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RE: DrugwarS - Vikings [NORWAY] - BEHIND SCENES - day 58-62

in #norway5 years ago

Hey @ramta :)

The @bloodywarrior account does not exist. It is my username for this account in-game.^^

I was on a huge mission to deposit as many resources as possible over the weekend... But right now im rebuilding the majority of my army after this awesome defense :p. I will be depositing many more resources soon.

Keep up the great work all vikings!
Here is my Future token wallet address: E2N3TB7FSRLLTV6YEW364UDQTE3VJHWH


Hello @LeonNolan24
Busy times but here is your token!

750 FUTURE have been sent to your DrugwarS account

@Fender - Head of Security

Nice def friend,if you need any help just tell me when

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