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Hello everyone! Here is video entry to a contest that is being hosted by @imacryptorick.
To know more about the contest, click here → A Video Commercial Contest 4 All The YouTubers & Dtubers on the Platform

This is a version of video on my youtube channel

Click the image to watch the video on dtube.

Credits for all the photos in the video.
Images were used according to words related to them. (steem logo) (blockchain) money) (numerous courses) (compensation) (people) (mining) (curating) (exchanger) (tokens) (power) (process) (many actrivities) (every second) (shakehands) (movement) (networking online stages) (
harvest HCM (reward) (steem dollars) (voting power) (posting) (curating 2) (quality substance) ( logo) (applications) (curation reward) (paid prizes) (energy) (content curation) (steem reward) (transmit) (steadiness) (2billion) (individuals) (connection)

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Not quite sure I understand this blog....

Sorry bro for the confusion. After uploading my video to dtube the video automatically posted here in my blog. I have edited it and it is ok now. This blog is about steem.

I am reading it again now... #nice

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