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RE: Welcome to the GarageSale Issue 9 - Velkommen til garasjesalget utgave 9

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Auktion Closed - Auksjon Stengt

Since this is so popular, I will once again put an auction on 20 STEEM

You can bid on 20 Steem:-)

You can bid with what you want, either an item, bank transfer, Paypal, Sbd or other values/transfers as you choose:-)

Have fun and bid what you want.
Don't forget our famous cash back.

To see the post click her

Best regards @EveryDayCoach


Hi @everydaycoach sir i am truly enjoying this auction.Hi @gagago i am also a bit more interested about this 20steem.I am also not giving up so easily.Si i raise my bid.My new bid is 45.5SBD.images59.jpg

Congratulations, You are the winner of auction this auction @Rupok

Just send 45.5 SBD to @everydaycoach. Write 20 STEEM in the memo.

The Upvote Cannon Boat will now summon people to come and give you some nice CachBack.

Have a great day and enjoy the CashBack

Best regards @EveryDayCoach

Hi @everydaycoach sir thank's a lot to you for giving me the chance to win this 20steem.I am so happy for winning this 20steem.
giphy.gifI already sent you 45.5SBD.Please check it.Here is the proof

Hello @rupok,
Unfortunately, I have been late to congratulate you, my friend, for not taking a look yesterday
I am very happy that you won the 20 steem and also the big upvotes, you really deserve it because you insisted on achieving it.
Congratulations to you and enjoy it.


Thank's @gagago the lady of steemit.You made it very difficult for me.You are a very tough competitor.Thank's for wishing me.screen-shot-2015-01-06-at-4.57.46-pm.png

Very nice to do business with you @Rupok.
Here we see a proof of hard work will give you payback. Nice fight you put up there.
I want to share one of my favorite videos with you. This is about how small efforts in our daily life can make a BIG chance in our world.

Thank's to you @everydaycoach sir,i am also happy to do deal with you.You are such a kind person.That is a very touching video.It will bring tears in anyone's eyes.Thank's for the video,it will help me to do some small good work in future.

I can clearly see that your luck has changed @Rupok

We are very happy for you, keep on working hard on your future.

Have a nice and meaningful day
@babsboard - we fix everything

Your comment is a big source of my inspiration @babsboard sir.Thank's for wishing me.You are very kind and great.I will always follow your advice.giphy d cap.gif

Sir, @babsboard sir @tommyhansen, sir @ramta, sir @everydaycoach, Thank you so much for organizing a great contests in this community. I think you are very important people for this community.Each of your steps plays an important role for the community.

I have sincere respect for each of you.


Congratulations to you @rupok


congratulations buddy.


Now waiting for the upvote canon boat and expecting some big upvotes.Which will encourage me to win more bid in future.Come on pierce my heart with big upvotes.Ha ha ha.........

Congratulations @rupok!
You really deserve this 20 steem!
I wonder what will be the final bid of the next 20 steem auction ha ha! But I will participate and try to win!


well done my friend!

Thank's to you @hasmez for wishing me on my success.giphy-212.gif

Sir, you can organize a unique contest and every single day of your dedication is being organized so often a Contest and successfully getting a winner. I think it will play a very important role for your community in such activities.

Your team is organizing continuous and extraordinary competition, and these contests are not very contests in this community. It is not possible for any member of the community to be in such a community. Today you are all together, so there is such a big conservation in this community and you are a winner with extraordinary intelligence. Finding and rewarding him extraordinary.

I pray that everyone of you will achieve great success in the future.


Congratulations to @rupok for winning.You really are a stubborn fighter,who never gives up easily.images.jpg

Congrats my friend @rupok.You are a real warrior.index14.jpg

Dear friends @rupok, you have done great bidding and you have been declared the honorable winner here from Sir @babsboard team.


I would like to congratulate you.


Hope you also participate in such computations in the future.

Hello @everydaycoach,
My offer for this 20 steem is 37.5 SBD
My guesstimation is 14115 SP

Hello @everydaycoach, hello everyone,

who knows you can get it Oh @rupok I know very well that you are a good warrior, but I also love fighting and challenge even if it cost me all I have, the most important is to achieve my goal as long as I have the ability to do so.

For this I will raise my bid to 45 SBD

Good luck to you my friend and to all other participants


Sorry @russelkhan my friend.I can't let it go.I will fight till the end.I also raise my bid.My new bid is 42SBD.images85.jpg

I am still in the game @rupok.I need this 20steem badly to improve my sp.I raise my bid.My new price is 41SBD.51.png

Hi Everyone
I am back again with my new offer for these 20 @Steem.

My new offer for these 20 @Steem is 39 SBD.


Best Regards @Latikasha

Hi everydaycoach,
My new offer is 40 SBD, THANK YOU


I will not give up thses 20 @Steem so easily. 36 SBD is new offer.


Kind regards @Latikasha

Hello @everydaycoach,
My offer for this 20 steem is 37 SBD92266714-with-sign-steem-coin-character-cartoon.jpg

I also need those 20steem.I raise my bid.images59.jpgThis is my last price 35.5SBD.

I bid 10 Steem

Its so hot around here. Raise my Bid to 35 SBD.
Hoping to win this time. Wish me luck everyone.

Wow its already 31 SBD.

My new bid is 33 SBD.

I have changed my mind.I must get those 20steem.So i raise my bid.My new bid is 40.5SBD.images3.jpg

Some how i need this 20steem.My price is 18SBD.51.png
My guesstimate for babsboards sp is 13242.

Those 20steem is mine.So my bid is 23SBD.images56.jpg

Sorry @rupok i also want those 20steem.I also raise my bid.My price is 28.5SBD.images85.jpg

I also raise my BID. My offer 16 SBD.


Sorry @mdsahid,i really need those 20steem at a good price.So i decided to raise a bit.My new price is 31.5SBD.images6.jpg

I am not letting it go so easily.So i raise my bid.My new bid is 27.5SBD.images45.png

Another offer from me is 27 SBD.

I need those 20 Steem to power up SP.

My BID is 6 SBD.


I raise my Bid again & this time 29 SBD.


Sorry @Latikasha, those 20 Steem is mine this time.
My bid is 31 SBD.

My Bid for those 20 Steem is 5 SBD.


I offer 10 sbd .

My guess is Steem power would be 13243 SP.


I desperately need those 20 Steem. I will win this time.
I raise my bid & my new bid is 34 SBD.


My New offer is 13 SBD.


I raise my BID again.
My New BID is 15 SBD.

I have won this contest before.I still need those 20steem.So my bid is 16SBD.images36.png

My offer is 7 Sbd.


I bid 36.50 sbd for 20 steem. My guesstimate is 13,790 sp.zLYu8DTV.png

Hi @nitul
you have to bid more than 37 SBD, which he has already put @gagago before you
best regards @agdali

18 SBD for those 20 Steem.


Hello everydaycoach, hello sweet 20 steem,

I start my bid with 20 SBD image

I raise my BID to 8 SBD.

Regards @Dannywill

Raise my bid to 20 SBD.


Hi @pijon
you have to bid more than 20 SBD, which he has already put @smer before you
best regards @agdali

My sp is very poor so i need this 20steem.My bid is 21SBD.gavelpound.gif

Need those 20 Steem also that's why i raise my bid to 23 SBD.

Hi @EveryDayCoach

I want those 20 Steem.
My Bid is 9 sbd.

This will be my first win at Garage sale.
My new Bid is 25 SBD.


Now waiting for the upvote canon boat and expecting some big upvotes.Which will encourage me to win more bid in future.Come on pierce my heart with big upvotes.Ha ha ha.........

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