Felt pots on Auction at the famous BabsBoard Auction- AUCTION CLOSED

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Auction nr 11 issue 3 CLOSED - Auksjon nr 11 utgave 3 AVSLUTTET

We have 3 brand new grow pots.
Round Fabric grow bags (felt pot)

We put this popular Felt plant pots again on auction. Hurry up to grab on set for your self.

Good waterproof, air permeability, can bring the whole soil ball full of root.
Plant from seedling, but planted directly into the bag, no need to exchange the soil, after transplant, the development of the seeding is fast. The growth of the plants will be greath
Suitable to every soil, can be transplanted every moment, will not be influence by the weather.
Convenient and easy to plant, can repeat to use several times.
Durable for drought and ventilate.
Material: environmental non-woven fabrics.
Perfect for: Tomato, strawberries and all you want to grow.

Bid what you want and have fun.

Link to the Auction site

Don't forget our famous CachBack

Best regards @EveryDayCoach at @BabsBoard


I need this felt pot,but i can't find it in the auction page.I can see there auction no 10.Can i bid here?iS IT SHOWING IN THE PLACE OF AUCTION 10.I already bid there.

Hi, follow the link to our site and the Auction is there:-) May need to scroll down to the end. No Bids on this site.

Ok,thank's a lot @babsboard sir for this help.I wish your success.

Thank you so much @EveryDayCoach & @BabsBoard for arranging these beautiful auction for us.

You deserve applause for doing such a remarkable thing.

wow nice to see your concept written, you are eritten so well and a pretty word's in your written used by there. really i liked it and its a superb content written about "Felt pots on Auction at the famous BasBoard Auction"

i can't understand your cash back service ...plz explain sir

Hi @michelhenry:-)
Please have a look at one of the closed auctions to see how we do our CashBack on our auctions.
We truly hope this will give you a clue about how it works. Best regards @everydaycoach at @babsboardcashback.png

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