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RE: Welcome to the GarageSale Issue 9 - Velkommen til garasjesalget utgave 9

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Auction Closed - Auksjon avsluttet

Anyone that needs 20 STEEM??????

Now you can make your bid on 20 STEEM!!!!

You can bid with what you want, either an item, bank transfer, Paypal, Sbd or other values/transfers as you choose:-)

Have fun and bid what you want.
Don't forget our famous cash back.

To see the post click her

Here is one of my favorite youtube videos about helping each other.

Please take time and look at this. This will give you a feeling inside of you.

Best regards @EveryDayCoach


Yeah @fruffifi playing hardball is an art that only adventurers can do, especially with regard to auctions.

So my bid is 46.5 SBD image

Congratulations, You are the winner of auction this auction @gagago

Just send 46.5 SBD to @everydaycoach. Write 20 STEEM in the memo.

The Upvote Cannon Boat will now summon people to come and give you some nice CachBack.

You put up a very good fight for this one!!

Have a great day and enjoy the CashBack

Best regards @EveryDayCoach

Oh yeah !! I did it for the second time here at garage sale, the first time I won the famous t-shirt auction with @babsboard, and now here I win the 20 Steem auction with @everydaycoach, this really is indescribable feeling.

Yes sir @everdaycoach I have fought fiercely this time and that's because @fruffifi that fought me was also a strong fighter which I send her greetings.
This is the challenge and this is the secret of success is that you fight for your goal until the last breath.
I wish a good luck to all in the coming times.

I did what you asked me sir and i sent the 46.6 SBD to you and wrote in "memo" 20 STEEM.

Greetings to you and wish you good times.


Hello @everydaycoach i still want this 20 steem my bid is 15 SBD


So COOL I'm the first one out to make my bid on this 20 STEEM

I know this one i will win this one in the end:-)

My Bid is 10 SBD

And @Everydaycoach
This is a fantastic video you shared with us , and you are correct you can feel the emotions in this...

So there is a fight club here:-)

Ok, come on guys and girls.....

My next bid is 40 SBD

Hi @mdsahid,it looks like you are desperate about this 20steem.Me too man.So i raise my bid.New bid is 38.5SBD.images59.jpg

This BID is going to reach the SKY & i don't have a Rocket to get there. I only have few SBD. My Bid is 37 Sbd.

My bid is for these 20 steem is 36SBD.

giphy (1).gif

So you are playing hardball @Gagago

I will through another punch at

46 SBD

Hey guys, I need to raise my bid I can see:-)
I will give you a fight @Rupok

New Bid 35 sbd

Sorry @pijon you know it well that i just love this 20steem auction.If any one want this 20steem he must face a tough fight.I raise my bid.My new bid is 32.5SBD.images36.png

Ok let's fight @fruffifi

My new bid is 45 SBD


Raise my Bid again. This time it is 32 Sbd.

Oh my God
Another auction for 20 Steem.
Than you so much @EveryDayCoach.
I start my BID with 11 SBD.

This will be my first win at Garage Sale. I raise my bid to 27 SBD.

Everyone wants those 20 Steem so did i.
I start BID with 23 SBD.christies-buying-guide-register-and-bid.jpg

I am also highly interested about this 20steem.So i also raise my bid.New price is 23.5SBD.index.jpg

This is first time i am seeing 20steem twice in a auction.Hi @everydaycoach sir,i am still interested about this 20steem.So my bid is 11.5SBD.images3.jpg

I don't know how far this BID will go. My new BID is 25 SBD.

My first bid for these 20 steem is 13 sbd.

I need to buy this 20steem.So i raise my bid.My price is 27.5SBD.51.png

Good luck to everyone, my new Bid is 28 SBD.

Sorry @mdsahid i am still interested in this auction of 20steem.So i raise my bid.My new bid is 29.5SBD.images6.jpg

I am going to try my luck again. I raise my BID to 31 SBD.

Now this time i need this 20steem.My bid is 15.5SBD.images234.jpg

I also need those 20 Steem.
I raise my BID to 16 SBD.

I will get it 20steem this time.My price is 17SBD.ClearcutWetGrayreefshark-max-1mb.gif

Wow the auction is getting tougher day by day.Hi every one go in full throttle.I am also in the contest.I raise my bid.My new bid is 18.5SBD.images6.jpg

Hello @EveryDayCoach
My offer is 17 Sbd.

This time i am gona win these 20 Steem.
19 SBD that is my offer.

I can see that there is more than me who want's this so i will raise my bid to

New Bid 20 SBD

I also raise my bid.My new price is 20.5SBD.images56.jpgHi @everydaycoach sir i am enjoying the auction.

Hey @sarahmcdowell i am not giving up.So i raise my bid.New bid is 22.5SBD.images36.png

I am still in the run.Don't forget me every one.I have won it twice.I raise my bid.My new bid is 25.5SBD.images59.jpg

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