From now on, "Nixiee" will also distribute "Curation Rewards".

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Hello! We are very excited to introduce Nixiee, a new and secure Upvote service.
Nixiee is a new type of Upvote service created by @bangla.witness and @roadofrich, the Top 20 witnesses of the STEEM blockchain.

There have been several systemic changes since Nixiee's service started.
Nixiee's simple service features can be easily identified through the table below.

Vote multiplierNon-Post RewardsCuration RewardsFollow VoteOver-Delegation Rewards

What has changed?

Curation Rewards System

Nixiee will distribute Curation rewards to all users every day from now on.
*Nixiee's Curation rewards can be received 7 days after delegate.

Why Nixiee Doesn't Support Over-Delegation Rewards

In order to pay additional revenue to over-delegation users, additional revenue structures such as Self Vote must be created. This can be negative for nixiee users and never a preferred action.
Also, with the advent of various vote bot services, users are easily adjusting the Delegate SP amount, so I don't think this is a necessary feature.

Therefore, nixiee removes Over-Delegation rewards and distributes Curation Rewards.

Today we are very excited to inform the community of what's new from Nixiee.
Nixiee is a Vote bot service that provides high ROI and hopes that more users will use it in the future.

Nixiee's Official website


When will the curation rewards start being paid out and how do you determine how much curation each user receives?

Nixiee distributes Curation Rewards once a day.
The calculation method is subject to change as several tests are being conducted and is not disclosed.

Will you continue to upvote nixiee-fund (and sometimes the nixiee account) posts every day like you have been currently? The reason I ask is because I have noticed voting power is going lower and lower...

As you know from operating the Upex service, the Vote power will drop further.
And we use Self-Vote to build a Non-Post Rewards Pool. And we have to do marketing also.
We also distribute Curation Rewards. ;)

The reason why Nixiee's service maintains relatively high vote power is that the operation team provides over 1M SP (Over-Delegation).
And Nixiee does not offer Over-Delegation Rewards.

Ok, so from your response, that sounds like you will continue to do so? Also FYI, I don't operate the upex service but am simply an investor and advisor to the project.

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