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RE: DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - BEHIND SCENES - day 58-62

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Hello big boss @ramta Reddington and the rest of the gang members.
It’s nice to see that we are at second place at the ranking, I transferred 300.000 weapons today to help with the construction.
My address is byteball:XDFWRVMWN3MJVST3J6RVP62YPUXAQUKB?asset=NMuNvOJRO2ZY9L17uKtsa7OYkgsV8LfSBIV9BUoVJPQ%3D
75 tokens is always welcome.
We trust in the boss and his plan to make us the greatest gang of DrugwarS
If there is anything I can help out with, just ask and I will do my best to help out.
Best regards @Everydaycoach


Hello Capo @EveryDayCoach
Er dette din private DrugwarS adresse?


Med vennlig hilsen
@Fender - Head of Security

Så vidt jeg kan skjønne så ja!

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Hello @EveryDayCoach
Busy times but here is your token!

75 FUTURE have been sent to your DrugwarS account

@Fender - Head of Security

Tokens received:-)
More resources sent...
We are still at second place after the boss did some upgrades last night.
Good job everyone!!!💊💵🧨💣🗡

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