EOS NodeOne Achievements

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1. EOS NodeOne referendum proposal

EOS NodeOne is working on a proposal to take a portion of the inflation allocated to WPS and instead use it to pay interest to all voters who have voted more than a minimum number of BPs This proposal will lead to better health of MainNet by encouraging more participation, staking, and voting and help EOS holders earn interest by voting and engaging in the community!

Please support eosnodeonebp to show your support for this proposal.

2. Details of thought leadership and contributions to the EOS Ecosystem

  1. NodeOne has been consistently trying to improve staking and voting on Main net. Our air drop pledge makes our intent to support the EOS ecosystem very concrete.
  2. NodeOne suggested solutions to the RAM squatting issue before the RAM price issue was encountered on Main net.
  3. Node One has suggested a contribution-based air drop method to further the community.
  4. NodeOne has proposed a new BP compensation method based on equipment rewards to ensure a stable and sustainable Mainnet.
  5. NodeOne proposed a voluntary infrastructure growth method backed by sufficient compensation from Main net to improve the viability of BPs and cost structures for dApps.
  6. NodeOne has proposed an extensible RAM supply model to solve RAM squatting via side chains.
  7. NodeOne has proposed a collateral based BP-accountability model to ensure the health of Main net.
  8. Even before the launch of Main net, EOSNodeOne was able to create an accurate BP Revenue Analysis Tool that was widely used by candidates across the world

3. EOS NodeOne BP Overview

EOSNodeOne is a respected BP and from the very start passed all eight check mark criteria put forth by EOS GO prior to Mainnet launch and has been fully compliant on regproducer from the very beginning. NodeOne very actively engaged in the Main net launching process. You can see our collaborations with a number of BPs in the bios-boot-stage-15. We also participated on the Jungle, Ghostbusters, Arrowhead, and other testnets. EOS NodeOne has also been very supportive of the single mainnet statement.

We are happy to note that we are currently ranked 11 and 26 in two independent ranking platforms

  • 11th in the quantitative rankings developed by eosratings.com
  • 26th in the quantitative rankings developed by Mereo.io

4. Details of our Infrastructure, security, tools and DAPPS using our nodes

  1. Our infrastructure is state of the art, secure, scalable, reliable, and performant.
  2. NodeOne has also performed extensive testing and benchmarking to ensure that our infrastructure can withstand DDOS attacks under a variety of scenarios.
  3. Further, DEXEOS, one of the very first DEX’s on EOS, further validated our infrastructure when they chose EOSNodeOne to launch their service because of the reliability and performance characteristics of our infrastructure. We are able to provide <10ms response times for their service!
  4. NodeOne has also developed a mobile voting tool for IOS devices and that is further being enhanced.
  5. NodeOne created a subsidized account creation service to onboard more EOS holders.
  6. We are currently working with EOSAuthority and EOSArgentina to help the unregistered account holders create their account on MainNet - details are here
  7. We are pleased that we were invited to be technical mentors by Block.One for the EOSIO Hackathon in London and again to the EOSIO Hackathon in San Francisco.

5. Details of our community engagement

NodeOne has consistently engaged with the community to understand and meet the needs of the EOS token holders:

  1. NodeOne organized the very first EOS community conference after Main net launch attracting more than 400 people to the conference held over 3 days in Seoul, South Korea. Everyone from the global EOS communities, including BPs, Dapps, and individual contributors, attended the conference. The full EOSCC 2018 webcast is available here.
  2. EOSNodeOne has built the largest and most active community of EOS token holders in Korea. The NodeOne Korean telegram group features 4000+ members.
  3. We have created manuals on how EOS token holders can manage their key pairs
  4. Node One created a manual on how to vote in under 5 minutes.
  5. Node One has created a training and community engagement Youtube channel for EOS beginners.

6. Details of our contributions to governance

  1. EOSNodeOne is a core member of the WPS Committee.
  2. We recruited a senior judge in Korea who is an expert in Creative Commons Law to the EOS Alliance.
  3. Node One helped translate the EOS Constitution into Korean.
  4. We have been helping collect Korean EOS news and distributing it via the EOS Alliance channels.

NodeOne stands for Positive Sum World for All!

You can watch this short video that summarizes key points from the above list. Thank you!


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