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You must read this post very painstakingly accurate or careful. Not to do so could bring you into some traps that you did not want to happen to yourself!

Du må lese denne posten veldig nøye. Å ikke gjøre det kan lede deg inn i noen feller du ikke ville skulle hende deg!

Due to very high success we have a lot of cleaning up to do. We will be back when the job is done.

På grunn av meget stor suksess har vi en del opprydning å gjøre. Vi er tilbake når jobben er gjort.

We have a new game!

For all of you that have been following us, you know we like games and the chance for you to win.
We have been talking with Ramta Reddington if he could come up with a game while you are waiting for us to come back with the GarageSale again.
His response was:" Of course, but you all know that it will be a hard game to learn from, right?"

Here is the name of the game: Call my name!

  1. You write a comment in this post. It better be a good one (our advice to you).
  2. At the end of your comment you write: I call your name @Ramta Reddington to judge my comment (you can of course write a comment without taking part of the game).
  3. Ramta Reddington will respond to your comment and Upvote or DOWNVOTE you.
  4. If he DOWNVOTE you, you will lose Reputation and learn something. If he Upvote you, you will be happy and learn something.

Why is this a game? It is a game because to judge a persons comment is subjective, it can never be totally objective. But it is a came you can win, just follow the rules! Are you in for a tough game? Or should we call it tough love?

Do you want to be a legend on Steemit and in your life?

Hello everybody!
This is a message from me Ramta Reddington to you all personally. The game is not that hard in my world. But if you write a one-liner or say Sir, nice dear Sir, I agree with you Sir or any of that street-smart nonsense you are in for some trouble for sure. I do not want you to praise me, I want for you to be successful on your own. I am the 67. richest person on Steemit at the moment and I did not get there by letting people praise me. I got there by learning how it all works, stay loyal and respect the other Steemians. Who can do that? Everyone can do that! You can do that. You can do that! You can do that! YOU can do that! Did you get it now?

Make your best comment ever!
Ramta Reddington

OK we are done with the explaining of the new game. Get to it and have fun!

The winners of the new game - Call my name so far are:

@Muhasib - Too many comments - Make them fewer and better

The winners of @GentleBot & @Thing-2 lottery so fa are:

@Olumideolowoyeye - @Seha76 -
@Udinseduniaa - will be downvoted if he do not edit his comment to a good one!

Teleport to the GarageSale
@BabsBoard - we fix everything


Dear @babsBoard , @Ramta and everyone...

Once upon a time there was a man who told me that if it's messed up and untidy in your surroundings, it gets messed up and untidy in your head. And of course, at the same time; if you clean up and things are in order around you, it gets neat and tidy in your head.

I'm a person who likes to keep it clean, but it's not always I'm good at tidying up. After the man told me this simple rule, I have always cleaned up in my apartment if I have felt frustrated or bored.
And .... it helps ... EVERY TIME.
The man who told me this was of course none other than Mr. @Ramta himself.

So Dear @BabsBoard, I understand the need to take a little cleaning break. And in the meantime it's very nice for us to have a new 'Call my name'-game with @Ramta . It's great fun to read all the nice comments for this post.
What about a little 'Ramta yogi' dance while you clean?

We will be waiting for the next edition of the Garagesale. I discovered that the next edition was not yet ready, when I pressed the 'teleport to the garagesale'-link. HA HA HA LOL ,@BabsBoard !!!
Tomorrow I'm going to turn of my computer and head out to play ... Maybe I'll take the first bath of the year in the ocean. I heard it was 19 degrees celsius in the water :-)

Finally I end my comment with an old sketch. Just as funny, every time.

I call your name @Ramta Reddington to judge my comment
Have a nice day, everyone

yeah i agree dear
its a outstanding presentation by @babsboard & @ramta
thanks dear for sharing a valuable post

@@@BabsBoard really sir you so great man. You my most choice man. Thanks for you sir
I have the honor to be the winner, the only thing I will do is not to repeat the mistake I made and to respond to the congratulations of the people with one comment to thank them all and not write a lot of comments "Thank you".
I thank Sir @Babsboard who told me this to be careful next time, and not to get me down because he realized that I did it by mistake.

Tnx for upvote

Going through the post as instructed and understanding the rule of the game quite loud and clear and so I decided to jump in . Not because I’m sure of myself, or feeling like I can write better than anyone else but because I want to definitely know and learn things, I want to be able to proudly say I got here by hard work, respect and staying loyal as advised by @ramta himself and this has lead me to choose my favorite part of the post to write about

Do you want to be a legend on Steemit and in your life?

Yes oh yes. I want to be a legend , I’ve always have this dream as a singer to be one of the best my generation could produce ever produce because I want everyone to CALL MY NAME

I work hard on my passion and steemit has created that platform for me to be a lendary steemit super star and of course if I’m a star here , I’m a star there . If I’m a lengend on steemit , I’m a legend in life

And so over time , I took the pleasurable pain, effortlessly effort as it seems to me when creating my riddim as a reggae singer. That is to say I love what I do and it’s more fun to me than work.

But I got to realize that working hard on my passion is the major role I’ve got to play but staying loyal to those who could help me achieve my dreams too is a crucial aspect of my lendary processes.

So I work hard and pray
Raising my head high to sky I say
I’m gonna be a star
Coming out the shadow gonna be a star

Staying loyal to my family and friends
Respecting all of them that comes my way
So I say Jah, you see that I try
Doing all I can just to be a star { 2ce }

That’s the hook { Chorus } inspired by this game, well this is just a game and here is me answering to my favorite part of this post. Special shout out to you @babsboard
I call your name @ramta Reddington to judge my comment


It is a very good opportunity to learn first, before winning or losing !! I really liked the 4th explanatory point of the game, namely:

4- If he DOWNVOTE you, you will lose Reputation and learn something. If he Upvote you, you will be happy and learn something.

whatever is the fate of your comment, whether it will be upvoted or downvoted, whoever is going to participate in this game will learn.

Make a comment and participate in the game "Call my name" may cause me to lose reputation, but anyway I will participate.

How can we guarantee enthusiasm and competitiveness on the GARAGE SALE page during the whole week? and if someone wants to sell a service and not a concrete object, is that feasible and accepted on GARAGE SALE?

I call your name @Ramta Reddington to judge my comment.

That's a good question my friend Amine!

I've found a lot of websites where we can offer services and make money, but it's a bit tricky given the lack of trust in these websites, so it will be a good thing if we can do that here it will be easier because here we have much more credibility.

In any case we will wait for the answer of @babsboard.

Good start of week friend.

I call your name @Ramta Reddington to judge my comment.

Since we don't have a topic, I'll just write about my day.
I'm in the final year of my college, and am working on a project currently.
I have to do tests to see how super plasticizers influence the quality of concrete. This requires a lot of labor and since I was fasting it was all the more exhausting.
During the break, I enjoyed this beautiful scenery
Just 15 minutes spent with mother nature and I was completely recharged and ready for another go. If you know how to appreciate and enjoy nature, it works as fuel to boost you no matter how tough the situation you're in.

I call your name @Ramta Reddington to judge my comment

Hi Sir @Babsboard, @Ramta and everyone!

First, I want to wish all of you a Happy Ramadan.

I have a question for you to ask Sir @babsboard :

When we want to resell a product that we have already proposed and has not been sold, is it necessary to write a new post for that or can we just take the link from the old post and put it in the comment?

Thank you for your reply and have a nice weekend.

I would like to add a little message to my question :

When I started working on steemit I thought at the beginning that we could succeed easily but in time I discovered that we really have to work seriously and bring things of quality to climb step by step and succeed.


I call your name @Ramta Reddington to judge my comment


Regards @Babsboard and @Ramta!

It's fun to enjoy. The games are very sensational and amazing.

An authentic proof!

Besides great fun, tucked anxiety for me. Why? Because I have to deal with two great things that I have to take for my life.

Is that?

First, personally would like to get a positive comment from @Ramta. However, to get that, I am faced with a very positive game in developing rhetoric about how to put the right idea in an effective sentence. This makes the mood a bit thrilling.

Secondly, I do not know what to say, if all this has to end negatively. Why? It is not easy for me to achieve an instant career in this highly competitive platform. I go the extra mile to make my dream come true.

Hopefully my struggle is not in vain. That is my deepest inner prayer. But on this occasion it was revealed.

Thanks @Babsboard and @Ramta have given me a chance in this fabulous garagesale.

I mentioned your name @Ramta Reddington to rate my comment.

Thank you @gentlebot for his appreciation 🙏

Have a beautiful day!

Some memorable & beautiful moments of Garage Sale:

  1. "Wow, i Win.I can't believe this.Thank you so much @EveryDayCoach & @BabsBoard for this honor"-@Pijon's reaction when he wins the Guesstimate contest of @Babsboard garage sale issue 2.
  2. "OMG, i win.
    Thank you so much @babsboard for arranging this beautiful auction & also the "Guesstimate" game for us"-@Dannywill's Reply's after the announcing the winner of @BabsBoard garage sale Issue 3.
  3. "Here I am @babsboard. Very nice to win"- Mr. @Tommyhansen's comments when he knew he is the winner of the contest from issue 4 of @BabsBoard garage sale.
  4. "Hi @babsboard and everyone!
    Is it true?! I do not expect to find the right number of upvotes,
    I'm really happy, I'm going to have a great night.Thank you very much my dear steemit’s friends you make me the happiest"-@AmalMez's beautiful reply's she wins the Guesstimate contest of @Babsboard garage sale issue 5.
  5. "O my God O my God.I just can't believe this.It's a dream to me.This is the best thing happened to me after joining steemit.This garage sell is the best thing of steemit to me.I enjoy most when i take part in auction.It make me feel superb"- @Sarahmcdowell2's reactions after winning the guesstimate contest of @BabsBoard garage sale issue 6.
  6. "Oh what a morning! This post is really a morning star in the land of @babsboard's blog! I'm really very happy I won the guesstimate contest! Thank you very much @babsboard for this great opportunity and good luck for everyone in the next round!"-@Hasmez, after he knew he is the Guesstimate contest winner of issue 7.
  7. "Woow !! finally I won the Guesstimate I am really happy, thank you very much Sir @babsboard! I wish good luck to everyone soon"- @RedouaneMez's beautiful comments after announcing the winner of @BabsBoard Garagesale issue 8.

I still didn't win the @Babsboard GarageSale Contest but i am trying hard to win the contest. I hope @Ramta Reddington like this comment of mine & i win this game so that i could join the list of the winners Hall of Fame of @BabsBoard Garage Sale & write a beautiful Reply's like them.


I call your name @Ramta Reddington to judge my comment.

Thank you so much @Latikasha for your beautiful comment. Looks like you spent a lots of time to write this comment.

You are right about one thing, when i saw my name as a winner of the Guesstimate contest, I simply couldn't believe that. That feeling was amazing & i am sure everyone who win this contest, had feel the same.


Write good comments like that & one day, surely you will win.
I hope this time you win this contest.

Thanks again @Latikasha.

I call your name @Ramta Reddington to judge my comment

This is my first time of coming to your blog, and I'm afraid to write a comment already... Smile

I'm encouraged as well, because it would be a nice adventure on the long run, if I do it right or wrong, it would be part of my learning on steemit...

Now I need to be courageous and put something down here since my goal is to be a legend here and in the real life.

Legends don't run from taking risks, if they win they become legends, if they loose, they learn something new

I understand why such restricted law or principles were given as regards commenting under your blog, it is because people are abusing it with all short of nice post by you, I like your post,
I follow you, please follow me back and the likes.

Commenting is one of the most important part of this community for those that understand it, that's what makes it social, that's is the only way we can interact and build up relationship. Remember, that's one of the main objective of steemit.

I'm not a fan of spamming or plagiarizing comments or posts, I am an advocate of original content myself. So I subjected myself to be judged here... Smile

I love the challenge already and I'm sure my time here would be a great one, I will learn more about commenting and by becoming more conscious, it will help me to become better at it. Doing it right here would help me to do it right there as well.

So, with the courage in my heart, I call your name @Ramta Reddington to judge my comment.

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