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RE: Welcome to the GarageSale Issue 9 - Velkommen til garasjesalget utgave 9

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Our auction nr 18 issue 9 - Vår auksjon nr 18 utgave 9

Yet another auction of our T-shirt is back due to high popularity.
We still have all sizes, lady and men's model. *No more men's model S - smal

Bid what you want and have fun §;-)

The winner get our famous:

Enda en auksjon med vår T-skjorte er tilbake grunnet høy popularitet.
Vi har fortsatt alle størrelser, dame- og herremodell. *Ikke flere herre størrelse S - liten

By hva du ønsker og ha det skikkelig moro når du byr.

@BabsBoard - We fix everything


Hi @BabsBoard
I think it looks more tidy here at the garagesale this time . That's great. Nice work Mr. @BabsBoard
It's so tidy that I have to go for one more T-shirt:-)

My bid is 39 SBD - Jeg byr 39 SBD

Best regards from

You are the winner of our auction 18 Issue 9 @Barbro
Du er vinneren av vår auksjon 18 Utgave 9 @Barbro

Just send 39 SBD to the Wallet of @BabsBoard. In the memo you write your name, address + Model and size. If you do not want other people to see your name etc. You just start with # in the memo field, then it is only we and you that can read it.

Bare send 39 SBD til lommeboken (Wallet) til @BabsBoard. I Memo feltet skriver du navn, adresse + modell og størelse. Hvis du ikke vil at andre skal se hva du skriver, starter du med # i Memo feltet. Da er det bare vi og du som kan lese hva du skrev.


Even if you are priceless we have to put a price on your CachBack this time.
Selv om du er uvurderlig må vi sette en pris på CashBacken denne gangen.

Have nice time and enjoy your life
BabsBoard - we fix everything

Dear @BabsBoard
WOW. I didn't see it until now, that I am the lucky winner.
Thank you very much.
And thank you for the fine words. It's true. Some lessons hurt and some take a long time to learn.... Others are more easy. Lessons gives us knowledge, and you know, knowledge is (steem)power... :-)
Here's another saying about knowledge
39 SBD has been transferred to @BabsBoard's account with my information. I'm looking forward to the next Garagesale.
Until next time...hugs and kisses from

Hi @Barbro!

I think you added a photo "alberteinstein1.jpg" but I just see the name of the file and not the photo !! I do not know if the problem is related to my internet connection or from the server!

Out of curiosity I liked to see what is written on the picture because I love the quotes of Albert Einstein too much.


Best Regards @Redouanemez

Good evening yesterday I made a transfer for 2 SBD and to date I have not received a favorable vote from you. This is the publication

Hello dear,
One day before I have sent 0.70 SBD for upvote my post but still I do not get upovte or refund.
a day ago 0.7 SBD received from @nurulafsar03

please inform me

Hi.... thanks for the vote, it is much appreciated !!!

I think it's a wonderful start to the week for you @barbro! I want to congratulate you and wish you luck in the next opportunities.

I am really happy for you! because I learned in my life that when we are happy for others we will feel the taste of true happiness.

Best Regards @RedouaneMez

My new bid is 38 SBD.

Hi @babsboard my bid for the famous T-shirt is 37.5 SBD

my guesstimation is 14125 SP

Hi, sir @BabsBoard
I have still to win this auction so I need to bid

My Bid is 36 SBD

I bid 34 SBD.

And I completely forgot to guesstimate: so my guesstimation is 13375 SP.

Hello again everybody,

I start my bid with 5 SBD


MY new bid is 12 SBD


Here we are hello,
My bid for this t-shirt is 28 SBD THANK YOU

My guesstimate is 12,150


I see that Sir @valth is brave and he offered 32 SBD I will give a new bid:

I propose 33 SBD

I guestimate the SP of @babsboard will be 13345 at the payout of this post.

Best Regards

My new bid is 35 SBD


my guestimate for the steem power is 12400

It's going to be a tough competition.Every one is trying to have the famous t-shirt.So i raise my bid.My new price is 13.5SBD.images36.png

My bid is 12 SBD.
My guess the Steem Power of @BabsBoard Wallet will be 13270.

Hi everybody,

I have just won the last auction of this T-shirt but I want one more!

So I bid 15 SBD for another one!


And I guestimate the steem power of @babsboard will be 13365 at the payout of this post.

Kind regards

Hi @babsboard,

My bid is 16SBD


I start my Bid with 3 SBD for this Famous Steemit T-shirt.


I raise my bid to 17 SBD


The Steem Power of @BabsBoard Wallet on payout of this post is going to be 13262 SP.

Here we are hello,
My bid for this t-shirt is 17 SBD THANK YOU


My guesstimate is 12240 SP

I bid 18 SBD.

My new offer is 19 SBD.

Hi @babsboard and everyone !

My bid is 14 SBD !


Best Regards

Hi @babsboard sir,thank's to you for another auction.
Wow that famous t-shirt again.I want it this time.Here is very hot in our country.So i start my bid.My price is 4SBD.images234.jpgMy guesstimate is 12219 sp.

My new proposal is 20 sbd.

I badly need this t shirt so raised my bid 20.5 SBD.giphy (1).gif

My new bid is 21 SBD


I raise BID to 23 SBD.

My Guess Steem power will be 13300 SP on @Babsboard Wallet.


Regards @Latikasha

Hello my new bid is 23 SBD

Wow it's like hypersonic speed in biding.So i raise my bid.My new bid is 26SBD.images6.jpg

This is my last try to win the t-shirt.I also raise my bid.My new price is 27.5SBD.ClearcutWetGrayreefshark-max-1mb.gif

MY BID is 8 SBD for this Cool shirt. .


New bid is 28 SBD.

Hello Sir @babsboard,

I'm bid 5 sbd for this interesting T-shirt.


New bid is 32 SBD.

I want that t-shirt by anymeans.My price is 9SBD.images3.jpg
mY guesstimate is 12221 sp.

It's tough to match the biding speed.I need this beautiful t-shirt.I like the steemit logo a lot.So my bid is 11SBD.images56.jpg
mY guesstimate for babsboard sp will be 12223.

I need this t-shirt.
My bid is 10 SBD.

My guesstimate the Steem Power of @BabsBoard Wallet on payout of this post wil 13280 SP.

Wow its wonderful t shirt, i want this, my bid is11.5 SBDgiphy.gif

My new bid for the t-shirt is 37 SBD


It's getting hotter.i raise my bid.images59.jpgMy new bid is 19.5SBD.

These T shirt are cool

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