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RE: From now on, "Nixiee" will also distribute "Curation Rewards".

in #nixieelast year

When will the curation rewards start being paid out and how do you determine how much curation each user receives?


Nixiee distributes Curation Rewards once a day.
The calculation method is subject to change as several tests are being conducted and is not disclosed.

Will you continue to upvote nixiee-fund (and sometimes the nixiee account) posts every day like you have been currently? The reason I ask is because I have noticed voting power is going lower and lower...

As you know from operating the Upex service, the Vote power will drop further.
And we use Self-Vote to build a Non-Post Rewards Pool. And we have to do marketing also.
We also distribute Curation Rewards. ;)

The reason why Nixiee's service maintains relatively high vote power is that the operation team provides over 1M SP (Over-Delegation).
And Nixiee does not offer Over-Delegation Rewards.

Ok, so from your response, that sounds like you will continue to do so? Also FYI, I don't operate the upex service but am simply an investor and advisor to the project.

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