and you must be attentive to the game, create your strategy, send you here because only ramta can help you.

If you need resources, I can help.

Hello big boss @ramta Reddington and the rest of the gang members.
It’s nice to see that we are at second place at the ranking, I transferred 300.000 weapons today to help with the construction.
My address is byteball:XDFWRVMWN3MJVST3J6RVP62YPUXAQUKB?asset=NMuNvOJRO2ZY9L17uKtsa7OYkgsV8LfSBIV9BUoVJPQ%3D
75 tokens is always welcome.
We trust in the boss and his plan to make us the greatest gang of DrugwarS
If there is anything I can help out with, just ask and I will do my best to help out.
Best regards @Everydaycoach

Hello Capo @EveryDayCoach
Er dette din private DrugwarS adresse?


Med vennlig hilsen
@Fender - Head of Security

Så vidt jeg kan skjønne så ja!

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Hello @EveryDayCoach
Busy times but here is your token!

75 FUTURE have been sent to your DrugwarS account

@Fender - Head of Security

Tokens received:-)
More resources sent...
We are still at second place after the boss did some upgrades last night.
Good job everyone!!!💊💵🧨💣🗡

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Hello Vikings!
I joined your Gang a few days ago. My last Gang was not active, I am happy to be here because at the moment I am very active in game and in these day I deposited a total of 520k resources to upgrade our Gang buildings.

My Obyte address is:


75 Future would be cool.

Thank you and go Vikings!

Hello @Poliwalt10
Busy times but here is your token!

75 FUTURE have been sent to your DrugwarS account

@Fender - Head of Security

Got it, thank you!

Hello big boss @ramta reddington and all the team,

What a great news that we are in the second place 👍👍

Lets contbute more and more ....✌️

My contribution for today is 200 000 of WEAPONS in military .

Here is my deposit adress:


Thank you boss and good day for all the team


Hello @Amineealaoui
Busy times but here is your token!

75 FUTURE have been sent to your DrugwarS account

@Fender - Head of Security

Hey @ramta :)

The @bloodywarrior account does not exist. It is my username for this account in-game.^^

I was on a huge mission to deposit as many resources as possible over the weekend... But right now im rebuilding the majority of my army after this awesome defense :p. I will be depositing many more resources soon.

Keep up the great work all vikings!
Here is my Future token wallet address: E2N3TB7FSRLLTV6YEW364UDQTE3VJHWH

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Hello @LeonNolan24
Busy times but here is your token!

750 FUTURE have been sent to your DrugwarS account

@Fender - Head of Security

Nice def friend,if you need any help just tell me when

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Boss I am trying to contribute 100K daily or more than I can ... My question is: What do we give priority to increase in level? GANG HEADQUARTERS? MILITARY ACADEMY? SCIENTIFIC LAB? WEAPON DEVELOPMENT CENTER? or DISTILLERY SCHOOL?

Excuse me if my English is bad I do not speak English. I speak Spanish and I help with the google translator.

¡Hola @JavierMurillo

  1. If we are not in second Place (DrugwarS - GANGS). Contribute GANG HEADQUARTERS!
  2. If we are in second Place (DrugwarS - GANGS). Contribute SCIENTIFIC LAB, WEAPON DEVELOPMENT CENTER or DISTILLERY SCHOOL - lowest level first.

Que tengas un buen dia!
@Ramta Reddington

Received @ramta thanks!

Congratulations to the winner,keep going to the first place.
Thanks Boss,
Here is my deposit address

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Hello @Morocroft
Busy times but here is your token!

75 FUTURE have been sent to your DrugwarS account

@Fender - Head of Security

Thank you @fender .received:)

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My future address

Oh yeah, Lagertha! LOL

Wake early if you want another's man life or land. No lamb for the lazy wolf. No battles won in bed. And to be truth this packs of vikings climb up to Valhalla and are closer to gods with each day passing and the clan growing. Just proud to be part of this!

My Viking clan address is:

Thanks for sharing and hope Valhalla will smile on us all!

Hello @TesThings
Busy times but here is your token!

75 FUTURE have been sent to your DrugwarS account

@Fender - Head of Security

Much appreciated and thanks to all my fellow vikings that raise this force to where it belongs!

Hello Fellow Vikings
Big Thanks for all info @Ramta

Hello @Joklahoma
Busy times but here is your token!

75 FUTURE have been sent to your DrugwarS account

@Fender - Head of Security

Thanks @Fender
Going to become a great clan 🦄
Valhalla 🦅

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Today I sent 100K of weapons to the GANG HEADQUARTERS 💪

😂😂😂😂😂 @gingerninja

Lol :p

Can someone please help me, I keep getting attacked by papabab and I can't build up any units. Every couple of days he kills them all off

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@ramta We are taking care of our team, we must motivate them to participate?

Do we have a direct communication channel?

I say this because as I have not been able to interact with many of my colleagues I do not know about them.

Greetings, boss.

Death report in my army:

I can not collaborate until I recover, I will try not to affect my daily contributions to the group.

I advise you not to produce more troops, it will come back for you, try to raise the levels of your building and never leave the resources, they aim at us, the strongest of piovra is papabab, but it attacks unless you have suplementary resources, so be active.


Yes, I always stay active.

This time he grabbed me carelessly while I slept.

The same I am aware was a strong loss for me since it left me with nothing.

Thank you for your advices. @morocroft

Congrats to the winners!!!!!

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Hello @ramta what do not you see I have sent you 5 Steem and also have long

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Hi boss
My future token address: NA3OT54N3QIW7UONCTC6RCI5NN7IRHHX

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