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RE: Welcome to the Garage Sale Issue 3 - Velkommen til garasjesalget utgave 3

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Auction nr 11 issue 3 CLOSED - Auksjon nr 11 utgave 3 AVSLUTTET

We have 3 brand new grow pots.
Round Fabric grow bags (felt pot)

We put this popular Felt plant pots again on auction. Hurry up to grab on set for your self.

Bid what you want and have fun.

Link to the post

Don't forget our famous CachBack

Best regards @EveryDayCoach at @BabsBoard


Hi, I still need this cool pot's.

My Bid is 20 Steem

You are the winner of auction 11 in Issue 3 @frufiffi

Just send 20 Steem to @everydaycoach. In the memo you write your name, address and country. If you do not want other people to see your name etc. You just start with # in the memo field, then it is only @everydaycoach and you that can read it.
The Upvote Cannon Boat will now summon people to come and give you CachBack.

Have a nice day and enjoy the CashBack
Best regards @EveryDayCoach at @BabsBoard

I need this grow pots for my little garden.This will be very helpful for my garden.My bid is

It’s spring and I like plants 🌱 so let’s try to get this bags
My bid is 6 SBD

I need this very much for my roof garden.I have decided to plant some mango tree on my roof garden.This grow pots will be very useful for my roof garden.My bid is 8SBD.images85.jpg

I haven't seen anything in our place.I think this will be helpful for indoor gardening.My price offer is 10SBD.gavelpound.gif

I have planned to decorate my balcony with some plants.This grow pots will be perfect for my balcony.So my bid is 9SBD.images56.jpg
My guesstimate total reply will be 160 and highest bid of this post 12 SBD.

Hi i am back again, I need these beautiful grow pots for my Roof Garden & my bid for these lovely grow pots are 15 SBD.


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