Truck Repairs in the Wilderness

in nomad •  5 months ago

My 4Runner has been giving me some trouble and the Fuel Pump is the likely culprit. Luckily I'm traveling with a former mechanic, Jeremiah the Nomad Man (@nomadman).

Watch as we dive into the belly of the beast!


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Imagine, if you have an electric car and would run it with the new supercapacitor batteries from Robert Murray Smith , that are charged up via the new selfcharging batteries from Mike Kantz, see:

from Quantamagnetics
see also here:


I've often thought about converting this truck to electric once the technology gets a bit more advanced. Glad to see things are moving along nicely!


Yes, I also would love to have a fully solar powered electric campervan motorhome that produces its own power to drive from one camping place to the next one, at least in summer when the sun shines or with the help of a free energy device...
Regards, Stefan.

I was just thinking today that I hadn't seen a post about how your trip was going, so I looked you up and found that I had missed this. I fix a lot of things on my own at home (washer, dryer, furnace, ac, espresso machine ;-), but I don't think I would have attempted this on the road. Good save.


It's definitely a little nerve wracking to take a car apart in the middle of nowhere. Definitely wouldn't have tried that without Jeremiah and his other vehicle present just in case.

Great HowTo DiY video @cahlen

Where are you heading now? Still back to your home town?


Ya, heading back to Seattle for a week long neurofeedback retreat.

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